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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Sumary Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Following the successful end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Konohagakure has been enjoying a period of peace, prosperity, and extraordinary technological advancement. This is all due to the efforts...
Last Added: 2022-06-26 09:34:52

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Infomartion Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep237

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Ep237

Most commented on Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto: Gets mad one one murdering bastard diesAlso Boruto: Kills at least half a dozen people in the same hour
Animation is improving very well.
even 1.25 feelin slow
Ive always wonderd how boruto has not died from going on top of a train ;-;
Wdym, he probably uses chakra so he doesn't fall
glad this mini arc is over that was lowkey the most boring mission yet i literally had to take a month off and comeback to finish it and i even skipped an episode imo it lasted too long or just wasnt as interesting as the writers thought
lmao same although I think its been 3 months for me
Is this even a filler? And is this the end of it? Because we still haven't seen the main villain and his sons fight and lose against boruto and all
Just use rasengan and blow the machine ????, he uses rasengan everytime but forgot to use it for the real deal ????‍♂️
No bro he cannot do that his rasengan is not as strong as naruto even a shinobi is able to survive his rasengan first time...... So blowing that machine took a lot of rasengans and we all know about boruto chakra it was like writers forgot to give him chakra ????
lmao so true
man, is there any anime besides naruto which studio pierrot hasn't ruined?they even ruined tokyo ghoul manga...
Man i love all of them!????
Except for metal and that other dudeMy kid denki is cool.
Whats with metal bruh shesh
Metal is weak asf. And too much of a scaredy cat to be a shinobi????
Bruh just rasengan the shit out of em
"I'll kill you guys in an instant" "I'm getting rid of all of you" "this time it's over" "I'm definitely gonna kill you all"
If Kid Naruto was there he would just have rasengan the whole scientific tool without even listing to anyone ????????
Nah if it was kid Naruto he would've given him a speech on why he shouldn't kill people
Yeah and if it didn't then Rasengannnnn
Amazing arc ????✌️
Seriously -_-
They can walk on walls why they relying on some beam to get across lol
ikr and they can also walk on water???? idk why they're not doing it, it's like they forgot or something
They weren't walking on water because there are civilians who don't know how to do that plus it is long distance from hidden mist village so it will take long time and too many chakra
no i don't mean travelling on water but just standing and just move on water for a little bit, i didn't mean travel from one island to another
Oh , I guess the animator was so focused on scientific tool that he forgot about ninjas doing the normal things like this????
haha yeah exactly
How DF this eps got 400+ comments just go read the manga bruh
ohh i remember the good old days when Madara took the whole army on
239 episode is still filler guys pls just dropped this show this is trash studio peirrot ruin this anime pls just read the manga start at chap 56 go to more info on this boruto then click the manga version and you can read for free
Thanks my man I wanted to read manga but didn't know where to start
Don't blame the studio Blame the Manga for being too slow and stupid...
Man the manga writer is also human he can't just write the whole manga so fast it takes times so try to keep patience , many famous anime take 1 or more year gap because of that but Boruto is a weekly anime so it just give us Anime Canon episode if you don't like that then wait until manga canon episode comes out
funny cuz one piece is full of mystery secrets and still manage to make it every week and boruto manga had some mistakes and still took a month to make.. how stupid is that?.. they both good but if you compare these two pacing one piece is slower and boruto is just lazy writing at this point which will make it bad and they need better writer for some good Arcs...
Man every writer is different , their is not much content on boruto manga for it to be animated so that's why they are giving us Anime canon if you don't like it don't watch it and tbh this arc is pretty good
hope these episodes get better
70 % of all episodes are trash
Because 70% is filler
Stop calling it trash mfs. If you don't wanna watch don't fuking watch. Nobody cares about ur opinion. Just read the damn manga.
Manga's fire rn, I hope they animate is soon
Just stop calling it trash mf ???? , if you really hate this series just stop watching and read the damn manga ???? is I am reading manga but i am still watching fillers cuz I don't mind spending 20 min a week . Just tell me what was wrong with this episode.