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6.7 985
Rank: 5201 / Popularity: 4130
1 Episodes - Uploaded 1 mon ago
Status: Completed - Type: Special
Tag: Anthology

Synopsis Ani*Kuri15 Online:

15 one-minute shorts created by various people from Japan's animation industry. The title of the collection, Ani*Kuri15, is abbreviated from the words "anime" and "creators". Season One Shinji Kimura (Studio 4°C; Art Director, Steamboy) - title: Attack of Higashimachi Ni Chome/Attack of Higashimachi 2nd Burough Shōjirō Nishimi (Studio 4°C; Character Designer, Tekkonkinkreet) - Uchujin Raikou Hiroshi no Baai/Invasion from Space - Hiroshi's Case Akemi Hayashi (Gainax; Character Designer,...
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