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Boruto is a trainwreck. I can't believe that it took me 31 episodes before I finally accepted how awful it is. Boruto tries to capitalise on Naruto nostalgia but has nothing going for it. The characters are lacklustre at best. The animation is atrocious half of the time and there is zero plot development. It feels like the story is just bumbling on and skipping any of the episodes will have resulted in me missing nothing. Boruto (the character) is the worst part of it all. As the main character, 80% of his identity is the fact that he "hates" his dad, Naruto. The fight scenes are all boring to watch with no real cost to their outcome and kids who aren't even genin yet beat jounin level shinobi constantly. As someone who's watched Naruto and Naruto Shipudden, I have to say I'm disappointed. Don't waste your time. Skip this one. [Nov 19, 2020] Update: I have been reading the Boruto manga for a while now and it is good. The anime is mostly not based on the manga but is instead anime canon (I don't know why?). Check out the manga but avoid the anime at all costs!

Okay, if you see my rating you will probably say it's exaggerated. I would answer: so is the "cash-grabness" of this series. To be honest, Boruto is probably worth more than that. But NOTHING, in my opinion, justifies such dishonesty as Masashi Kishimoto shows with Boruto. STORY The anime starts with a very intriguing scene: Boruto facing a certain guy, who claims he killed Naruto and the Shinobi era is over, and who apparently destroyed Konoha. Now this is hyping! This is so intriguing! The viewers will want to know more! What do we do then? LET'S PUT 80 FILLERS IN A ROW! Seriously, as of today Boruto has 77 episodes, among them there are : - 13 episodes that adapt the arc of the movie, - 6 episodes centered among Sarada ; an arc that looks like it's been written for a f*cking SOAP OPERA, as Sarada investigates on her parents and winds up believing her dad cheated on her mom with a woman who she thinks is her real mother. - THE REST IS FILLER! At least we get to know more about the situation shown in the beginning, right? WELL, NO! Kawaki hasn't even APPEARED yet. After almost 80 episodes, we are as far of that flashforward as we were in the first episode! The only thing worth watching is the adaptation of the movie ; but even then, the movie is better to watch as the art is way better, so there is really no point in watching the anime version except for having a little bit more detail. Now, a little word about the universe: I actually love the "next-gen" style, with the new technology and the fact that shinobi may not be useful anymore as technology can even make their moves without anyone using their own chakra. But that's a side that was developed in the movie, and after watching the anime I just don't have the feeling that I discovered more of what I already learned in the movie. ART Boruto sucks. Period. It's not even as good as the last Naruto episodes. Super simplistic, no light effect, ugly animation most of the time, average environments. SOUND On that part, Boruto does as good as Naruto: cool seiyuus, awesome OST (thank you Takanashi!). CHARACTER The Naruto characters have always been a huge flaw of the manga: 95% of them are useless 90% of the time, and the crew really lacks a lot of charisma. The new crew is no exception. If Boruto's struggling with his father's reputation was interesting to watch, Sarada's arc was as shitty as an anime can get, Orochimaru's son is something that shouldn't even exist, and the rest is just a useless bunch. I also don't like what the old crew became. The gen 1 useless bunch is still as useless as ever, Naruto and Sasuke are unsympathetic and Sakura is, well... as usual. Finally, I find some kids are really uninspired. Like, way too similar to one of their parents. OVERALL Let's talk about how to make an easy cash-grab. Lesson 1 : create the hype right at the beginning. You know people will stay if they hooked up at the beginning. Lesson 2 : don't care about the rest, people will follow as long as they have the bait in sight. You don't even need a clean job, just be as lazy as you can get and relax. Lesson 3 : you lack material? Just take what already exists. People won't care if you show them a story they've already seen not so long ago. I've learned all that thanks to Boruto. Because that's what it is : a PURE, DISHONEST, DISRESPECTFUL CASHGRAB. I won't say there is nothing worth it in those 80 episodes. But the proportion of worthy stuff is extremely thin, and most of it has already been shown in the movie.

I almost never write reviews, but the low ratings from disillusioned Naruto fans that only have watched 30 episodes have become a bit much for me.. I have caught up to the recent 155 episodes and have to say I really really love this show. Sure, some of the arcs and fillers are BORING, but the main characters and ultimate storyline are super fun and interesting!! Boruto is a natural-born genius with lots of friends and a loving family. This greatly contrasts Naruto's childhood, so I understand why people could initially write Boruto off as just a spoiled brat... However, through various events, Boruto does finally come to realize how fortunate he is in contrast with his dad's lonely and sad upbringing and grows out of the wanting acknowledgement / attention phase, especially as he starts to admire Sasuke who protects from the shadows. In the end, Boruto is just a kind and lovable kid with his own ninja way of never abandoning his friends and goal of becoming a powerful ninja who can one day assist the Hokage. His abilities and growing powers leaves me really excited for what is to come in the future. Additionally, it's great to see the happy grown-up Naruto characters, finally living their dreams or having peaceful lives after the war with their families. The kids are all so cute and it's cool to see them utilizing the combined abilities they inherited from their parents. The parallels that happen between the two shows also makes it a fun watch! If it's not for you, it's not for you, but I just definitely wouldn't go into Boruto thinking it'll be the same as Naruto... Boruto is NOT Naruto, but that's okay. I think the show itself fits/reflects the transition into the time of peace very nicely. Thank you for reading this if you did. These are just my opinions. :) There ARE people who are enjoying this show!

I feel this show gets a bad wrap. I can understand why people wouldn't like it but still. I see all the 1 ratings and I am like damn. How you gonna rate a 150+ episode show just after watching the first 15 episodes. The story is all over the place but that's just how Naruto is and was. The animation is nice looking better then other main stream animes. The is also good. I like the sound effects that go with certain Jutsu's. Characters are a little confusing and bad at first but as the story goes on they mature. I am a Naruto fan and I really liked watching this. It's nice seeing all the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden characters grown up with families. Over all I really do like the show. To the people who gave it 1 ratings I beg you just watch the rest of it. Sure the characters can be a little annoying at first but isn't that why character development exists? Overall 9 I like it but hey you have your own opinions. Edit: after 200 episodes the series really picks up damn. Like I know me saying after 200 episodes may sound bad but jeez. So much people who quit before 100 don't know what they're missing.

Studio Pierrot must be full of sadists for putting us through this hot-trash experience. Where to start, I guess with where Boruto begins. Everyone likes making the argument "Boruto isn't Naruto... So don't expect the same story". BAKA. It's a continuation of the Naruto enterprise and thus should have a similar draw at least. Also, studios have to play to their fan base. And where does the large majority of Borutos fan base come from? You guessed it. Naruto. The main reason this show is so garbage is because there is no emotional ties to the characters. What do I mean by this? In Naruto, the beginning is filled with death. Sasuke experienced relative genocide... Naruto was alone because his parents died... The 3rd hokage was killed and countless others. This created an emotional tie to want the characters to prosper. In the same time Boruto is convincing his friends to try the newest cheese burger at McDonalds, and there are entire multi-episode fillers where they rescue cats and birds. Wow. What a great use for a ninja anime. Everyone is holding out hope that the anime will get better, and up until now I included myself in that group. Let's stop lying to ourselves. It's not going to get any better. I'm going to be sure to tell my kids to watch Naruto, but when they ask me if anything comes after shippuden, my answer with be a resounding "no".

Most. Toxic. Fans. Of. ALL. Time. Don’t listen to the haters this series has a lot to offer and if you love Naruto and didn’t want the ride to end this is what you should be watching. Boruto is a good character, he’s different from Naruto in some ways and similar in others. Why would you want the exact same thing? If you aren’t a toxic naruto fanboy this is an entertaining series that all can enjoy as long as you don’t expect it to be better than shippuden which is just a dumb thing to assume. If this series has a lot of filler i would argue that this filler is way more entertaining than naruto or naruto shippudens filler which i got sick of and skipped. Just give it a real shot and be open minded enough to not want more of the same and you will be in for a treat.

As a reference, I am finishing the latest complete arc (episode 151) tonight. (also, English is not my native language so I apologize if some sentences are bad) I honestly don't understand the hate this series has got... Sure, MOST of it is filler... some fillers are also much better than others... and some arcs are so good that I could not believe they were not in the actual manga. Overall, if you go in this expecting something along the lines of one piece, bleach, naruto with fast pace story jumping from one major arc to the next then you might be somewhat disappointed by some of the filler arcs... But considering how high ranking Gintama is, and the show is basically JUST slice of life and comedy over and over... Personally I couldn't get into Gintama for that exact reason... I simply did not care about any of the characters, the town or anything in it... We gave up on Gintama after 100+ episodes and only watched the actual story arcs (with more than 3 connected episodes) Boruto is so much better! Especially if over the years you have come to love the town, characters and their personality. To see every children grow and see their parents personality shine through is great. I agree the tease on the very first episode is pretty horrible considering it probably wont pay up until episode 200+ in a few years... But again, if you go in this with a light heart expecting some slice of life in the village of Konoha, its actually very good :) If it wasnt for some of the more "stupid" filler episodes, I would have ranked the show even higher. Its honestly as close to the original Naruto as I could have hoped. Overall it looks like Naruto, the children all have nice characters personalities that fits the established lore, music is good (some is epic, some less so) and it did made my wife and I tear up a few times in some touching moments (perhaps that is because we do have a child ourselves (young adult) that it connected with us more i don't really know)

I like thus continuation of naruto shippuden. There is no shortage of good new characters -Inojin Yamanaka -Sarada Uchia -Mutsuki -Boruto Uzumaki The series has not really started yet but it has the potential to surpass naruto & naruto shippuden. Boruto is more responsible and heroic in the anime than the manga, it's a change to the better in my opinion. For some reason i really look forward to the next episode, this is usually not the case when i watch anime, it's hard for me to get into an anime, maybe it helps that i watched shippuden before starting to watch this. It's not very common the writers has the balls to start something new with an existing concept but it worked well with digimon and it worked well with this series too, i actually like Naruto better as an adult. After watching 35 episodes: i do miss the maturity shippuden and naruto had(blood and torture), the guiden arc had some of it but after that it has been too family friendly for my taste, while there hasn't been many bad episodes this far there hasn't been anything really spectacular either. It still to early to judge this anime, they are using a lot of screentime to show off the different characters, it's slower pased than the original naruto where several people where killed within the first 20 episodes.

All of these 'die hard naruto' fans watching the first few episodes and giving it a shit rating, lmao makes me laugh. I've watched the whole Naruto series twice and have watched Boruto up to the 24th episode currently and ive got to say its not even that bad, i actually enjoy it. Yes the first few episodes may of been slow and slice of life, but the producer wanted it to be chilled out for the first few, he wanted to make the series appeal to the younger generation too, lmao people giving it a 1/10 rating need to get that pole outta their asses. The show gets quite interesting maybe 7 or 8 episodes in, people expect it to be action packed from the start but they're honestly just too ignorant. Tbh i like what the producers have done, there are few cons here and there but nearly all anime have their cons, if you're a Naruto fan and are willing to sit through the first few slice of life episodes youll probably enjoy it when the real plot kicks in, don't let all these tight arsed harsh reviews weigh you down, its an alright anime

NOTE: English is not my first language and this is my first review ever. This will be pretty short and straight forward without any spoilers. Straight up garbage, don't waste your time until actual canon episodes start comming out. I can't believe how much time I am wasting watching this trash of a show, I tried so hard to delude myself into watching this just because it's the Naruto Universe but in the end it just left me frustrated. Story 2/10 Reason behind this grade is simple, there is no story. There were a few "canon" arcs that don't make much sense, but some of them atleast put some mediocre fighting. Art 8/10 Art is definitely much more appealing to the eyes, but I would prefer old school Naruto style. Sound 8/10 It is pretty good considering the budget. Characters 3/10 The only character I like in Boruto Series is Sarada, every other character seems like a bad combination of their parents. Pretty much all of them look generic and you can hardly like them. Enjoyment 3/10 Last 10 or so episodes started triggering me so much that I started skipping minutes. I can say that I don't enjoy watching this at all, but since I started it on release day I will torture myself to finish it. Overall 5/10 I would give it even lower but Art and Sound is pretty solid. Don't get me wrong I love Naruto series and I want this show to succeed, but how they started I don't see it comming any time soon.

I don't really understand why Boruto is getting so much hate... Here's my opinion of it. Story 7/10 The story of Boruto is slightly more boring than Naruto honestly but I enjoy it because it has absolutely no relation to Naruto whatsoever, it is not a continuation of Naruto which probably many thought it was, therefore the bad rep. But, Boruto has its good parts and bad parts. For one, the character development for Boruto is not the best but it certainly isn't the worst, it develops characters through the "eyes" of Boruto much like alot of other animes. Each character has their own character development. In Boruto what I found interesting was that each character had dark secrets they never share until Boruto gets them to tell their secrets. Boruto builds this sort of vibe among his peers which I found was similar to Naruto in which Naruto gets people to change from the most evil being to the guy that saved everyone's life. Boruto has a similar thing going. Sometimes the show can be a bore because the war is over and there really isn't much to do except hunt down a few weak Rogue ninjas as missions or fight with peers for combat practice etc etc Seeing all the old characters (Naruto) in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is quite interesting, they are overpowered as fuck just like in Naruto, Kakashi's generation were as overpowered. But, the sight of familiar faces with more developed and cooler powers is quite fascinating. Art 10/10 I really love the art style of Boruto it really brings out the modern, bright, colourful world that is Boruto. It's probably also how Boruto looks at the world, not as how it is but as how it could be... I'm fucking quoting shit right now... Not to mention character designs, some looks like their parents or a mix but pretty creative in a sense. Boruto has a totally different design from Naruto and Hinata. Well, a slight resemblance but not definite. Anyways, the art brings in the "feels" and I personally enjoy it very much! Sound 8/10 I love the music, the OP is very "happy" and suits the animation too! Overall 8/10 An underrated anime. It doesn't have to be a continuation of Naruto... Boruto should have his own story, not one that is written off his father... I think the writer is trying to make that, but not many seems to understand that. This review was written on 02-09-18. My rating of the anime may have since changed for various reasons.

Well, well, well, here we are again... AN UNWANTED, UNNECESSARY, TRASH, SEQUEL, and guess the winner of the worst sequel of all time DING DING DING... BORUTOOO HAS FLOODED THROUGH THE ROUND STAGES AND WON IT OUTRIGHT. I am seriously sorry if I hurt the little kids who watch this garbage of a show, the only reason I gave it an overall of 2 is to pay respect for the people who tirelessly work on this show day and night, thank you and I hope you find a better show soon to work on I have never dropped an anime ever in my life, as I always believed if you stopped in the middle, you should have never started with it in the first place, just as all our mothers say finish the food that you began to eat. But, but, Borutoo is too bad, like soooo bad, and it is a sequel to my childhood masterpiece of a work NARUTO, has forced them to already have an expectation and quality standard with the level of Naruto. And, if you're here, reading this review, and you watched Naruto, you very well know they have done no justice to it. I believe if they really wanted to make Boruto, they should have totally kept it away from Naruto, and called it something like Bilito: A sh*t Ninja story, would have done much better. * And this kid hates his own dad, Naruto, and likes Sasuke more. WHYYY???!!! JUST WHY???!!! Your dad has literally faced more bad times than Sasuke, had a nine-tailed monster stuck in him, orphan, isolated from the village, had to act as a clown to just still keep his identity in the village, and after all this, he still goes on to become THE GREATEST AND MOST HUMANE HOKAGE THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. And this whiny little brat acts all haughty with his father, seriously??!!! * Thanks for reading my review, hope you got my point.

True story...I save the new episode of this show each week for a night that i’m Not feeling very tired but really need to get to sleep...if that doesn’t tell you enough, feel free to read on!!! I’m just going to get straight to the point,because this show at its current point (37 episodes in), is bad. It’s hard to write a review without drawing comparisons to Naruto, so I’ll get that out of the way quickly. As a stand-alone show without any previous knowledge of Naruto and his generation, this is a 2 at best. I feel like seeing the grown up versions of Narutos era bumps it to a 3 or 4. I find myself cringing when the old generation isn’t around, and getting excited during the few minutes that they actually show up for. For now, until this series does something...anything...I would recommend a hard pass. It feels like a giant filler in a world that I just cannot seem to care about anymore. The new characters, the new generation, are either direct copies of their parents, yet somehow seemingly much worse, or just agonizing when they’re on the screen (boruto). None of the stories have been intereresting in the least, and the things replicated from Naruto, such as the genin exams,have been horribly anti climatic and beyond boring. The episode plots are very generic and are created with the intent of shoving friendship and teamwork down your throat. Naruto had a lot of the same principles, but it was a lot more creative in getting there. Something needs to change for this show to become exciting. With Naruto you had troubled children growing up, many parentless, in a world rattled by war and terrorized by beasts. Being a ninja meant a chance to help their village survive, and everything that happened was important and exciting. In this new world, somehow only 15 years advanced but everyone runs around with handheld games...., you have a bunch of seemingly spoiled children, who take what their parents did for granted, and act like little jerks (boruto). I hate to say it but the world will have to move past Naruto and Sasuke for there to really ever be that serious threat like with the akatsuki, madara, and the 4th ninja war. Those two are too powerful, and unless it wants to just be a dimension hopping, new super bad guy comes out of a portal type show, those 2 and a few others have to die... That being said, if this show wants to continue being a new age, happy go lucky, ninja snob fest then I think it’s worth a skip. If it wants to head back into its roots as a ninja/action drama, then a lot needs to happen. It could absolutely turn itself around and become a good show. If it does, I’ll update this if anyone reads it. If not, skip this and don’t look back.

As continuation: 2 As fantasy genre, if you forget about Boruto being continuation: 4 As shonen genre: 3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current episodes are CANON! All episodes, manga, some of the fillers, 2 movies, books and novels are canon in ninja world becouse it was affirmed by author. Very minor spoilers in this review for Boruto, clearly stated start and end of one minor spoiler for Naruto. And no, the scores will not change even if the series become let`s say 200 episodes long. Too much is destroyed already, and introducing action will close and remove the possibility of correcting poorly done peaceful background. Also it will create uneven pace of story. And it will be so, as we can see from the scene at the beginning of anime. I was one of the people who defended the idea of Naruto`s world evolving into „modern”, peaceful setting, because I `m aware that peaceful world has it`s own tragedies including, but not limited to mafia, gangs, poverty, psychological illnesses and disorders stemming from less then perfect conditions in which young people of modern world live. 15 years after war was a good place to show how older people cope with baggage from their childhoods and war. It was also a place to show problems of younger generation fighting for their own dreams, against new kinds of troubles, in conditions created by older generation. And aberrations of modern world. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First part of review concerns this anime as continuation of Naruto, second as “fantasy/slice of life” which it is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As continuation. There is no logic behind construction of this world, especially looking at the origins. In any aspect. It is disney. Older generation is fully stable, without any disorders from past events, living in harmonious relationships, including people badly scarred and closed in emotional field. Yes, they also have families. All of them. And very happy ones. I mean this. ----------------------------- Destroyed rules of fight (spoilers for Naruto): There was great construction of power in Naruto, which meant that we were never sure if ninja rated 20 in terms of abilities (databooks) would kill ninja rated 10. Example? All genins of sasuke rescue mission were about 10, apart from Neji. Their enemies - 20. Genins were able to stop/kill stronger ninjas, despite power imbalance, by actually sacrificing their own lives. Weaker ninja fighting in far distance had a chance against close distance fighting stronger ninja. The elements were weak against one, and stronger against another. And so on. End of spoilers for Naruto. There is no such thing in Boruto. Overpowered pre-genins fight with older ninjas using elemental techniques incorporating various elements. Older, random ninja are able to wield legendary artifacts and lose to overpowered pre-genins. And this was most ambitious fight of the series so far. Tactics, planning your move do not exist (think about fights with akatsuki and long fights in Naruto, showing the characters of opponents). Also annoying disneyish rule that every time sth is supposed to harm you, you will be safed in last minute. In Naruto you were coughing up blood, and crawling on the ground before that happened. It removed any tension. ----------------------------- Destroyed “getting better at your chosen field” theme. We don`t see how they become so strong. They do not train. ----------------------------- Destroyed world (swapped with bleak default background): “Modern” mean homogenous according to creators. And it is not end, because if you read manga, you can sense foreboding of sci-fi elements. The surroundings are tame and predictable. The forced “threats” (when they exist) absolutely forced, out of blue and beneath overpowered pre-genins. They introduced science as another measure and way of life to choose, but so far, we only know, that the second measure is present, and we are closing on episodes constructing the world. So far it is not explained. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As fantasy genre, if you forget about Boruto being continuation: World: we land in peaceful city without cars, set in green forest. Communication, public transport, television, telebims, computers and so on do exist. The world is not original, because it rides coattails of older series. However, there are no distinguishing features to this world compared to other anime series, only lack of thereof. ----------------------------- So maybe the strength lies in story? Unfortunately not. The children have something close to elemental magical power which they use as they see fit. They spend their time being at school, school trips and at home. They are not driven to achieve their aims/goals. They don`t have them. At one point they state their aims. And go back to their routine. There are no obstacles to fight against, and they live in perfect environment. Also the children are incredibly strong. We do not see their training. So far for “shonen” genre. We got also lack of purpose in their lives which is unusual even for slice of life. Not to mention modern real life. Adults are living their perfect lives - do not watch older series, if you don`t want to measure your capacity of incredolusness looking at scarred, emotionally closed characters being ideal parents. ----------------------------- Characters The characters are pre-genin, incredibly strong. The fights are short, and do not require tactics. There is no suspense behind fights becouse the spirit of fight is disneyish - no tactics, simply exchange of fire; there is no construction of power known from older series. We got two rules: main characters win without destroying their hair style, and every time when something is to harm them, their friends will intervene. Characters are the strongest part of the show. Authors learned from the Sakura mistake. So far they are not annoying, but we can`t say much about them becouse they weren`t tested out by any meaningful event. Too bad I`m one of the people who are impossible to get bribed this way. I value the story and the world the most. I don`t care much about quality of animation; I take notice of style. There is no great soundtrack as it was with Naruto. No memorable melody. Animation quality is ok, similar to Naruto`s nice style. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have too much time and hadn`t seen older series, you may try it. Don`t watch old series or Boruto will lose any taste for you. May you find any enjoyment. If you saw older series, stay the heck away. And remember in both cases, that manga is ... and is bound to get animated.

People disliking this Anime just because of it not being like Naruto, what? But this Anime isn't SUPPOSED to be like Naruto, Naruto was about Death and Fights from the start whereas Boruto was peaceful at the beginning, now it's about to be about death and fights coz Kawaki is here bois. Characters - 6/10 This imo, is the weakest point about Boruto, most next gen characters are carbon copies of the old Naruto characters. Look at Shikadai for example, how IS he not like Shikamaru? Same goes for Sarada. Story - 6.5/10 The fillers are just boring, and the main story sometimes (anime canon) feels like fillers too. Whats was the point of all the academy stuff when it had nothing to do with the story? Animation - 6.9/10 The animation looks top tier at times, but at times it looks like the animators didn't get paid. But for a long running shounen, it's got pretty decent animation, don't expect it to be like the Fate Series when it comes to animation. Soundtrack - 8/10 The best part about Boruto is the soundtrack, i just bibe with the osts, ops and eds. Boruto also got some of the best remastered version of old Naruto themes. Enjoyment - 8/10 I really enjoyed the Anime, there were alot of wholesome moments and also some badass fight scenes. Overall - 7/10 This Anime doesn't deseve the hate it gets, especially after the Kara Actuation and Kawaki arc, plus as a manga reader i can guarantee that the Anime is actually doing a good job at adapting it. Ty for reading!

Ok so most reviewers and weebs here and there were just spreading news that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is totally a waste as an anime right? I would like to take on them now. Could you people just not be a bit patient? You all knew that almost all episodes in the beginning in the anime were fillers but yet, many of you just reviewed after watching just a few 10 to 50 eps. You guys also knew that Boruto shall be a very long anime so you guys should have waited for the cannon episodes to release. I admit that many people find fillers irritating in the beginning of the anime but you got to take in consideration how slow the manga is published. You may say that Boruto anime should have started when the manga is close to the finish but wouldn’t that have caused a lengthy gap of time between Shippuden and Boruto? People actually believed Boruto: Naruto Next Generations to be a great anime that shall continue the fame of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and I can say that YES!!! Boruto is just as awesome and brilliant as Shippuden (without the fillers obviously). The anime got such an intense story considering the Manga and the recent episodes released. You guys may watch the anime without watching fillers though I don’t mind watching the fillers at all. Each filler arcs consists such interesting plot and stuff. Filler acrs like Mitsuki and Ohnoki, Urashiki hunting the tailed beasts, Chunin Exam arc and many more are definitely some good filler episodes. I shall not elaborate the cannon episodes and story as I am pretty sure there are a lot of reviews about it already. To be honest, I am a Narutard and I can bet that many narutards like me are surely enjoying the anime as a continuation of Naruto Shippuden. A very happy 200 episodes celebration guys.

well i alwayed loved the naruto series Itachi Uchiha is a Fictional character that i truly love from my heart , i feel deply connected to him and his story and sacrifice for his little brother sasuke uchiha was somethin just beautiful and amazing to see an anime that maked my eyes cry so hard that i wasn't sad i was happy because i witnessed such a beautiful thing with my own eyes i feel like a was a blessed that i was watching this show called naruto and i got introduced to these people and you ight laught at me they become my family in a way we shared happy moments and sad moments , the music was something special that you would listen to hours without getting bored it , now lets start with the boruto review i dont have any thing to say other than its disappointed of a show , not to live up to the hype that naruto was , its just a pathatic to see it going down hill , this show is awfull by all means , please feel your precious time and watch something good worth your time , because boruto is just not thanks for reading my review for buruto , i hope you have an awesome day of watching anime , the thing that we have in common :)

I have completely finished Naruto before. I loved it so much that I started Boruto despite the bad reviews about Boruto.What if I say bad characters? Is it an empty story? I didn't know, I watched 185 episodes and I totally regret it. Be you, don't watch. Believe me, it won't be worth the minutes. Boruto completely exhausted my respect for the Naruto universe. This thing definitely does not deserve the respect of the audience. Everything is ridiculous. The first episodes are so boring that no time passes while watching. Ridiculous things and unthinkable things. I'm sorry for my bad english.

Do yourself a favor and don't watch Boruto. It's a trashy Naruto knock-off to get more money out of the Naruto franchise. The Anime is really terrible, probably the worst Anime I've ever seen. I haven't read the Manga, but a friend of mine said it's decent, but still, I wouldn't recommend it either. The Naruto franchise should have ended with Naruto Shippuden. Honestly, Boruto is just a disgrace to Naruto. Every episode of Boruto feels like filler and that is because it's mainly filler! The Boruto Anime tries so hard to stay behind the Boruto Manga like the One Piece Anime does with the One Peice Manga just way worse. The Studio knows that the Boruto Anime is trash and boring and because of that they throw in old Naruto characters every now and then to keep the viewers watching. If the highlight of a show are guest apperances of characters from the prequel, you know that show is TRASH. If you are a hardcore Naruto fan who wants more content from the Naruto franchise, read the Manga at best and don't watch the Anime. As I already mentioned, in my opinion the Naruto franchise should have ended with Naruto Shippuden, then Boruto just feels like a way to milk the Naruto cash cow a little bit more. Hope this review helped you out.

Did you think the fillers for the Naruto franchise were bad? Imagine an anime comprised of ONLY filler episodes. Now, imagine if that anime were real, usually the majority of people would think such an anime wouldn't be given the opportunity to even meek out a meager 10-12 episodes. But, nope, Boruto: Naruto Filler Arc the Anime is already past 100 episodes due to its stellar ability to latch onto a highly popular franchise. This anime's only benefit is the meager screentime the characters of the original franchise have, as everything else is dreadful in comparison to the story of the original. You can and you SHOULD compare this anime to Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden because this isn't an anime seperate from its orignal source, nay, it tries to shove nostalgia down your gullets to enforce that "hey this anime is the physical embodiment of what hell would be like but atleast Naruto is in it".... Overall, 1/10. Long Story Short: Not an "anime" but a "hey, remember this guy?!?" game....

This review is, summarizing: me talking shit about this awful anime. Boruto was so unnecessary we could live without it. The story is very slow and the objective of the main characters is bullshit. The only episode I really enjoyed was the battle Naruto + Sasuke vs some shitty character that no one cares. It took me 45 episodes to realize how bad this is. If you want to waste your time, watch this TV serie, but I would prefer to stare at the window rather than watch this serie. The reason why I decided to rate this serie with a "2" and not with a "1! is because 1st generation characters appear sometimes.

I tried really hard to like it, i want to like it. But despite my awareness of my shit taste. This is just really fucking bad. The animation they do here should just be contributed to the hentai industry, that way I'll get better fap material. The only thing that latched me on to the show was Sarada, I think she'll make a better mc than that dumbass Boruto. There's nothing about Boruto except his constant whining about his daddy being Hokage. I do not lie when I say this but the show would've been better if they made it and centered it around Sarada. Everyone else in the show is trash and horrible. I can probably write a better show than this, really.

1.Story is like bunch of fillers. There is very little story behind all episodes so far, but mind I didn't mention manga. The progress in story is so slow it physically hurts and if you skip like 60 episodes, then you will not miss any complex story 2. I like the art and animations, just some jutsu has different color and I cant understand why. There are some theories, but I find logical, just make the jutsu same color as it use to be. But over all, I like it very much 3.Sound is fine, yet I find Naruto soundtrack better, but I can get behind this one 4. Characters are way too much OP or way too much weak and power levels is a mess. Every character wear plot armor, even if the opponent is obviously way stronger. I disagree with, how weak and dum they made old characters look like, but this is the system of power levels that doesn't really make sense and if I would talk about the personality of characters then I have to say I like it pretty much, exept konohamaru, but thats a story of it self. Over all I did not enjoy it. Most of the times I'm just confused what happened cause power levels are changing as weather.

Gonna keep this brief: Boruto is possibly the most wasted potential show of anime's history. Boruto may be Naruto's sequel in a literal manner, but the story & theme are NOT. As of time of this review (~ep 60) the story has been a little more than a failed SOL. There has been one, yes one, unique/main concept so far. And that concept, after an entire arc dedicated purely for it's foreshadowing, has been absent ever since. Over the span of 60+ episodes (avoiding specifics for spoliers) virtually nothing has been completed on Boruto's journey. And it's one exciting unique feature has seemingly been utterly dismissed and abandoned for no apparent reason. As for now, I would highly recommend staying away from this show. Not only is it a disgrace to Naruto's fans who've been watching since 2002, it's an absolute failure of an attempt in transforming a high-pace action filled shounen into an E rated kids show; leaving nil mature themes in a shounen- horrendous. Story-- 3: as explained above. To summarize: story is absurdly slow and if you are looking for a good action-shounen, you will not find those awesome fights in here. Art + Sound-- 6: Your usual shounen stuff, nothing notably good nor bad. Characters-- 2: Copy pastes of the originals but worse. The main characters are burrito and salad, and their character design is just as creative as the names. Enjoyment-- 1: Every time things appear to become interesting, they don't. The amount of nostalgic epic moments that have been missed so far is disappointing to say the least. It's like Ukyo Kodachi doesn't know a thing about it's predecessor, and if he does, doesn't want to have anything to do with it. I get he wants to do his own thing, but its such a slap in the face to the audience he is inheriting- come on. Overall-- 3: Maybe something of interest will happen ~episode 200, but till then, this has been a slow and painful wreck.

It's a little hard to put down what I feel about Boruto but I will try and get to the point: this show is not something I'd advise any Naruto fan. But it is not for the reasons you may think I say so. Boruto in itself is quite light-hearted and the emotional impact is minimal and restricted to little screen time across entire arcs. On its own, if it had nothing to do with Naruto, possibly people wouldn't hate on it so much. However. Of course it being the off-spring of Naruto (in all ways) it's natural to make a comparison but the issue doesn't lay whether it's an upgrade or downgrade of the series but the way this show paces. I've watched clips of Boruto from time to time of separate, filler episodes alone and I can safely say they weren't bad. Some were fun to watch for the action and all, then, why do people hate this? Simply enough: the pacing and tension are just not there. I will compare this to the first series of Naruto (not to make a point of how it sucks compared to it but what's different). The first Naruto was full of filler. Filler here, filler there and so on. But then why doesn't anyone complain about it? It's because the whole plot and story was constantly in motion and there was tension. Orochimaru, those of the Sand, the Sound, the Akatsuki. They're all easy to remember not because of flashy fights but Naruto was almost like a chess game but actually interesting for those who don't play chess. They could feel there was a struggle, characters with reasons and a world with danger and possibility for greatness (something Naruto, the character, sought and couldn't get at first). Now. Boruto. By now we have a world that's not a stranger to us, as it was mostly all revealed in Shippuden and we have the entire issue of plenty of the anime being focused on the 'Otsutsuki'. Now, let me tell you: godly beings are not interesting. Unless they have a character, a personality and something that makes the viewer reflect themselves upon them or by side... it really is a bunch of generic villains. A lot of people loved the Naruto time travel flashback arc and I understand why. But for me, other than the cool interactions, it was sad. Because it brings me to remember why I got into Naruto at first and it was to see what greatness there was. Like, literally. Kakashi and Gai were the coolest duo (still are in my eyes) and in the first Naruto, they were treated as deadly opponents. And I will tell you: it's not them (or Naruto/Sasuke) being nerfed, the problem. The issue is that instead of having a mysterious scale of power, persona, background. Gods are not fun because you already know they're going to be tough and big and the characters will use an asspull to win. Now I am aware it's not all Gods but literally when we have seen so much of this world, it's obvious it's just not hitting it anymore. It's running into the Dragon Ball problem, honestly. I'd honestly believe if Boruto started with its initial premise of the future (the way the anime starts at first) of the original cast having mostly died out and it having been a survival anime perhaps (in many ways Shippuden was that kind of anime with the Akatsuki scenario), it could have been a good watch. I don't care what happens in the manga. This is the anime I am rating, and as an anime I wouldn't quite mind giving a zero but it's not possible. I focused mostly on the story and characters, but in a few words: the art is a downgrade, less detailed and tries to just replicate the modern 'simple' version of art in some ways. It's not a bad thing as it can be used for smoother animations but I don't remember any fight that was really impressive, so it's not being put to good use. The soundtracks I remember none of them. Not a single theme I remember because they're just that easy to forget. Don't waste time with this.

I personally find the anime entertaining to watch. Before starting, I already knew the hate the show was getting, but didn't let it determine how I'd view the show. I already knew that it wasn't going to focus on Naruto as the main character since it's Boruto's story now. In my opinion, this would be how the original Naruto anime started out but with obvious differences. It's important to learn about the characters at the start of the show, which is what it's doing. Considering after how Shippuden ended, I think Boruto is doing great so far; especially with how they talk about how the world of shinobi has changed because of how little threats are.

I am going to preface this by saying I had watched this series up until the midway point in the jail arc. I was involved intensely in the fandom, drew art, wrote fanfics, was in communities dedicated to it. I am here to say it is probably the most soul-crushing anime AND manga I have ever watched. Now I know some folks will say "You're letting nostalgia keep your standards too high, you're judging too harshly," yadda yadda. It seems that the producers of this show have completely forgotten that this is a continuation of a legendary series and they have high expectations to live up to. But that clearly wasn't the goal here. It becomes very evident quickly that this whole series is a poor excuse of a cash grab aiming to exploit Naruto's beloved fans. Major spoilers. Story: 1/10 This story lacks a foundation of any kind and is all over the place, especially if you stay caught up on both the manga and anime. It was during the prison arc (for whose official name I cannot even remember) that I realized the anime would be doing things incredibly differently from how the manga was going and the difference was not one that I could respect. Overall the pacing is incredibly lackluster and is not even a shadow in comparison to Naruto's storytelling. There's no room for character growth. They take plot armor to a whole new hilariously messed up level. The space for emotional impact during any scene that even had a potential of a tear or cheers from me, it's quite literally claustrophobic how quickly things are rushed in this series. The manga and anime as of now are completely different tracks. There are essential aspects of the story that haven't been introduced in the manga and vice versa. In arcs where the manga can be the anime's saving grace, the story is chopped to bits and amateurly mushed together into something awful. Art: 2/10 There's not even an art style to grade accurately. Why? Because it's different every 5 episodes. If you've watched the anime extensively, maybe you'll see what I mean. Sometimes the fight scenes are great, other times you get the grotesque monstrosity that was the Urashiki time travel arc battle scene where it quite literally was a slide show. The art isn't consistent at all, Boruto's hair and his bangs specifically are never drawn the same way for long, the same can be said for everyone's eye shapes as well. There were times when the poor animation was so distracting that there was no room to appreciate the actual battle scenes which only lasted for a minute when it came to good quality animation. Sound: 1/10 I rated this especially harshly because of how boring it is compared to the Naruto soundtrack. It's dull in every single aspect I can think of. I never found myself jamming out to any music, not even a head bob. Nothing was impactful in terms of emotions, nothing that rushed my adrenaline, nothing that pulled at my heartstrings, just nothing. Character: 1/10 ....Where do I even start with this one? There's so much to say as someone that followed this series for so long. I often finished chapters and episodes wondering what happened to half of the supporting cast characters. When the entire village was attacked and fell threat to destruction, where were the old gen characters? Where were half the new-gen characters? Literally nowhere. It's an actual meme within the fandom to joke about Kakashi has disappeared because he is nowhere to be found in the series anymore, along with many other beloved characters. I get it, it's a new-gen show, they are going to focus on the kids, but c'mon. At least explain where they are at. It is like they all abandoned the village or ceased to exist, that is how uninvolved they are in this show anymore. Boruto had decent development but it quickly got lazy. He's too strong for the show to give that name work-hard vibe that Naruto had. He gets everything handed to him. Sarada I found the most interesting and in the recent chapters she's been completely side-lined and forgotten about, lost in the void with countless other characters the writers did not have the energy or skill to include anymore. Same with Mitsuki as well. They all have amazing character potential and growth and stories but it falls short at the hands of people who had it dropped in their hands by a legendary writer and basically got told: "do whatever." The villains are god-awful. They hype up one guy and he gets killed within an episode and then suddenly they have a new god-like character who's stronger than the last and it means nothing at the hands of kids who did not train or learn anything new in the one chapter between the next villain reveal. There is absolutely zero nuance to them at all. There's no moral gray space that leaves us questioning things as some villains did in Naruto. We have just been spoon-fed the same formula over and over: "Villian bad! Boruto good! Kill!" Nobody learns anything from each other. It's just dividing and conquer. I absolutely loved Kawaki as a character but he rarely stopped acting like a whiney asshole, and then they introduced Sumire as his potential ship pairing and had him abusing her out of nowhere and everyone began fawning over how strong she is for him. I'm sorry but another Sasuke and Sakura ship dynamic wasn't for me. It was a great example of how the writers didn't take the previous series faults and fix them. They only lazily relied on copy-cat mechanics with zero passions to carry the show. The rest of the characters were just generally cookie-cutter versions of the previous old gen characters but with less passion, drive, or their own story. My greatest grievance with this mockery of a show was when they killed off Kurama. They are constantly teasing the death of Sasuke or Naruto which I find disrespectful at this point as it's clearly the only way they get any attention from people nowadays. It was completely unexpected, made no sense, and did not give us any time to grieve because it was set up poorly and Naruto moved on quickly from it. He just did not care. How does that make sense? A huge portion of Naruto's development was learning self-control and being able to use Kurama's power as a result and he just gets killed off like that? That was when I had officially dropped this show. If you want to get grouped in with a fandom whose only talking point is toxic infighting over the show's dumb ship pairings and defending themselves to falsely conceived slights, this is the show for you. If you want to feel like you have to force yourself to cry to get over the awkwardness of tragic scenes, this is a great show to invest your time into. Want to be let down over and over and wonder when the stuff gets good and then you realize this is as good as it gets, dive right in. Otherwise, if you have an ounce of self-respect, you'll avoid this hideous excuse of a sequel like a plague.

Don't think I'm a borutotard for giving this anime a 9. I am giving it 9 because of what I think. For starters. This anime is really and I mean really underrated. Ppl who shit on this anime watch like the first 50-60 eps and if you have only seen about 50-60 eps then I suggest you'd STFU. If u talk bad about anime when you're caught up with it then I guess that's fine since you may be having your own opinions then or something. Now this anime is really misunderstood. Sure I agree the beginning is a bit or somewhat boring. Even I myself dropped it at ep 100. From ep 150s is when the real action and every ep is really great like 10/10 starts. Cause before 150s the only good arcs were like the momoshiki fight and I guess the time travel arc and maybe another one. And also I see ppl to this day keep on saying "I hate boruto cause he doesn't respect his father!!" Bullshit crap Again if u saw like 50 eps then just STFU cuz boruto respects his father! He said he doesn't like the title/job of the hokage cuz naruo is barely home, missed his children's birthday and if I say this to ppl they say dumb shit like "Naruto never had any parents so he doesn't know how to act like one" And I say that dumbass reason. Jus cuz he never had any parents doesn't mean he shouldn't be at home or miss his kid's birthday. The man can make clones that fight kage level ppl jus put a goddamn clone in your office and u be there with your family... Another thing is the animation. I see ppl complaining about the animations and shit but for a weekly anime that has been running for more than 4 years now. We got some pretty good animation with a few flaws in between. In the end, what I'm, trying to say is don't sleep on the anime cuz it's really great and if u saw like 50 eps and talk trash about then I suggest you'd get a life or do something worthwhile..... I promise you if u catch up till ep 150s each ep from 150s and from ongoing future will be AMAZING!!!!... OR at least read the manga cuz that's really good..... This is my first review writing in MAL, so ya.....

SPOILER FREE REVIEW: To be honest, Boruto , is too underrated , yes for now it has to many filler episodes , but please you need to give it a chance. Unlike the manga , the anime focuses more on the development of the characters not just the manga cannon episodes . If you want you can skip them . Story: Even though Boruto has quite a few filler and anime cannon episodes , the manga cannons are awesome , Boruto launched to early that s why it has fillers , but from episode 80 the show gets on another level . I know the fillers are boring , nobody force you to watch them , If you want skip them , but please give Boruto a chance. Manga Cannon story: 10/10 Art: There is nothing to talk about is a small improvement over Naruto . 10/10 Sound:10/10 no comment Character: Here is a small problem , compared to Naruto the characters are awful, in Boruto it looks like every character is a joke , like 50% of the characters have 0 improvement . Characters: 7/10 Enjoyment: In my opinion is a pretty good anime if you liked Naruto but every watcher needs to understand something , Naruto is not the MC anymore , you can t just hate Boruto because we don t see Naruto as much as him. Enjoyment:9/10 Overall is a good next gen anime , is at the beginning , please don t drop it yet and give it a chance . Overall 9/10

From the 'it has potential' part we went to the 'it had potential'. -Boring fillers - Messed up power scale - Slow pace story -Teasing methods-. I made a positive review in the past about this series but i had to watch 150 ep to finally accept that this series are beyond saving. It has some really good episodes, 10 maybe 15 but even with the future content from manga won't do much good in the rest of the anime imo. I really wanted this series to be decent but the creators themselves prefer that sweet cash grab from the kid viewers instead. On this show most of it's episodes don't really make any sense cause of the lack of manga material- main story content of it's monthly releases (30-40 days per release). I personally don't really hate the attitude of main character but the anime as a whole. They rushed things by airing this show 4 months later after Naruto Shippuden ended, with barely 10-15 chapters of manga and that was their real mistake. I didn't expect the show to be great but at least half as good like Naruto if not other anime. Basically more or less what they do to this disgrace of an anime is to show one good- or interesting enough episode and then at least 10-15 boring episodes straight with 1 min teasing about future foreshadowing things close to the end of one of those episodes... Being made more child friendly than Naruto series was, it's one thing but having ridiculous amount of fillers more than Naruto too it's also a grave mistake like following the same flaws in much greater scale. 1.They could do the show seasonal instead of weekly so that it wouldn't suffer much more than Naruto series did. (of course they wouldn't do that though lmao) 2.Make soon if not already a remaster version of the show and make it right this time like a special season episodes or something. 3. It sounds silly but a lot of fans suggest it that this is the case of a possible route the show could take meaning this whole thing is an infinite tsukuyomi placed by Madara that has actually won the war. (but then again we go back to Naruto Shippuden just to fix the mess Boruto series has been made though?) The logical suggestion of course is the second one and if the manga author taking so long then someone else should make more canon that add more to the main story and not silly Cho Cho arc's, you hear me Kishimoto? -Spoiler below- I read comments in youtube videos and other sites from some people still watching the show that Boruto will lose everything that loves (as Momoshiki stated anyway) and when the Kara arc will get animated then the show it's gonna redeem it'self . Um, no it won't at least not for me when the show started this way and continue like this till this day. Plus, is the manga worth- is it better? Definitely, but it's not that great as a lot people say cause it has some plot holes that a sequel shouldn't have. The way it starts and the follow up the story takes. The nerfing on Naruto and Sasuke (even in the manga) is understandable cause it's giving room for Boruto but still it baffles me sometimes. Sasuke in the anime getting out of chakra often... and what was the point of the Urashiki again? A supposedly interesting anime filler up character that ended be the worst and broken and also being easily defeated in a time travel arc teasing Jirayas return as a clone... that then Sasuke removed their memories of the past characters involved and implying this arc had nothing to do with future Kashin Koji. The rate of the anime in this site 2 years ago was '7.04', the highest ever reached... heck, even 10 new episodes in a row worthy of ep 65 still won't bring the hype back or a decent rate and popularity number. Anyway, thanks for your time reading this.

Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched all of Naruto Shippuuden and some of Boruto. Proceed at own risk. I want to start off by saying that this review is for those who have actually watched the original series Naruto. I find that I can't level with some of the new generation anime viewers that don't watch original series of popular shows that end up with sequels. I have the same problem with new Dragonball fans who started with Super. That said let's get onto the review which will probably come off as a rant by the time I am finished. Boruto is a prime example of a story made simply to continue to profit off an already incredibly popular original concept in Naruto. The original author has very little to do with this story seeing as he is working on a new project. This show never should have been made and it is a disgrace to what is one of the most popular stories in anime history. Naruto is almost as culturally popular around the World as Pokemon and the Dragonball series. Naruto as a story has many flaws, but overall it was a great story. Boruto is a story with to many flaws and it has a direct effect on how good the story is. The story is a continuation from the end of Naruto Shippuuden which is heavily criticized. The main villains have a lot to do with who the final villain was in Naruto Shippuuden. Which cause a slew of issues like power creep and World building. The main villain "organization" is not relatable whatsoever and completely deviates from what made the original story so interesting. They break the rules of the World they are in and therefore the new characters also break the rules of the ninja World. Not to say jutsu is realistic in any way, but in the original story it was much more down to earth. The power creep has gotten so bad in the new story Boruto that any ninja that is actually relevant enough to deal with the "new" threat has super power like abilities that break every rule that was established in the beginning of Naruto(the villains are basically alien gods who come from a different dimension or World to steal energy/chakra to make themselves into even more powerful gods). This is one of the issues with the end of Shippuuden. It started looking more like Dragonball Z than anything else. I don't want to spoil anything, but every main relevant character in Boruto has some kind of World breaking OP ability that helps them keep up with a group of villains that can threaten Ninja as powerful as Naruto and Sasuke are. And they are kids mind you. As I said the power creep and world breaking abilities kill what used to be a fun World with rules that kept things more down to earth than say a story like Dragonball Z or Bleach. Another issue with the characters is that the new writers seem to have a gigantic hate boner for some of the older and more loved characters. Naruto and Sasuke both end up being horrible fathers because of their duty to protect the ninja World. They are also heavily nerfed in a way that basically retcons all of the growth those 2 went through in Naruto to Naruto Shippuden. Different types of Jutsus are far more limited and much more super power like. And both Naruto and Sasuke come off as slightly incompetent and sometimes downright useless. Which is far from true if you have watched the end of Shippuuden. Sasuke apparently has less chakra than he did when he was a chuunin, and Naruto apparently is now a damsel in distress. He is saved by children more often than him saving them. Which makes absolutely no sense. The Kage are all treated as joke ninja who basically can't even come close to being useful against the new villains. Orochimaru is written so poorly I can hardly stomach his evolution as a character. The new characters are very hard to love. Most of them are rip offs of the old generation who gave birth to them. They are also characterized basically as millenials or gen z'ers. Instead of a ramen shop they eat frickin burgers. Instead of shogi they have video games and technology. Instead of being focused on becoming ninja and protecting the village they are far more concerned about their day to day life in the village. Which in turn has turned this story into almost like a slice of life. The story suffers from weeks and weeks of filler which no one cares about as well. Boruto is a genius brat who hates his father and has no respect for him and far more admiration and love for Sasuke than Naruto. And Sarada(Sasuke's daughter) seems to love Naruto more than her actual father. But this is all wrote off because both Naruto and Sasuke are apparently shit fathers. As I said above the story suffers heavily from poorly written characters and an overabundance of filler coupled with really bad pacing. Animation quality is worst at times than Naruto was, and equal at times to some of the best animation Naruto as a series had. It is quite a head scratcher. The music is fine. Not better than the original series, but it isn't bad. Overall this whole sequel suffers heavily from bad characters, an abused story, power creep, and mediocre animation. If you are a fan of the original series I think you will find this sequel kind of distasteful at the best and at the worst downright disgraceful. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone who loves what actually made the original series so good. If you start out with Boruto then maybe you can stomach the anime. But even then most younger people like my nephew don't enjoy this show nearly as much as Dragonball Super.

I know what you're thinking: I loved Naruto and I'm so glad it's continued. But if you're reading this review you've heard whispers, mutterings that the show does not live up to it's predecessors. Luckily for you, you've come across my review. This is by far, the most disgusting thing that has ever been done to an anime franchise. They have abused the goodwill that Naruto and Naruto Shippuden created with it's fans, and have treated us like morons while laughing to the bank. Every single thing about this show sucks in a way unprecedented by other animes. I cannot believe this is part of the same franchise, it is so awful that it feels like a chore to watch. I love the fact that as of February 10th, 2020, only 12.5% of the show is Manga Cannon. The rest is what producers call anime canon, and what we call filler. This is one of the saddest things I've seen happen to an anime, save yourself the heartache and just watch the Momoshiki vs Naruto/Sasuke episodes, and then never turn on the anime again. Boruto producers have shown no willingness to make the show decent, and are metaphorically spitting in your face with every episode that is released with this awful quality. Nothing about this show is good. Do not watch under any circumstances.

It took me 83 episodes to finally realize my denial about how much of a tedious and boring this anime really is. I never would've imagined for this anime to be really all that bad, since I had high expectations form Naruto and Naruto Shippuden I really wanted to see what was next for Naruto, but I realized ever since he was inaugurated as the Hokage he is met with all-nighters doing paperwork and using shadow-clones to do everything else. Ever since the first few episodes we are introduced with a brief flash-forward which spoils the plot a little bit, a bundle of similar characters that are descendants from the original anime, and a ludicrous plot. The Story: 3 I always decide if an anime is worth watching by the first episode, but my bias from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden hindered the fact that in the first few episodes we did not establish the plot or character motives making the story entirely pointless. However, after watching an abundance of episodes I can conclude that there are story arcs that may seem intriguing but in reality they are just filler episodes to make the viewer watch more. As you get further into the anime, which I regret, you finally are met with the motives of some characters but are still stuck thinking what the direction of the anime is going. The moral of the story is that there is no objective or goal for the characters to achieve. The Art: 7 I would've given this a higher rating if Shikamaru's son (Shikadai) did not inherit that huge forehead. The Characters: 3 Basically, cloned characters from the parent anime with subtle changes with the name, appearance, and personality. The rest is the same, take for example Shikadai, a descendant of Shikamaru. He adopted the Nara clans Shadow Paralysis jutsu, but most and more importantly he adopted Shikamaru's favorite line: "What a drag". You can apply this principle with the rest of the new characters in the anime. Overall Enjoyment: 5 I still hope for this anime to turn around and give it another chance at life, but somehow the directing of this show is too poor where watching has no purpose and I don't get excited when a new episode airs. I guess It is nostalgia from Naruto that obscured the fact that this isn't what fans of Naruto really wanted. What else can I say, I am greatly disappointed with the direction that this anime is headed. The verdict for me is to drop this anime, don't waste your time like I did, leave this one alone.

Badly written fanfiction where author inserted their own OCs. Characters have little to none substance. Why do all their children hate their parents? Is there no ninja out there that understand parental care? I guess that's why you don't get married at 17 years old. The whole story revolves around the previous generation having a children in the same year. Am I the only one thinking that's unrealistic and ridiculous. Character development has always been my biggest issue with the original story. The goals of characters were just superficial and usually overshadowed by the action which I don't mind. However, Boruto just takes the cake and now I just see the new characters as empty vessels of the previous generation. I personally felt that there was no actual planning before starting this series. Clearly just trying to ride on the coattail of the original big 3. Honestly, didn't have high expectation after the disaster of the last: naruto the movie where they just force context into the story to tuck in loose ends. Surprised avid fans of the original story could even tolerate this anime. There actual better fanfictions on the web that beats this anime hands down. Go read a fanfiction and save yourself some agony.

Sh*t, pure sh*t, this is the worst adaptation of the main material ... the fillers, OH MY GOD this anime barely has any main story at all... Well if you ask me better read boruto manga instead of watching the hopeless adaptation... The power scaling in this anime is broken, no logic exists in the filler arcs,pathetic... if you are someone who admired the adaptation of kimetsu no yaiba,one piece,boku no hero academia,vinland saga or even black clover, hear my advice and do yourself a favor by not watching this anime.If you thought berserk had the worst adaptation because of its weird CG animation, this anime is gonna blow your mind by showing you different ways to destroy an anime that has decent art and decent sound design.

for me i have watched up to where im at twice, once with only the manga canon and once with the manga + anime canon both times skipping filler and honestly i quite like it and i think more people need to give it a real chance. plus kawaki is great. the intros/outros are fantastic for the most part. but the main issue the show has that its predecessor didn't would be it fails to build the side cast's storys are thoroughly. in naruto classic there is like 20 episode long parts teaching about the others like lee, chogi, shikamaru etc. this show doesnt seem to go in as much detail and it definitely shows

The series have changed to very childish mode at episodes around 25-31. Awful shit.... I really love seeing the old characthers and how they show of their mighty. And I wonder why the fuck the animation is much better quality when for example you see Naruto or Sasuke on screen and for example Sakura fighting against the Sharingan dude, but when Boruto and his friends are doing some shit or like some random Kagura is on screen the quality drops drastically.... I hope we get back on the track again and we see stuff that happened in the movie or something. Meanwhile we are stuck at these fucking slow-paced fucktard characthers like Kagura is. At least include the Bridge called "Naruto" to the end of this arc FFS! And talk about how Naruto changed the village and now his own son came to fix a few things so the mist village stays in peace. I started watching the Black Clover resently and I actually wait for those new episodes more than this shit right now. And then there's the Attack On Titan season 2 of course (only watched like 2 episodes).

All this series do is disrespecting naruto and his power. No character development at all in every 10 episodes somebody we have never seen kicks Naruto's ass and everyone's excuse is "Naruto held himself".MC is being like a crybaby half of the episodes plus its an absolute joke that MC learned the rasengan and how to throw it in literally 2 or 3 days while Naruto literally trained for weeks which is absolutely ridiculous. This anime just feels like Masashi Kishimoto is trying to milk more money from Naruto lovers because so many people can't stop following the series because they want to know what happens in Naruto universe. In conclusion not worth your time, recommend you to not watch it.

This anime is a joke and a waste of time , the entire show is filler where nothing remotely interesting goes down , the manga this show was based from only updates monthly and has like 30 chaps out ( march 2019 ) yet it received an anime back in 2017 that still on going , And it's fucking horrible , they claim that the show content Isnt filler and that itscanon bur you and i know better , i sat through 80+ plus episodes of this cancer and the only plot relevant things that happned were things that were covered in a movie 2 fucking years ago , this show is an appalling blatant cash grab that Pulls on your love for naruro to drag you into watching filler , the cast is bad and dry and designs are just them copying the mom and dad mashed versions down , the plot is meh ( considering we only got 5 mins of it ) the soundtrack is good . Overall the 80 eps I saw the only fun I had was when the og naruto cast was in here which speaks volumes of how fun this show really is , bottom line avoid it like a plague , honestly the money spent wasted on this shoudve gone to black clover so that it can get better in animation , cuz that SHOW is acutally good and has a actual plot that ACTUALLY FUCKING PROGRESSES AND A CAST thats likeable

being the sequel to naruto it quite disappointing but naruto might be setting the bar too high for this show. So far its been a lot a filler and it's not funny and is boring af. The soundtrack isn't that good either and the fights are bad too in the anime the( filler ones ) some fights didn't make sense with the lore previously established. it feels like a kids cartoon with the 1ep stories or arcs treating the audience as idiots. I would recommend the manga. A certain fight after the chunin exams I would recommend watching the anime for that, the animation is godly. Reading the manga will save you a lot of time too. I really hope this anime gets good. ; (

They screwed up this anime's entire reputation by doing the majority of it anime only, and the episodes are technically canon but adds little to the story. The manga, and the 2 arcs adapted from the manga are 9/10 imo. The current arc especially is shaping up to be very very good as far as being faithful to the manga, having amazing animation and an exciting story leading up to an amazing fight. Its a shame people just refuse to watch any of the anime. I would recommend only watching the manga canon and mixed canon/anime only episodes and you might like it. Anyways if we're talking the anime as a whole here are the pros and cons: PROS: - some new gen charcters that are decent: Sarada, sumire, and Shikadai is really cool but it just seems like lazy writing to me because hes exactly like shikamaru. They even made him the first of the generation to be chunin, just like shikamaru. - its great seeing the cast of characters from naruto all grown up especially interactions between naruto and sasuke - there is a FEW decent anime only arcs like the whole part where they are trying to get the hashirama cell, i liked it, and then team 7 vs deepa is a good fight, the mujina gang arc is alright, pretty slow but some good moments - Kawaki, an actually really good boruto original character imo - kashin koji is an exciting character - there is some episodes with TOP TIER animation such as episode 65, the momoshiki fight, and episode 189, the kawaki vs garo fight - I LOVE the recent two opening's, opening 7 and 8, some of my favorite openings in general Cons: - most of the anime only arcs (currently, most of the show in general) are bad. The nue and sumire arc whatever its called is cliche and pretty boring, the trip to the hidden mist was kind of boring as well, it mainly focuses on kagura which is cool, as i loved the fourth mizukage, but you dont see kagura again, as far as i know, at least, its not significant when you see him. The chunin exams pales in comparison to the original chunin exams, it feels like there is no stakes whatsoever and most fights are short and uninteresting. The time travel arc was written like shit, still i enjoyed seeing jiraiya but i mean urashiki was a terrible villain, he lost to kid naruto and boruto which made no sense whatsoever, and he didnt tie in to anything in the main plot. Jesus christ and the arc where the tsuchikage is the villain is horrible i mean idk what they were thinking with that. In general, the anime only arcs are just boring to me and are of little to no significance to the main story. - Characters: I mean boruto so far has been nothing but a cocky wanna be show off spoiled brat, for some reason the author made him a child genius though which from a writing perspective makes no sense. I do understand that the series will have develop boruto, and thats kinda the point but still they didnt have to make him this way. A lot of the new gen is awful imo, such as chocho, inojin is pretty annoying to me i know some people are fine with him but hes a brat in my eyes. Metal lee just doesnt make sense. Hes nothing like the previous green suited taijutsu only characters, his character trait is that he gets "anxious". It makes no sense and hes a good person at least but the anxiety thing is so dumb. Enjoyment: Overall the personal enjoyment i got out of it was 9/10. Despite being very bad for the most part, I enjoyed it a ton just for the sole reason that I loved naruto and its characters so much. Also i mean there is some good moments, AND I WILL SAY, the way theyve been doing the anime recently is a huge improvement. The last 20 episodes or so I think are overall 8/10 with some moments that are 10/10 like episode 189 and the fight vs Ao was pretty good as well. Its a shame theres so many problems with the show because the good parts are very very good imo. Overall: The show is objectively a 7/10 I'd say. If it wasnt for the current arc which is so exciting and good so far, it'd be a 5/10 or lower, but the good moments have brought it up to a 7 for me. I really hope they keep it up and who knows maybe some people will start to watch it if they keep up with action like episode 189

*Might be some spoilers* After completing 100 episodes I can confidently say this show is TERRIBLE!! All the Naruto fans expected some great things but we were just let down.... THIS IS MY SINCERE REQUEST TO STUDIO PEIRROT ANIMATE BORUTO SLOWLY WE WANT QUALITY NOT QUANTITY. Even after 2 years the quality is just pathetic. If they made 3-4 seasons and spend their budget wisely rather than just blowing it all off slowly without any quality it would be sooo much better Looks like Studio Peirrot spends most of their budget on Black Clover and just gives Boruto literally NOTHING... with the quality of the animation Art- The art is just ok its really choppy everywhere even the fight scenes are just boring with no dynamics or camera movements I would rate this at POTATO level animation just Terrible... After watching Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 and looking at boruto's fight scenes its just pathetic Sound- The OSTs are nothing great. The songs are just OK. If Boruto had got something like Black Clover's openings it would be sooo much better. Character- MOST TERRIBLE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. the story has more useless fillers than anything in this world it just makes the story more cringy. Like there was this character with this weird crying jutsu LIKE WHAT!!! Boruto does not get any decent development KONOHAMARU is literally worse than Boruto Sarada and Mitsuki even though he is the Sensei..... Enjoyment - I really wish there was something enjoyable but there is literally nothing.... Overall- Yes Boruto had some good episodes like the Naruto Sasuke v/s Otsusukis and the Sarada arc was good too but the rest just Pathetic terrible and (i'm running out of words)...... If boruto was animated by Studio Bones or some other studio it would have got justice but the way the current studio does it is really bad. Just dont watch as it is of now because i can tell u that it is just a waste of time Hopefully this review was helpful

I've watched multiple different arcs in Boruto, and given it multiple chances. The anime just makes all the characters act so out of character. The vibe is super sterile and low-stakes. It's not just a bore to get through, it's actually a little painful to watch your beloved characters and world act so stupidly and cringy. It's main good parts are stolen from the movie, Kishimoto's special chapters 701-710, and the Boruto manga, and the anime just added a few things here and there. It's a giant pity in and of itself that the manga is just monthly rather than weekly, but that doesn't excuse the anime from not hiring better writers for its fillers/anime canon. They could get people like Takashi Yano who wrote the Itachi and Shikamaru novels, he understands the characters well enough to make a script for the anime. I could've given this anime like a 3-4 if it didn't OCCUPY the chance for a real Naruto sequel/prequel show! We could've seen Konoha 11 leading their own genin, we could've had prequels on Minato's or Hashirama's times, we could've had what the Boruto manga has but with much better pacing. This is a giant waste of opportunity of using the momentum of the Naruto ending hype, pleasing only a fraction of the Naruto fanbase and letting such a lovable world and set of characters to rot and die except for a monthly defibrillation. Hire better writers! Make it not follow the manga if need be, this is such a giant waste in every meaning of the word!

I came here after I watched the recent episodes of boruto. To let ya'll know I was once a boruto hater but after I watched the recent arcs and how the first episodes contributed to the deep character development and astonishing turn of events I began to love this story. The reason I hated boruto as a long time naruto fan like the many people who wrote negative reviews in here was because most of us including me thought this was some kind of sequel to naruto and boruto was just a Deuteragonist in the story but then I realized this was a story about a whole new generation of shinobi but most people hate to admit this and goes on hating boruto. Yes,I admit that the 1st half of the story is boring but I recommend everyone to watch the ongoing arcs as they are very interesting and enjoyable.

If you've watched the Boruto movie, skip to episode 67. Between eps 1-67 there is almost zero character development, everything you see 99% of it was covered in the movie. From 67 onward its like one big filler...there isn't much that happens, they have a few side missions, eps 70-80 have some character development like...some... ::::spoiler alert:::: ::::basically eps 70 to now (87) is an ultra crappy version of lets bring Sasuke back!:::::::: what a disaster of a show. I'm ashamed for watching even 10 episodes let alone 87...I keep hoping something will happen, something that will peak my interest. Around 83-87 is when things seem to get interesting but then quickly die down. Quite unfortunate really. I highly doubt I'll continue the show. Update* watched up to episode 98 Story: 3/10 Art: 8/10 Music: 6.5/10 (shippuden had way better scores) Potential: 9/10 Spoiler alert---If you haven't seen shippuden stop reading. So the show really has potential be better than Naruto, but, it will be difficult to do that since the writers of Shippuden wrote themselves into a corner with the whole final boss practically god level and then the final final boss was whopped quite easily lol. With Boruto they have an opportunity to fix power levels, and bring back that intense someones gona die feeling. Around episode 90 Boruto starts to develop into its own show (finally) but still nothing is actually happening aside from this one arc that ties into bringing someone back to the village (in a very sasuke-naruto fashion). Potential is still high for the show...here's hoping the next arc will bring it up to par. I'll continue watching for now..

It pains me that I once watched some of this. I didn't love Naruto, not even at it's peak, and yet I still chose to waste ~30 hours of my life on this. I'm writing this because one day, I'll randomly look back on my account, and realize just how much of my life I wasted on this pathetic grasp at the popularity Naruto once had. I could go into objective points, but I'm not writing this to get anyone to watch Boruto. This is a warning. Please don't make the mistake I did. I hate myself for watching this. You will too.

This is not Naruto Shipuuden, stop treating it like it is! As bad as it was at the beginning, after episode 141 it starts to improve, and by a lot. That's because it now tries to catch after the manga, which is very good compared to the show. Episodes 157-175 are, I'd say, almost on par with Naruto Shipuuden arcs. Please, just skip the shitty fillers and watch what really is important. If you want good quality, after the Momoshiki fight (episode 66) watch until episode 92 and then skip to 141, that is where it starts to catch with the manga by creating an arc meant to develop Team 7 both mentally and in skills. If it is too much to skip, you can watch 120-136, they are good, but not the best since it might seem...''exagerated''.(time travel and stuff). The rest is either filler or meaningless. Many people hate the series because it starts off horribily by making Boruto a kid that perfectly resembles kids nowadays: annoying, clueless and selfish. That starts to change after episode 66, a change that is designed specifically to make him seem more...ninja. If you want to REALLY skip a lot and head straight to manga-canon, you can watch until episode 66, avoid the fillers in this interval, and then head straight to 141. That's a lot of episodes to skip, yes. That's because those episodes don't necesarilly show anything that you might need to remember. Some are good, I mentinoned in the interval above, but for manga canon they are not necessary. Take into consideration that, although there are 178 episodes currently, they barely touched the first 15 chapters of the manga. Currently there are 53 chapters. So yes, the series is bad because whoever is directing the anime isn't focusing more on the manga and just makes silly episodes.

Boruto is a mess of ideas, none of which are executed right. It's like the author wrote down everything he couldn't get done in Shippuden, and cluttered it into a story that wasn't meant to be continued. In Boruto, peace has been reached between all the villages. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks you can't really continue a story after the main character has become a god and achieved world peace, but no, the story must go on for.. money reasons. It's clear to me this wasn't made out of real passion, but only a way to continue the story to milk the remaining fans of a series that was once great. I am one of the few people that *somewhat* like Boruto's character. He isn't cookie cutter, he hates his father, the once main character and now leader of his village. He has a reason to hate him too, without giving any spoilers for the series. This is where the positives end. Everything, and I mean everything else is a trainwreck. Naruto has gone from an inspiring, somewhat edgy show into almost feeling like every episode is a filler episode from Shippuden. Nothing of note happens for long stretches of time and when said things do happen, you almost always feel like it isn't worth the time investment. I can't watch as much anime as I used to due to time constraints and video games that feel like a second life I'm constantly keeping up with.. so the time investment with this show almost feels like a slap in the face. Don't watch it.

UNBIASED HONEST REVIEW OF THE CURRENT STATE OF THE ANIME Story 1 - Pathetic - Right now it's all filler with one actual kind of good arch from the Naruto Gaiden Manga, however, it follows Sarada Uchiha, and Boruto isn't in the arch at all. It's funny that at 33 episodes in the best arch in the Boruto anime is an arch without Boruto in it. Not because boruto is bad, but because literally everything else is filler. The Sarada arch is the only thing that's actually good because it's Naruto canon based on the Naruto gaiden manga, but it's still filler in this anime, because while it's Narutoverse canon it's not Boruto canon and this anime is Boruto, not Naruto. The reason for all the filler is because they want to wait to let the manga get further ahead. Even with the good Sarada arch, I guarantee you that years later when newcomers ask us old folks who started watching from the beginning, for a filler list, we will tell them that the first 100 episodes +/- are all filler and you can literally start watching on ep. 101 without missing a thing, because that's when the anime literally starts. Honestly, why they didn't just decide to wait a year to let the manga get ahead is beyond my understanding, but w/e. The story score is subject to change given future non filler episodes, but right now because the show is 100% filler it gets a score of 1 - Pathetic, which is one more point than any filler episode from any anime deserves. Art 8 - Very Good - The art and animation is really good. Not much more to say here except that the anime is petty and the characters movements are what we expect from a Narutoverse anime. Sound 6 - Fair - Sound is good. Sound effects/folly's are good. The ost however is not so good. Pretty much a copy paste from Naruto and no real new songs as far as in episode songs are concerned. Idc about intro and outro songs because I skip all that anyways, it's just filler imo. So with sound effects being good and ots being mediocre I split the difference at 6 - fair. Character 6 - Fair - The characters are fun, and the only upside about the filler is we get to see the characters build relationships with each other. The only problem is that this relationship building takes place in filler episodes that everyone will skip in the future and therefore no one will see the character building that goes on here in the filler. Also, you can only watch so many character-backstory-interaction-relationship-building episodes before you want to pull your hair out and get on to an actual canon story arch. Enjoyment 4.5 - Decent - I enjoy it because I loved Naruto and generally enjoy anything in the Narutoverse. For this reason I would personally score my enjoyment and the likely enjoyment of Naruto fans at 6 - Fair. However, if I was coming to this anime cold, having never watched Naruto before, I feel the enjoyment would drop to 3 - Poor, because newbs would not be versed enough in the lore to know what's really going on, would not have any connection with this world and characters, and would likely be more turned off by the 100+/- filler episodes than a fanboy like me would. So, I split the difference and give it a 4.5 - Decent. Overall 5 - Mediocre. This is the number I get when I average all the scores from the component parts, and for right now it about suits the anime. Right now Boruto is a Mediocre anime that you can skip. There is literally no reason to watch this anime until they decide to start doing canon episodes. Once the cannon episodes start to air, then my score is subject to change, but right now after watching 33 episodes of filler, you can skip this anime completely for now.

I see a lot of people commenting "Oh it sucks people compare it to Naruto" and so on. I'll address it and point out why these fellas complaining on people comparing it with Naruto, don't think enough to actually make that comment. First of all, the really straightforward point I wanna bring.. Boruto is basically living due to Naruto fans. Most of the people watching Boruto, aren't new to the Naruto series. Boruto on it's own isn't yet an actual anime by itself. There's no interesting plot and so on that would make anyone wanna watch Boruto, the main reason people do is because they love Naruto and have hopes for what Boruto could potentionally be. Boruto is basically still on air due to Naruto fans. Even the name is called "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" so even the title of the anime claims to not be a fresh anime but just a continuation of Naruto. Once it start to develope into it's own anime that isn't relying on the main characters from Naruto and instead focuses hard on the main characters of Boruto and get a decent plot.. It's probably going to be a new season of "Boruto" which doesn't involve "Naruto" in the title. There's probably gonna be a hundred or more boring episodes that no one really cares about but they pretty much have to do those episodes and can't just skip a couple years like OP or Fairy Tail did all of a sudden.. Now you might think I'm a bit harsh on the anime, that I compare it to Naruto and that I'm just oblivious... So let me tell you this, let's say Naruto and Naruto: Shippudden and all the Naruto movies doesn't exist. Let's say there's no such thing as a Naruto fan. Let's say all the stuff that happened in the anime we all love still happened but we never got to see it, we might just hear a bit of hints about it. Let's just say, that Boruto here is basically the first anime about this universe. We see there's some kind of mixed mash between ninjas and technology, seems to be long time ago but also not really. We hear a bit of hints about this great war that Boruto's father was in and so on. Everything is at peace now, we didn't get to see the action, we were late to the party pretty much. If this was reality, if the Naruto series never happened but is just some kind of back lore in Boruto. Would you still watch Boruto? I highly doubt it. Why? Because it's boring to watch. There's no plot really, there's these kids going to ninja school and doing weird shit and there's a lot of talking and not much of a plot or a character developement, there's a few cool stuff but that's about it. Not even a handful of cool events you were interested by. Would you still watch it? I don't think so. 41 episodes and there's been little to no plot, just hints at what Himawari's strengths and Boruto's strengths can be in 10 years. The show would have gotten canceled a long time ago and there's a good reason why it hasn't in reality and that's because it's feeding off the Naruto fans and the Naruto frenchise. So next time you comment something like "Really sucks that people keep comparing this to naruto instead of just letting it be and taking it as it is." remember, it's alive due to Naruto and if everyone did stop comparing it to Naruto and take it as it is, everyone would actually manage to figure out it's not worth watching 200 episodes of a boring ass anime just because you miss Naruto and you have hopes for what happens after 200 episodes but don't care about the 200 episodes that you gotta watch until then. I really do think Boruto would get canceled if people saw the show for what it is instead of "continuation of Naruto" TL;DR Boruto is a boring anime that should be canceled but is kept alive due to Naruto fans that just wanna watch whatever happens in the cool future who doesn't care about the anime at all until it gets to that point. Story: 1/10 There is no current story, there's hints for stuff 10 years from now on, but currently there's just no content at all Art: 5/10 It's okay, not a huge fan, it's okay and haven't really been put to test yet. Sound: 7/10 No clue what actually comes into the sound score, but voice acting is alright. Character: 1/10 It's bad. Enjoyment: 1/10 I actually don't wanna watch this anime but I don't have any other anime that I can waste 20 mins on that I don't already watch.. maybe keijo lmao.. Overall: 1/10 If an anime isn't enjoyable or interesting to watch the other scores don't matter, it's a trash anime and I honestly think it should get canceled instead of being a filler season for Naruto. Once the good bits start popping up in 10 years, then it might be worth watching, ofc skipping the first future 200+ episodes (currently 41) and just get a 5 min TL;DR of the important stuff.

I don't understand why there are so many ratings between 1 and 3 this series will not replace og naruto for me but its not as bad as people exaggerate You may not be able to warm to Boruto, the series may have been ridiculous, or you may not like fillers, I understand all of them, but don't talk shit about it if you only watched 20 episodes. Boruto lives in a more advanced Konoha And little kids don't grow up in big wars like in the Naruto series. He is a talented, spoiled, fond of family ​boy whose father is a hokage every behavior he does seems very normal to me that we can see how smart he is and how he improves himself as time goes on. As for the fillers, in the end you can skip them and not watch them. Without further ado, this adventure will become more enjoyable after time skip, I'm hopeful and excited, not only Boruto, but also the side characters are very good. Sarada is my favourite.

Story: The story takes place in a time where all war and Bloodshed has ceased and Peace has been granted across the land, but The story is nothing compared to it's predecessors. No! Instead we get Borutos Father dealing with his ungrateful crybaby of a son and It becomes only clearer that the story becomes worse and worse with the underwhelming missions Boruto gets assigned and The boring aspects of the story are clear as daylight! Art: The art is the only aspect here that seems to be good, but It's 2017! If your artstyle looks similar to Trigun or Dragonball in 2017 then your studio is complete garbage. So this isn't a merit of quality, but SOMETHING you should expect from this CURRENT year! Sound: The intros/outros are nothing like Narutos as they seem dull and boring. What happened to the amazing themes that Naruto once had?!?!?! Give those amazing intros/outros!! Character Development: Character development is nowhere to be seen. Boruto is a prodigy meaning he was already strong to begin with and From what I've seen the only character development I've seen is where Boruto becomes less of a crybaby and Starts to respect his father more and more times, if not all the time. Also why does Sarada have glasses?!?!?! She has the Sharingan and Your telling me she needs glasses?!?!?! Give me a break here, she has OP ocular jutsu, but Needs glasses.... Faulty character design in this show apparently. Personal Enjoyment: It took me four episodes to callout the TRASH FIRE that is Boruto and Give it the low rating it deserves. Yes! The manga is doing great, but This is the anime, not the manga! Boruto is overhyped trash and Has pretty much ruined the Naruto series as a whole with it's underwhelming story, It's faulty character designs, and It's god awful character development. This was possibly one of the worst anime I've seen in my life and You couldn't pay me enough to watch it again! Overall: Boruto is a trash anime and Deserves to be called as such! It failed to follow in it's predecessors footsteps and Gave us a garbage anime we didn't even ask for in the first place! Just an epic fail of a series continuation and The fact that the manga is doing better is honestly sad. I rate Boruto a 3 OUT OF 10 Boruto is a TRASH ANIME! Pros: The Animation Cons: Awful Character Design Awful Character Development Underwhelming Story Nothing Like The Naruto Series

Boruto isn't such a bad anime as most people say it is. While liking and disliking anime is subjective , obviously , there are several wrong statements that the reviews I have read on , which they base their reviews on. First problem that most people have with Boruto , is that the characters are a 1 to 1 copy from Naruto ( best example is Shikadai with his dad Shikamaru). While it may be true for several characters like Shikadai and Cho-Cho , I don't believe any other character is a one to one copy. Boruto is coming from way different circumstances , so his personality is way more different than Naruto's , and while the counter argument to that is that he fights for his friends and never gives up just like his dad , bro every second shounen anime has that kind of a character , you can't really say that every shounen anime's MC is a copy of Naruto. Sarada has ambitions to becoming the Hokage , which neither Sasuke (not really but you get my point) nor Sakura had. Sarada is neither edgy and mysterious like Sasuke , nor useless and powerless like Sakura. She has team-leading skills which I think brings a nice touch to her character. Plus she gives weight to Naruto being the Hokage , since not even a single other character emphasized on how great Naruto as a Hokage is. I can go for every single character all day but I prefer to get onto the next point I want to make. The second most common problem I see with people disliking the anime is because it seems like a money grabbing scheme with no plot , character development or environment interest whatsoever. I do understand that the first several arcs may have been underwhelming , with the exception of the otsotsuki involvement , the same goes for Naruto the first 200 episodes. While yes , Naruto's first 200 episodes were better than Boruto's , the precise reason for that is because it was the introduction to the Naruto universe and we did not know what to expect. People who have watched naruto + shippuden , the whole 600 episodes or whatever the number of episodes in total it is , have gotten used to watching these super cool scenes with a lot of plot twists and character development , and the expectation for boruto's BUILD UP is as high as naruto's main parts of the anime. In short , people's unrealistic hype and expectation for Boruto is not justifiable , hence why the disappointment. I have watched up to ep. 208 and I gotta say things are looking so much more exciting than the first several arcs. I believe the anime is about beggining to show what it is capable of. Third most seen problem , at least from what I have read , is that the creators of Boruto are lazy of creating new things and that the art is not impressive at all. Bro , I usually never care about art in anime , and that is exactly why I think that what I am about to say carries more weight. The animation made for Boruto's fights look as impressive as Naruto Shippuden's final several fights. While the fights may not be as intense , the actual art is still there and it has not been downgraded , in fact I believe it has improved. Add-on: Ninjutsu are straight up copied from the character's parents and that is completely fine. Guess where Sasuke got his Chidori from? Kakashi. A fellow Sharingan user just like Sarada , which later on learns how to use it. Rasengan and Shadow Clone jutsu. Boruto ninjutsu wise is completely identical to Naruto and that is still kinda fine , because Naruto learned Rasengan from Jiraya , Minato's specialty , which wow guess what. he happens to be Naruto's father. It is a repeating pattern , which is meant to be repeated , in order to keep the authenticity of Naruto's characters. Let's not talk about the clans' jutsu like Shikadai , Inojin and Cho-Cho. That shit has been literally passed down for thousands of generations , you can't give me the argument like "it's just a cheap copy". Shut your ass up Now as to what I don't like about Boruto. 1.Naruto is no longer the main character , therefore he is not as strong. We do not get to see any improvement in Naruto's strength , in fact he seems much weaker now. It's as if he has not improved in 20 years of being a shinobi and his tailed beast power , while compared to Sasuke , he can do much more than he could at the end of Naruto Shippuden. His power is only spoken of , but never actually used. And while yes , he has to protect the village so he can't go all out , well guess what the latest few episodes as of 7/28/2021 , he was given the perfect opportunity and was utterly disappointing. I do not get the whole "I want to get stronger" in Naruto , when we don't see laboured fruit in Boruto. 2. Story wise it is nothing special really , new bad guy shows up world is in danger whoa never seen before , but I don't mind that really. I still get to enjoy the story even if it's mediocre at best , but I still can't say what the story is overall since I haven't watched the whole anime. Let's hope there is something more to it than Naruto Shippuden's save the world (although it leads there for now). 3.While I said that most characters are NOT identical to their parents , it doesn't mean it is a good thing in most cases. For example Inojin , he is a blatant character , with no interesting traits whatsoever , except he is sarcastic sometimes. Sai was way more engaging when he entered the OG Team 7. Overall , I don't believe Boruto is as bad as people think , but I am not saying that it is THAT good that it can fully surpass Naruto. It's a review from the 208th episode , can't really say if it's better than Naruto or not. It took its time to build up , but all big shounen anime are made like that , so it is not necessarily a bad thing. Look up One Piece , that shit has been building up way too much.

I gave this series 1/10 only because I'm freakin angry :D I really would prefer to hear that Boruto needs time because of manga publishing pace or something like that and wait 3 years instead of wasting my time for kanon/filler episodes. STORY (3/10) What story? Actually, I already forgot what all of this is about. Within +100 episodes nothing significantly important or engaging happen. Boring, slow, antinostalgic. Naruto, Sasuke or Sakura are not able to fix this overall dissapointment. ART (5/10) Once it's crappy, once marvelous. (Nothing new here.) SOUND (3/10) It almost never fit and I feel it's worse then Naruto. CHARACTER (5/10) All of them are irritating. My patience has ended xd I thought I'll like Mitsuki, but now I just hate him. Just like Sumire, Konohamaru, Chouchou, Denki, Mirai etc. I don't even remember the names of the rest of them. And most importantly: where the f*ck is Kawaki? (the biggest bad guy in the series, if someone has already forgotten) I know I'll have to wait for him especially, but that's how you bulid tension I guess. By showing importat enemies from time to time to the audience? ENJOYMENT (-100/10) This is the worst part: I feel nothing while watching this. Nothing but pain xD I managed to watch 100 episodes because of curiosity and last pieces of hope for something happen or someone develop. I STILL WAIT. OVERALL (1/10) I'm sorry Naruto - I hate Boruto xD But despite all this: I'LL WAIT. Maybe (when they will make second season or something xD) my opinion will change. Maybe then I will say that after incredibly appalling beggining, series bloomed beautifully. I want to say that someday, but I won't today.

If the anime wasn’t so complicated to watch without all the fillers this show would be a 6 or a 7 for me. The art is nothing special, it’s the basic art quality and design that most new gen/still running anime have. The story is nothing special, yet. I’m a little biased because of the ending of shippuden, but this is a different story. this is the next and probably final generation of shinobi in the naruto/ boruro universe. Overall, the story has potential and is getting interesting. The openings are decent overall, nothin special. Boruto as a main character has potential, especially because of the teaser we got on the first few seconds of the anime. I’m genuinely interested to see how boruto plays out as a character in the future (especially because he’s a mix of sasuke and naruto in my eyes). Seeing a boy born with everything and losing it all is an eye catching idea. Overall this show has potential but was handled poorly as an anime adaption. Thanks for letting me know of the typos. I’m so sorry.

Boruto has a very low score. Why is that? Some people have mentioned the fillers and I agree with them: Boruto has a lot of filler and most of it is very boring, I skipped a lot of it because it was simply not worth watching. The original Naruto series also had a lot of filler, but it was mostly better, more amusing in general; this is because Naruto also had better characters. The side arcs are also somehow uninteresting overall, there is very little tension going on, no really good villans to speak of. The main plot is much better, I actually find it intriguing, especially from episode 157 onwards. Boruto's main cast is mostly the sons and daughters of the cast in Naruto and this is also why they are more boring: you pretty much already know all their powers beforehand, you almost never see something new. Boruto himself fights very similar to Naruto, but I like his personality. Sadly, Boruto's team is quite disappointing. Mitsuki is interesting in fights, but very bland otherwise; he talks little and never says anything interesting. Sarada has more personality, but not enough. Considering how much screen time she gets, they should have done better. And their captain, Konohamaru... he is the worst. He is just so weak in fights... I mean he is a Jonin, a high level ninja, but it certainly does not look like it. His team mostly carries him, instead of the other way around. He also has a good guy personality and that's about it, I can't find anything interesting about him. I really miss Kakashi... All I talked about until now is somehow ok overall, a stepdown from Naruto in some aspects, but nothing really to cry about. What I actually dislike (and why I would not recommend this show to anyone) are the fights. A lot of problems here: First of all, the animation is quite good when nothing happens, but in fights it could have been much better; Naruto's animation in fights was better and that show premiered in 2007. Second, how damage works in this anime is simply shit. You will see two characters take the same attack, in the same place, from the same creature, at the same time: one can't use his arm anymore, the other one did not take any damage. Wtf is this? You will see characters get beat up very badly, only to instantly recover once the fight is over, only to see them get bedridden when the same thing happens a few episodes later. Wtf is this? You will see a character get burned up in flames, screaming dramatically on the screen and passing out, but guess what? Once the fight ends, he gets up, no burn marks, no limp, no nothing. WTF? You will see characters take a full blown jutsu and take no damage at all, but one episode later they get kicked once and that's it, they are out of the fight. I can't even begin to describe how jarring this is, worst I have ever seen in all animes I have ever watched. Finally, it is impossible to judge how strong a particular character really is. This episode they have 1000 health, the next one they have 10. This episode they have 100 speed, next one they have 5. This episode they have shitloads of chakra, next one they do a jutsu and go "He,he,he, I am so tired". I know this is in general something quite hard to get right, but in Boruto it is very annoying how little they thought about this. Overall, the show is watchable, but that's about it.

After being stubborn as a mule and hoping for this anime to finally get even a tiny bit close to what it promised at the start, it has... it finally has. The past few dozen episodes have been the best in the entire series so far and are actually grabbing my attention fully. Hopefully it'll keep up this pace from here on out and not fall back into the same rutt it was at the beginning of the show, that was completely just brutal to the point I was skipping parts of the episode just to get to the end faster and somehow still know what happened in the entire thing.

Honestly, the show started way too early and the filler is just awful. I don't judge anyone for dropping it very early like I did. Anime in general has changed a lot since the days of the original Naruto so non-seasonal anime that spam useless filler episodes will never get acclaim anymore. I was however convinced to give Boruto another try and have probably skipped 100 filler episodes or so by using AnimeFillerList. Watching canon episodes only made the show 10x more tolerable, especially with a new character joining the main cast who is actually very interesting. I'm actually interested in the storyline now, and animation for some of the more important episodes was pretty decent. My rating for this show has therefore increased from 3 to 5, and it would probably be a 7 if a large portion of the filler that made the show seem like a dumb cash-grab were removed. I just can't justify recommending a show fully when you need to skip 70% of the episodes to enjoy it.

Contrary to popular belief Boruto is a good anime. I admit that certain aspects could definitely have been better but other than that I feel Boruto is a good anime that is worth to watch I just want to add that Boruto is not Naruto nor is it Naruto Shippuuden, so if expect that it will be exactly like Naruto then you will be disappointed. First of all, Boruto takes place in an era of peace, meaning that there is not as much room for action to take place. Although the show does still find ways to keep you entertained as the main arc builds up. To this date, I have not felt the need to not watch Boruto due to lack of content and I am fully interested in the show and seeing how the main character grows into a shinobi. With regards to Characters and Character Development, we get quite a big character development with the main characters fairly early on in the show. I feel like the characters are made quite well. BUT I do feel like the character design and art style could have been much better. The art style in my opinion somewhat appeals to the new generation although it negatively affects the older generation as some of the characters just look wrong. With regard to sound, I have not paid that much attention to the sound although I can't think of anything that might be wrong with it. I really enjoy Boruto and I feel like it has a good story, some of the filler episodes are not always that enjoyable and might get a bit boring to watch. Overall I think it is a good show, even if it might not start amazing I believe it will become amazing and I definitely feel like the show is very underestimated and does not get as much love as it deserves.

(my first review ever about anything) 101 Episodes in and it's not that good. I started watching Boruto because I wanted to see how Naruto characters were doing after the war ended, as many people did too. So at first I went into this being kinda biased because a lot of people were saying that Boruto sucks, but then as I started watching I enjoyed the first 40 or so episodes and even binged a few. After that it kinda went downhill and became boring. The Villains were lame, some fights were okay I guess and the plot didn't have anything mind boggling or extreme, and that's okay at first but it feels like a very long filler arc sometimes. I mainly force myself to keep going because of the Naruto characters and I want to see what they are going to do. I often get Boruto clips in my YouTube recommendations and think "That looks cool, I want to watch that!" And I'm pretty sure the next arcs are gonna pretty good so I'm hyped for that at least. The only good thing about Boruto (excluding the old characters) is it's op's and ed's, and because of my deep deep love for Naruto I try as much as possible to like this but I simply just can't! It gets so boring at some points that I stop concentrating on the nonexistent plot and just stray off thinking about other things and doing YouTube video breaks every 3 minutes and then play games forgetting about Boruto, which btw never happened in Naruto because, excluding the fillers, the main story always kept me hooked and I couldn't sleep at night thinking about what would happen next and how great it would be. I don't feel like Boruto has a main plot and just goes off in random directions, or at least it's progressing really slowly. (for example: (!!!SPOILERS!!!) Boruto's eye thingy, I am 100 episodes in and I hardly know anything about what it's all about) Also (off-topic) but 9anime comment section can go eat dirt with how annoying they are being, literally every episode has some person commenting the same Sht: -- "oH If yOu HaTe bOrUTo sO MuCh, wHy DoN't yOu JusT StOp wAtcHiNg???" I'll stop watching whenever the F I want, stop telling other people to stop watching because most likely they have a reason to keep watching like I do myself, and they probably also hope that the show will get better with time. -- "ThIS Is bOrUtO, nOt NaRuTo!!" Yes, but it's still part of the "Narutoverse" hence why it's called "Boruto: Naruto next generations", and as far as I know, it's still written by the same ppl that wrote Naruto. So for them to downgrade from the masterpiece that was Naruto and Shippuden, to whatever the F this is, is just sad and disappointing imo. [This review, like the Boruto plot, was all over the place and I'm sorry for that but, as I said this is my first review ever and I'm looking forward to making another one when the Main story progresses a bit.]

Well, here we are. It's almost 2020 and we're well over the century mark in terms of episodes for this show. Have things gotten better or have things gotten worse? Naruto and its sequel series Naruto Shippuden were massive successes critically and commercially that took viewers on a journey to adulthood through the eyes of a young and naive ninja. The second sequel series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is trying to repeat that same success, but with a modern twist. Technology, attitudes, and characteristics are all modernized to today's standards, supposedly to give characters depth and be more relatable to today's viewers. Unfortunately, that's not always a good thing. Story: 5/10 The story starts with Boruto fighting an unknown foe atop the stone faces of the Hokage above a destroyed Hidden Leaf Village. Something big has happened. We all want to know what it is! Who could have done something as horrible as this? Then, it's backstory time. This is a literary term known as "in media res". We're shown something huge occurring and are thrown back in time to find out how everything came to pass. So, we're then treated to the long and massive backstory that no one really wanted. Predictable plots arcs, redundant filler episodes, and retreads of some story lines from Naruto and Shippuden. After over 130 episodes, we're nowhere closer to finding out what happened. Consequences don't really exist here. Art: 7/10 The art is pretty good. Some episodes are much better than others in terms of quality, usually ones where large fights are happening, such as Episode 65 and Episode 131. The rest of the time, the animation is generic with bright, pretty colors and stale composition. It's not bad, but it's something special either. Sound: 7/10 The sound is also fairly decent. Tracks and themes are played in moments of struggle, conflict, and joy that are reminiscent of those played in Naruto/Shippuden. While most of the show's themes were modernized to for the "next generation", the music has not, which is a good thing in my opinion. It keeps the feel of the show to be ninja-based. The only downside is that the same tracks are played during similar emotional points throughout the entirety of the series. If it's a happy moment, you get "Happy Track 01" played each time. Sad moment, you get the same sad song. Conflict, you get the "Let's Fight!" song. Rinse and repeat. Character: 3/10 This is where the real struggle takes place. Characters should be the driving force of a show. You want to see characters progress and improve, learn from mistakes, and gradually mature as the series goes on. No one matures here. No one progresses here. Characters are obnoxious, self-centered, and some take up way more screen time than should be allowed. A few characters are interesting, such as Shikamaru's son Shikadai and a couple others from different villages, but most characters are just annoying, like the title character himself, Boruto, and Choji's daughter Cho-Cho. Others are just flat and stale, like Sasuke's daughter Sarada. Nothing really changes, so it's pretty disappointing. Enjoyment: 4/10 The most common reason fans come back to this show is basically to see if anything has changed or improved. Has anything happened? Has a major character died? Have we found a hint as to the destruction from Episode 1? As far as we know, the answer is no. The enjoyment us fans get from this show so far is to laugh at some character's stupidity and naivete, then hope that the next episode will have some sort of improvement. The outcomes are usually disappointing. Overall: 5/10 The show has some upsides to its heavily flawed storytelling and grandiose. It's immensely popular and word-of-mouth spreads pretty quick if something happens that could please viewers. The animation is decent and the soundtrack is nostalgic. But horrible characters and formulaic storylines keep this show treading in the mud. If you want to watch this show, keep in mind that nothing of consequence has really happened after over 130 episodes. Small things here and there have taken place, but in the end, its still back in square one.

One of the worst sequel I've ever seen. Feels like it was made only for money. Story writing is just poor. New antagonists are not intresting at all and their objectives are dull. Old characters like Sasuke and Naruto just got nerfed in stupid way because main characters has to shine. Side characters are just boring copies from Naruto 1st series and also their development is ignored. The whole point of naruto is that its supposed to be action packed and appeal to audiences of all ages with its unique fights and strategy in battle. Boruto scraps that all away and puts a ton of filler and when the canon events appear they're usually under performing. Moving on to unoriginal, if you compare boruto to both parts of naruto youll notice their children havent really developed their own skills, just copies of their parents and also the plot is so shallow it signifies nothing no symbolism, no philosophy, no talk no jutsu, they threw that all out and made it a barney kids show. I just explained how it lacked depth, but still this isnt written by the original author of naruto and its not performing too well in the anime industry so what i suggest is dropping the anime and watch the better anime out there and if you really like boruto read the manga it isnt as awful as the anime but still underperforms.

I have nothing much to say. My problems with this series are the same as others who gave this a low score. It was made to fool fans of Naruto out of their money. The art was fine and the soundtrack wasn't really memorable for me. The characters are all trash, especially Boruto. His entire personality was basically just a Naruto but he's more spoiled and hates his Dad for always being away at work until a certain point. Mitsuki is kinda cool. The best character from the new cast. But I don't really see why he had to exist. There is way too much filler for you to enjoy the few good arcs in there. The kids are able to beat people who are older than them and more powerful and skilled. The only reason I didn't give it a 1/10 is because of the few good arcs. I say that you don't bother with this anime, it's just a waste of time. But I heard that the manga is way better and different from the anime, so maybe try that instead

This show really does not deserve all of the hate that it gets. What most people don't understand is, this series is not a sequel to Naruto. This is its own thing. This is Boruto, not Naruto. Boruto states that at the very beginning of the series. This is his story. Of course it won't be as good as Naruto but it is still good and people just blindly hate on it because it isn't Naruto. What hurts even more is people hating on Boruto as a character after only sticking around for the first few arcs. He develops tremendously. I will admit, this show is not for everyone. It does have quite a slow pace at times. However, if you are willing to push through that, Boruto really begins to shine. While some of the characters are admittedly cardboard cutouts of their parents, that is not always the case. A lot of the new characters are unique and lovable in their own way. At the beginning, I did have a hard time connecting to them. Now though, I have grown to really like the cast of characters and I would be genuinely sad if one of them were to die. You should also know that this show is on a different power scale than Naruto. The adults are all super busted while the kids still have a long ways to come. You can see that the children of this era are progressing better than the last generation though. Some people see this as a bad thing but I personally like it because we don't have to sit through all of the training that we saw in Naruto and we can just get straight to the action. In conclusion, I am asking everyone to give Boruto a chance. If you haven't watched it yet, I will warn you that the beginning is very slow but as of right now when I am writing this, the story is in a good place. For those of you that tried watching it but gave up, I promise you it does get better. Even if you don't like the anime still after reading this and catching up in the series, I still highly recommend the manga. The manga is just the anime with faster pacing and less character development but it jumps over a lot of the stuff that people find boring. I know this was quite long and I want to thank you for reading through it all. Hopefully, I did talk no jutsu you into giving Boruto a try.

MIGHT CONTAIN MINOR SPOILERS!! Where do I even begin? I loved the Naruto series. Watching Boruto just doesn't feel right. Here are my complaints in no particular order. (in my opinion) 1. Inconsistency: to the original Naruto series such as level of power among characters. Example: Sasuke's power level and Konohamaru were very promising in the Naruto series but suck in Boruto. 2. Bad character design: Anko is fat. But why? I mean it makes sense for Choji to be fat coz he utilizes calories towards his Jitsu. If Anko was not a Shinobi, then it would make sense. There are so many other characters like that. 3. Timeline: Naruto series mostly felt like the time period between 1600-1800, then just in a span of 10 years, they have phones, tablets, skyscrapers, cruise ships? They have all of that, but no cars? The concept of Shinobi doesn't really fit in this time period. 4. Lighting & structures on characters: Characters' skin looks too pale and bright with no depth on their face. Naruto series had dark, gloomy, and badass-looking characters. 5. Power levels of the young generation: They made almost 30 episodes of the filler arc from the beginning to Momoshiki Invasion but didn't show any intense training. But characters like ChoCho, Namida, etc has power levels compared to Jonin? Why ChoCho has Butterfly mode, while Choji had to use Red pills in order to enter that mode in Naruto series while he was her age? 6. Villians: Sorry but I just can't take Kara seriously compared to Akatsuki. They don't have such a dark and gloomy vibe. Akatsuki also had badass background music. Kara's music sounds like a kindergarten song 7. Backstories: THIS IS MY MAIN REASON WHY I AM NOT A BIG FAN OF BORUTO SERIES. I get that the Naruto series was fresh and new, so they could create amazing backstories about their sufferings and all and that's what made the Naruto series so great. But we already know most of the characters in the Boruto series already and where are they coming from. But they missed the opportunity in exploring the backstories of new villains like Deepa and Victor. It would've been 1000 times better knowing their backstories and why they became a villain. Deepa and Victor died without even leaving a mark on the series. SORRY IF IT'S HARD TO READ AND UNDERSTAND. ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE.

Spoilers alert in short boruto sucks, has nothing, bad characters, bad story and terrible filler Seeing the anime starts badly, giving us to understand that Boruto is a spiteful spoiled child with his father, for his work, for ignoring him, he is a stupid child who does not understand that there are more important things besides him, besides the characters that avian evolved into naruto desivolve into boruto, such as sakura, shino or Gaara, characters that have been well written here are crap, characters, besides that here they show that Hokage's work is boring and bad, thus destroying Naruto's objective, making See that everything that happened in ship can be inceserary, also its filler, you don't know what is filler because manga and anime are almost almost another universe, but you really realize because of the poor quality and that afterwards nothing matters, the The only good arc was that of the aliens, with the battle of sasuke and naruto vs aliens, it is the only thing that is worth it, outside of that it is very bad.

Boruto is a more simple and calm continuation of its predecessor which many expect to be just like Naruto. The characters are likable and the story is fine as well for this type of anime. The largest problem of Boruto is the cannon/filler episodes which is pretty much side character development. In my view, character developments are quite important but Boruto has overdone it. It's understandable that there should be some break between the arcs or missions of the main characters but every time I watch these episodes, I just want to skip them. The story progresses quite slowly but it's still enjoyable if you don't mind these filler episodes. I can only assume that this series will be as long as Naruto. Lastly, this anime seems a little old for today. By that, I mean that we have such seasonal anime as Jujutsu Kaisen where there is constant action. Boruto is using the Naruto approach which takes a slow pace and is not too fun to watch if you want a lot of action.

Boruto, have good and bads episodes, but it's a very good show, the anime has a lot of connection with mangá, fill what the mangá don't have time to explore. And currently people who only read the mangá are going to have to watch anime too, to understand the connections of the mangá with anime. I don't understand why peoples talk the boruto is very bad, yes have bad episodes, but have to good's episodes and funny's. When the manga is adapted and work amazing has scenes and explanations that do a lot more sense the anime than the mangá. This is a mine review on the show, I hope you enjoyed.

Boruto is the best the art has ever been in Naruto in my opinion. However, if you thought filler was bad in Shippuden then you are in for a ride. I swear almost every fucking episode in this shit series is just filler leading up to the next moon dude fight. I will admit ep.65 was dope as hell. Definitely one of my favorite fight scenes in anime. But that one fight scene doesnt entirely make up for the fact that half of boruto is about choji's fucking kid and OP lil boruto. This is what I wished would've happened. After Naruto: The Last Movie I was hoping for a continuing series based off of the events in The Last (mainly because Hinata looked her best in that, most of the characters actually). But nope, we get boruto and all character design goes to shit. Characters in general go to shit, story goes to shit, etc. Arcs? what are those? here's an "arc" about chojuro trying to suck some actor's dick. smh.

MINOR SPOILERS: Basically: Boruto has a lot of potential and often uses it very well, but occationally it feels like a trainwreck. Some of the very early filler episodes are decent, however, some of the early canon episodes feel like filler. Overall though, the fillers are BAD. This is my main disagreement with the show. It was a huge issue for me in Naruto as well, but then they were harder to skip than they are in Boruto because they were often mixing 10% canon with 90% filler, finding myself sometimes watchin 2 minutes of an episode before realizing it would be full of garbage and flashbacks from the PREVIOUS EPISODES that i JUST WATCHED that were also full of fillers. Story-wise Boruto Canon is good, and I like it. However there is some huge missed potential in some areas. This is very noticable in the Mitsuki retrieval arch where they essentially come to the conclusion "we should get to know mitsuki better and talk to him more"... but... then they never do this. Ever. Why not? A whole arch revolves around it and then.......... no resolution. Just back to fillers. Enjoyment of the canon episodes 8/10 but the fillers and the disappointment with the mentioned arch makes the overall a 7/10.

Boruto isn't good. It's not. I watch it as a time filler in the background when I'm doing something because I don't need to think to watch it and that's what Boruto boils down too. It's not even that fun of a watch. It's an obvious cash grab, and unfortunately, taints the original series. My personal biggest issues are: 1) The Main Character Boruto is a TERRIBLE character. He's main personality traits are all terrible. He's whiny, annoying, rude, and acts like an absolute jerk to everyone around him. Every single character that Boruto is mildly enjoyable, I have no idea why they made the MAIN CHARACTER such a terrible person. Are we meant to enjoy this? Naruto had charm, Boruto is a boring, horrible child with little to no redeeming qualities. However, I should note that the other characters are enjoyable. Sarada is easily the most interesting character, alongside Mitsuki. Inojin and Shikadai are also great side characters, as well as Metal Lee. The new characters are boring but the kids of the old cast do have some shine to them. Honestly, the show would be much better if it was the Sarada show and not Boruto. (I should note too, I'm not saying this as though I'm a fan of SS either - Sarada is genuinely a much more interesting character). 2) The Story It's so long winded, full of filler, and boring. Nothing is fun. I don't pay attention to most of the episodes I watch. The best storyline was one, that unsurprisingly, didn't focus on Boruto and focused on Sarada instead and even then, that wasn't on par to even the worst Naruto storyline. 3) The "Death" of Old Characters This in particular focuses on Sasuke. Sasuke in Boruto, and Sasuke in Naruto, are two different people. He's so boring and bland, ALL of the old characters are like this. Yes, the new characters need to shine, but by throwing the old characters under the bus isn't the way to do it. I hate how Naruto is written, I how most of the old characters are written. As I said above, the original show feels tainted due to Boruto and the way the old characters are treated, it's not a surprise. Overall, Boruto is a disappointing cash grab and what's worse, it had potential. A focus on a bad main character, and a boring, drawn out storyline ruins what could have been a fun follow up to Naruto. It's disappointing to see the such a loved series get such a poor sequel.

The show is pretty bad most of the characters are pretty shallow i watched the original naruto both series and i know they can't really keep going with the story but what this show is doing is really pathetic as the story is shit the characters are just ripoff shallow bags with 0 feeling like they fit into the naruto universe with all the money from naruto they could have made a prequel about naruto past like madara or something or one of the great ninja wars instead of this, As for the art and sound they are fine but i would not expect anything less its a 2017 anime with a great money budget based on how much the original naruto profited, Like i said the characters are just copy cats and shallow versions of the old naruto series and the old characters are just soo weird looking. The enjoyment of training and perfecting jutsus was removed as soon as they used those casters like crotches they were a big enjoyment ruiners for the show, The fights are poor mediocre at best none of are that special and again they are ruined by their early tech caster stuff, Most of the characters also just get big buff for no reason like i know they wanna prove themselves to be better than their predecessors but in my opinion as long as they would not be shallow they would fine even if they are weaker, Junk overall it just sucks simple as that

Okay, I am just going to cut straight to the chase, this anime is fucking garbage on an astronomical scale. I have seen all of the original Naruto series as well as all of Naruto Shippuden, so I want to say that the author Masahi Kishimoto and the director Hayato Date are geniuses. Well, I can at least say that for Hayato Date because I am beginning to think that Kishimoto is a fucking dumbass suffering from some unknown mental disability because of how atrocious this sack horse shit of an anime was created. I won't write any spoilers but holy balls does this anime have what I want to say is the worst writing I have seen since Isekai Cheat Magicians because the dialogue is so painfully cringe and the characters are probably the most idiotic beings to ever exist excluding Sarada. To be honest I don't really like Sarada either because she isn't the central focus of the series. That's right, you read that properly, the other characters are so generic or ripped off that they actually drag down the quality of other characters. Boruto is the worst character because he is just some piece of shit great value Naruto that that has no motive. Unlike Naruto who vandalized and acted like a brat to gain attention from other people, Boruto is a dick just to be one and because he has daddy issues, like holy fuck kid at least you have a dad., your village wouldn't even exist if it weren't for him so be gratefully you little prick. The other characters excluding Sarada are non-existent like literally, they talk for like five seconds and then they appear two episodes later. I also despise both Naruto and Sasuke in this series because of how weak they are just to make the new generation seem like some big shit when in reality if they were in Naruto Shippuden, any of the enemies Naruto had could smack all of their shit in it. Sarada is alright simply because she actually has a motive and has pretty decent development as far as this anime goes. The animation alone gave me every form of eye disease a living can take without dying instantaneously (I watched Gintama to cure these illnesses). The sound isn't all that bad considering that it is this anime, but it isn't all that great either. I feel ashamed for watching a single episode much less 21, but after watching this I think it is safe to say that in order to like this anime you have to be a drug addict who wears Roblox t-shirts and likes In Another World With My Smartphone, or you have to be mentally disabled. If possible I would a score somewhere near negative infinity, but that might honestly be too good for this sorry excuse of a show.

Comparing Boruto to Naruto (from a hardcore Naruto fan): The Naruto series started with smaller jutsu that then progressed into more important fights, continuously teasing the audience with the more mysterious powerful people (akatsuki, hokages, ect..) and then building a climax to show you amazing scenes with itachi, the previous hokages ect... You were really immersed into the story, naruto's struggles, sasuke's struggles, the hate and vengance relationship of the shinobi world, not to mention ACTUAL DANGER.. Boruto is non-stop family friendly, the characters are pretty much constantly fucking around whilst exchanging banter during situations of crisis. They immediately jump to the op shit and set the bar really high, completely destroying any interest in the development of the young ninja... They feed you non-stop happy positive music, 0 sad music, 0 proper character development. 0 ambu black ops, a useless chunin konohamaru that can only use the fucking rasengan to save his life, and to top it all off the hokages are so god damn bad compared to their older counter-parts (naruto exempt).

I'll be honest. I never planned to watch this... when I first heard of the follow up to Naruto I was intrigued. Then I heard the title "Boruto" and thought 'this is the dumbest title ever. Then when I heard it was the name of Naruto's oldest child I made up my mind to never watch it.... then I did. I only planned to watch the first episode to laugh at how bad it would be. I thought, all my friends and I who grew up watching Naruto and then Shippuden can mock it after and have a good laugh. But then I found myself not hating it. Actually enjoying it. Maybe it was because my expectations were basically non existent. Maybe because I secretly hate myself. Or maybe it's just not terrible. Either way I have returned each week and have yet to regret watching an episode yet. Story: I tend to explain it as "what if Naruto had been popular in school from the very beginning?" That's just how I see it. The plot is coming along and it's got me hooked so far. Art: Pretty much the same style as the originals. I am honestly surprised since it doesn't look like they tried to cut corners animation wise. At least not yet. Sound: Voice acting is good and the opening and closing themes are catchy. Character Boruto is kind of annoying but when you step back and look at the character you can see why. His father is the Hokage. He feels unnoticed by his father and desperately wants that attention he has lost. He's trying to get out of the shadow of being the song of the Hokage and he'll do whatever he feels is needed to do that. The rest of the class is a fun "who's kid is who's" game if you were a fan of the originals. I still can't believe Ino and Sai got together... I figured she'd be with Choji... Also SURPRISE, Shikimaru and Temari got together. Who didn't see that one coming? Enjoyment: Like I said, I am enjoying it so far. I mean it's a Naruto anime and it's only like 12 episodes in as I'm watching this sooooo... plenty of room for everyone's favorite filler eps... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Overall: Can't say I would recommend it... I say just give it a shot and keep expectations low like I did. Maybe you can enjoy it for what it is as well. (I just see it as a way to find out what happened to some of my favorite characters for the most part)

the anime is actually getting better with the most recent arc the actuation arc and yes when boruto started it was trash but now is actually enjoyable and when we get to the manga stuff which will start from the ao arc if you hated boruto before like me... am reading the manga and trust me its a little tricky because you need to watch the right ep to not get bored and to know the story but there are some boruto0 fanboys saying that you need to watch everything that's now true that's why people hate boruto so much just watch the novel adaptations the expansions to big arcs to get more details if you watch and the big manga arcs that's it other anime original shit are just o make time (filler) and you will be good to go the story feels slow because of all the fillers and shit and the music rn t=is the same since day 1 pls change that shit when the ao arc begin also that's already official we will get new soundtracks when ao starts thank god XD if you liked naruto when the ao arc begins trust me on this one you need to give another chance to boruto i know i know u think it will be hard because of all filler are shit and anime originals but those eps doesn't represent the story this is a review from a die-hard naruto fan and someone that hated boruto again if you liked naruto watch boruto "the actuation kara arc" which is the current arc and is giving the old naruto vides bruh to a naruto fan to another trust me you will not regret it. rn the anime with the current arcs is a 7/10 it will get better since i read the manga is like a 8/10 going up since it just has 50 chapters when the anime gets to that point the anime will be an 8/10 too before when the anime came out for me it was like a 4 or 5 most likely you think that too now just trust me and your score will go up. and when the ao arc finally comes finally we gonna get the true naruto predecessor. also, naruto for me was a solid 9/10

I love Naruto. That makes this show all the more disappointing. I was so disappointed with this show that I actually took the time to outline my own fan fiction just to try to extend the series I grew up loving in a way that is not this. I am not the type of person to write fan fiction. That is how much I love Naruto and how much they ruined Boruto. The characters suck. They massacred Jugo. They destroyed Naruto and Sasuke as real threats and barely grew the characters in any meaningful way at all. There is no new lore which was one of Narutos strongest point. I cant believe this was greenlit and the only reason it was, is because the studio is making a ton of cash.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the anime sequel to the Naruto Franchise. If you're expecting a decent sequel, you will be disappointed. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations can't compare to the original Naruto series for a long list of reasons including: -Less Comedy -Less Comic Relief -Less Intensive Action -Little use of Jutsu By less intensive action, I mean the characters will be a lot weaker than before. So don't expect intensive action scenes. There's a lot less action and even the original characters seem weaker than before with less dramatic fighting styles. If you're looking for a decent action anime, watch the prequel: Naruto series. Character (5/10) Story (3/10) Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has older adult versions of the characters from the original Naruto series. The sequel takes place approximately 10 years from the Naruto series. There's less comic relief from the older characters. The cast wanted the original characters to see more mature so no more funny scenes from Naruto, Konohamaru, etc. It also introduces new characters in to the franchise including the children of the original characters. Fans can see how the original characters developed after 10 years, as well as their new families and lifestyles. However, don't expect for the older characters to be as strong as before. It's an utter dissapointment how they make the characters' fighting styles weaker than before. There's less intensive action scenes. There's very little use of jutsu in favor of Ninja weapons. Sound / Music (7/10) Boruto: Naruto Next Generation uses some of the same soundtracks (the background music ones) as the prequel (Naruto series). It also introduces new opening and ending themes. Some of the songs are very catchy, Japanese pop songs. Art: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation uses typically the same art style as the Naruto series.

This anime is a continuation of Naruto Shippuden. I am a big fan of Naruto, and of course I also like Boruto. At the beginning of the Boruto episode tells the development of every interesting character to follow. get to the chuunin exam arc. in my opinion, the chuunin exam arc is the most interesting and exciting arc. actually boruto still has 16% filler episodes. because some of the episodes are canon anime. in my opinion, an insignificant filler is an episode about Chocho after the chuunin exam arc. This anime has entered into one of my favorite anime. because I am a fan of Naruto and will continue to follow the continuation of the naruto story and some mysteries in Naruto that have not been revealed. I am a Boruto fan who will faithfully wait for each episode. Boruto will be exciting over time. because this anime hasn't finished yet, then I can't give a review that is too long. anime will be easier to judge if the story is finished. and one more thing, I'm really waiting for the arrival of the Kara organization and the mystery about Ootsutsuki in this anime. for the manga, the story is more exciting than the anime. It's only natural if the anime's plot is too slow, because the manga is released once a month. so the anime made several episodes of filler and canon. even so, I'm still a loyal fan of Naruto and Boruto, and always waiting for the continuation of the story in the anime and manga Boruto. and remember I judge anime fairly. even though I am a fan of Naruto and Boruto, but I judge this anime realistically. if you follow the manga story, it will be much more exciting and interesting. the latest episode this time has featured several Kara members and will enter the original story of the manga. I'm also waiting for Kawaki to appear in the anime. so you have to look forward to this, because in the future the story will be as epic as the manga. So, for you fans of Naruto, do you have to watch Boruto? the answer is up to you if you want to know the mysteries and things that haven't been revealed in the Naruto anime, and if you want to know the development of the next generation of ninja Naruto and friends, and want to see exciting battle scenes, then you have to watch Boruto. Maybe if Boruto is finished, we will all miss him as we all miss the Naruto anime which has long ended.

This series has been a disappointment and a slap in the face to any long standing Naruto fans. I don't remember the exact amount, but it feels like only up to 20 episodes were actual story. We're currently at 153 soon to be 154 and that hasn't changed. I did enjoy the time travel arc, but it wasn't enough to keep my attention. IIRC the manga is far enough along that we could continue the story by now but this is a total sh*tshow. Music: Soundtrack is -OK-, there are no banger openings or endings though. That's one of the main driving points of Naruto/Shippuden. There were so many memorable intros and outros between the two that this fails to live up to. The openings and endings in Boruto also feature events that did not happen in the arc, that otherwise -might- draw viewers in. The few sweet/bittersweet moments do not have the same feel to them because of the poor soundtrack choices. Story/Characters: The anime opens up with interesting foreshadowing and big spoilers that make you go "Whaaaaat?! I gotta see this!" - alas, we're over 150 episodes in and the "big bads" haven't even been properly introduced other than the Otsutsuki, which we're already aware of. None of the characters are particularly new, original, or memorable. The side characters are especially lackluster, even with as much filler they're trying to give us with them. I simply do not care about them, they don't make me think "hey, i want more of these guys!". Please, stop. Overall, I DO want to give this anime a chance and may pick up at a later time. I've been looking into new (to me) episodes and none of the plot/summaries seems interesting enough to draw me back in. This anime CAN be redeemed, but not until story truly picks up and we're given consistent story content instead of filler. The 5 episode story, 40 episode filler needs to end. I sound like a broken record, but that's all this spin-off has to offer.

My first review and it has to start like this... The animation was good, sound too but from my point of view the story is just trash. Maybe I was hoping for something better considering Naruto and Naruto Shippuden but this just left me speechless. I can not believe I spent so much time on this anime hoping it will get better but it did not. The story in particular just destroyed my hopes and dreams considering the only good episodes were those in which Naruto appearss and maybe 2 or 3 on the side that I may say were decent. The story is boring and makes me feel like the writers are just throwing stuff on the table just to say they did something. There is not the same heart that I grew up with. The characters have so much potential, the story can go in such a better direction but instead they are sloppy. Considering it's my first review I know I did not do a great job of telling you guys what to expect of this anime in case you want to start it but I'll sum it like this (from my point of view): The art and sound are good but the story and character development are really poor I was expecting so much more. I can not say I did not enjoy the anime up till this point but I struggled. Overall the anime is mediocre at best and if you are not a hardcore Naruto fan I would not encourage anyone to lose their time on this. I mean sure maybe in the future it will get better and I pray that it shall but for now It is not worth watching with the exception of a very few episodes.

An anime with great value for those who liked naruto, but spoiled a bit what was naruto, Naruto himself was the strongest character because trying to recreate one that literally does what he did one that will be in the shadow of the main, nor that they kill naruto he will always be a hero and the strongest in the history of naruto and boruto. The story will be a complement that will not be able to take the name of naruto from the back. (I'm not going to tell the story to not spoiler) ART: The design is clearly very good with nothing to complain about SOUND: The son is not very different from the naruto, obviously could be better but nothing to ask CHARACTERS: The characters are good but clear and everything that has been created from naruto, nothing spectacular and nine CONCLUSION: They could create a story with their own new characters and without the influence of the old naruto characters. And my opinion, I do not expect them to like it any more than they respect.

It's really nice to see a fresh new look on this universe, and despite what people say I kind of like the slice-of-life style and I don't mind the pacing at all. When there is action or a fight scene it's really enjoyable and I can't help but find myself liking the characters. It's not as emotional, action-packed or angsty as Naruto but I don't think that lowers its quality in any way. Also, you really don't need any knowledge of the previous series to really get this one. There are some references here and there but nothing too plot relevant.

What can I say. This show is perfect in every way. People say Naruto was very better but no. I love Boruto not sexual. The plot is also good because it changes up a lot. The only arc I didn't think was the time travel arc. Mainly because of it bringing back characters from early Naruto who are not nearly as good as the Boruto characters. The villains are also good. Most of them are leagues above the villains from Naruto. But my favourite character is Mitsuki. I like Mitsuki because of his white hair and it looks cool. His skin is also really white which I can relate to because I stay inside all day.

To be honest I never expected much from this show. I had heard many bad things about it and milking out some sequel really did not hype me up much. Though after watching the episodes I actually came to enjoy the show. The first 50 episodes or so are fillers that try to paint a picture of the parental situations of the next gen and their overal progression from academy student to genin, experiencing the significance of their teamwork. After that, during the chunin exams the real story line seems to form. Something I enjoy immensely along with the character growth. I'd recommend it to watch, cause I don't regret starting this series.

Whenever I think of Boruto, I let out a huge sigh. This isn't just a disappointing anime, it's horrible. There isn't a single thing I could enjoy about this anime, and I'm pretty good at finding a couple things to like in anime I'm not fond of. This is just too much, though. STORY: 2/10 This is a half-assed attempt at a story that really only feels like it was made to make money. There is absolutely no effort to be found in anything it provided from what I've seen. Every single scenario is done-to-death and has no personality. A lot of the time the scenarios presented don't matter to the viewer in the slightest. This unoriginality and meaninglessness are bad enough on their own, but when combined the detrimental effect multiplies to make something really not worth wasting your time on. ART: 8/10 Literally the only thing this anime succeeds at outside of making money. I think both the art and animation are pretty good, and it's nice to see that most of those familiar faces haven't changed much. Gets the job done, and does it pretty well too. SOUND: 6/10 There is nothing in the OST that I actually care about. It's there, it does its job, but that's it. The OST doesn't have a lasting impression on me at all. CHARACTER: 1/10 Easily the worst part of this anime. I started watching this back when it first started airing, and stuck with it for 122 goddamn episodes. It was a waste. These characters were a waste. None of them deliver anything worth hearing. None of them are compelling. Most are just bland and don't really need to exist. They're all one-dimensional and none of them really seem to get much in the way of development. Every time someone says something, I cringe and feel like shriveling up and dying. The dialogue is absolutely horrible. ENJOYMENT: 2/10 I enjoyed it purely because the animation was pretty good. The rest, however? No. Absolutely not. I should not have put up with this for 122 episodes. I hate the story, I hate every character, I hate the minor inconsistencies that seem to be littered throughout the whole anime, and I hate how much of a waste of time this really is. OVERALL: 3/10 Please do not watch this. It is a waste of your time. You will never be able to get this time back, so please do something better with your time. Even watching Bleach is a better use of your time. Even fighting Darkeater Midir from Dark Souls 3 is a better use of your time. Stay away from this anime. You won't gain anything from it.

General: Since Kawaki appeared on the screen Boruto become watchable it was insanely awful before, tons of shitty fillers and annoying characters. Why did studio didn't wait for manga and started airing. 15 good episodes out of 207 is very bad score. Recommend you to skip all of those fillers,watch chunin exam and then every episode manga/canon based otherwise it will be journey through the hell. Story: Manga story is really good and i have enjoyed it,but i cant stand 75% filler base anime Characters: Most of the characters in the anime are just so bad written that i wont point them all out. Villain is decent do really like Jigen and how he was written Kawaki is great addition to the story which finally looks not bad Conclusion: If you are brave Naruto fan just: -Skip fillers -Ignore stupid characters just like Chocho -Watch the exam arc -Start watching anime when it's manga based

This doesn't have emotional impact I am a big fan of Naruto so obviously I started watching Boruto. I was pretty disappointed due to various reasons. I wasn't expecting to be an exact copy of the Naruto series but I just wanted to have the same feeling watching it. The characters: I hated Boruto since the first episode.He is a boy-genius: he doesn't train, he doesn't care yet he is the best and always looses. The other characters are too overpowered for their age and can already master some high techniques such as summoning jutsu and elemental control in a time of total peace. I've started hating all the character Arcs such as Cho-Cho except the Mitsuki one which was pretty decent. The plot: I think the show started digging its own grave when the creators made the first scene be a flash-forward to what looked like the epic climax of the show, it looked promising to me at first but now it looks like the show has no idea how to actually get there. After that the next episodes seem like they are fillers. There are a few cool episodes but they are rare and only get your hopes up. I've only gotten this far because I hope something happens. This anime is lacking the darkness, pain, actual emotions and sadness that we would experience in Naruto - the lack of all that makes it look like a kids show if comparing to Naruto. The Art is pretty cool, nothing to complain here. The sound is amazing as ever (like in Naruto), but sadly when a fight starts there is no specific epic sound like when Orochimaru appeared in Naruto.

When I judge a show or movie if it good or bad, I always base it on how much I enjoyed it. If a show brought me some sense of joy and happiness, I say the show is good, if I didn't have pleasant experience watching it, then it is bad. A show could have terrible writing, characters, or even story but if i enjoyed watching it then those don't matter to me. Boruto is one of these cases. I am enjoying boruto and will continue to watch it. Now there are some parts of the show that i find boring to watch, for instance the jugo arc. It was fairly boring and took me a couple days to finish because I wanted to do something more fun but I got through it and am enjoying the next arc after that. I will not that I have skipped through all filler, not anime cannon though. If I were to include the filler my rating would be lower. Overall all this is purely subjective this is my opinion. Other people could watched and not have the same opinion as my but that is because they didn't experience it like I did. Now I wouldn't call it a great show or a favorite, Boruto is just a show I had fun watching Overall I say Boruto i given too much crap and is better than most people say it was.

Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad . Its just so bad, i cant tell how disappointed I was till episode ~180 until kawaki/kara arc came. Just full of useless fillers. No story , art, fighting , sound, lacks everywhere compared to Naruto. If you gone through the other reviews, i dont need to expalin why its soo bad and how much ! Instead of 1, I gave it 3 stars because the kara arc seemed a bit interesting. but ultimately failing like last 180 episodes... But when comapred to Naruto (I'm not even taking about the awesome Shipppuden), it still lacks in everywhere. Emotion is like for housewives soap opera, the main attraction 'fight scenes' are so poor, no logic. (You'll literally think why this guy didnt use this or do that in that situation and waiting to die till MR. BORUTO came to save). And GOD knows why he can beat villains much more powerful than him when Jonins couldn't. Konohamaru has been shown soooo weak without any special skill.. seems he was more powerful in Naruto than his Jonin level No science, surprises, amusements.. nothing.. No blood spilling/tear breaking background sounds like Naruto Since I loved so much, i can keep going on and on and on. Hope the creators take note and do justice by stopping this pathetic show, until they come up with a better plan

It is a very good anime, especially after the last 10-20 episodes with the kara organization, it should not be compared with naruto and naruto shippude because what is another series is based on naruto boruto's son The Naruto series ended when it became a hokage now it is based on boruto is a very good anime grade 8-9 manga is 10 I recommend it 100% story is very well done if you don't consider spinning not being about manga characters no they are well made they don't have a story naruto being what he was like when he was little because he grew up alone without parents everyone hated him but not boruto he has everything he wants he has the money he has a loving family he has a hokage father he has a good training the most powerful shinobi of the moment sasuke uchiha and naruto uzumaki has some pretty nune ninjutu lafel and taijusu and genjutu

7/10 So far i like the story line, to me it's like Naruto. They both had no real clear cut plot, just a lot of mini one put in a big story line till the bad guys came. Its like life, not knowing what going happen till it does. I also know that some people won't like it because it like Naruto is starting all over again just with different name and problems. But to me that is what makes life. It just make me think that yes they took down an evil force but that doesn't mean that something else is going to happen and i feel like that is what they are trying for in this part of the anime. Yes the story starts slow but then again it dose you get info in the first 10 episodes that seem like it going to be important, but they don't give everything away right a way. Which makes things more interesting. You don't know what is going to happen so you can't say you know how it will end. A lot of other anime's you can mostly tell how thing end and it stay way to much on point that it annoys me.yes over 10 episodes for a filler is long but fillers are needed to balance the show out. So i hope this don't have long fillers 7/10 The art is good, it has the more softer feel to it that the last episodes of Naruto Shippuuden had. It just take some getting use to the fact that the Naruto main cast are in their 30s, so yes they will look different. Yes the new main cast look the same or close but i like that because that just shows who kid they are. It would be odd if they change the art style to make the kids look different. 7/10 I don't get why they ask about the sound. But it sound just fine to me. Yes they made the old main cast voice change. they are no longer 17 anymore. 7/10 The Characters might look the same(like i said why would you make look just much different) But they have different problems. You have Boruto, who is a teen boy who has to deal with being the war hero/Seventh Hokage son, Why would anyone think that is easy.He Also has to deal with a mystery power that no one really notices but is friends, on top of that his family life. Then you have Sarada, a teen girl who just like Boruto has to deal with family issues and being an Uchiha. Mitsuki remind me of Sai in the less feeling department even though he is Orochimaru son. the one i think that is the most funniest is Shikadai, he not only looks like Shikamaru but has the attitude down to. Then the other kids and their personality which yes has both parents but into one but that not surprising. The main cast dose act the same as the first two but they are as unaware as they use to be. 7/10 I enjoy this anime as much as i do the first two and i can't wait to see what happens to the new cast. like i just hope the creators do not rush this because people can't relax and enjoy a show that last longer then 24 episodes. I also hope they don't leave things hanging like a lot of the anime's

This anime is mediocre, but has future potential. It's too unique from the original story of Naruto & Naruto Shippuden. The characters feel like carbon copies of their parents. The moments where character development is supposed to happen between characters are unnerving and hard to watch. People always say the whole gimmick of the show is that Naruto started from nothing and ended up with everything, and that Boruto is going to start with everything and lose it all. If that is true, it could explain why they put little to no effort into the side characters. They could be trying to "skip" past the parts that actually makes the characters likeable and not just soulless fighting ninja. It's not like they don't do it, but when they do it's just not great. It's nothing like bonding moments in Naruto, for example Jiraiya and Naruto with the popsicle. Moments like these make the characters more than just hollow surface level ninja.

I have never watched Naruto before and was recommended this by a friend just before the first episode. After watching the first couple episodes, I've decided it is terrible. Story: 3/10 This score is only because none have been shown so far, but I don't believe continue watching will make me give any high score. Art: 1/10 I wish there's an option for 0, it feels like they are extremely lazy. Look at the hair! There are only 2 shades: highlight and shadow. Most animes these days use gradient, and have actual highlight spots. The same goes for the clothes, skin, eyes, etc. Sound: 4/10 The OP is ok, the other sounds are fine, nothing special, just decent. Character: 1/10 Most characters seem extremely bland to me. For example, the guy that studied the same grade for a couple years in a row. He started off being like the "boss", which makes sense as he stayed in the same grade for years. But in 1 day Boruto managed to convince him to become a friend. 1 day vs years just doesn't seem right. In a better anime, he will usually still have a few negative thoughts to those who made him stay in the background. Enjoyment: 1/10 Again, I wish there's an option for 0. This is the one anime that I don't look forward to watching. After watching an episode, I never felt excited, but instead felt like a waste of time. Overall: 1/10 I really hope all of you old Naruto fans are enjoying this.

Cough. First of all. After first few episodes I had same view on Boruto (anime) as many people that are writing reviews here. BUT! -Boruto was bad anime at the start... why? That knows everyone, boring episodes, with very slow character development and almost no action.... but here you are, Naruto's first episodes were almostly same. Difference between Boruto's and Naruto's first episodes is that Naruto was relatively dark anime from the start. Boruto is just starting to get dark. And that's it. After arc about Sarad, I got more interested in this anime... few episodes after you get school trip arc, which wasnt anything excelent but it also want that bad, which made me little bit more interested in this anime ... and I can say that last 10 episodes were really, REALLY GOOD. Action was great, story is now really interesting and char. development is really good. Now, Iam writing this review after watching episode 42, and I can say that Iam so hyped for another episode.. actually thats one of the reasons why Iam writing this review :D. Now I want say something about main characters - Boruto Many people are hating Boruto so much. But actually I dont get why.. he is really rare type of main character in shounen anime... I would even say that this type of character I saw maybe once or twice in shounen anime... He is arrogant, but he is caring about his family and friends, he might look stupid, but he is really inteligent. Also he have really dark and interesting future and he have mysterious powers hidden in him which makes him character with big potential. Now lets get to Sarada and Mitsuki, these 2 characters are pretty popular among viewers, Sarada is badass Sarkura and she wants to be Hokage, while Mitsuki is ˝child˝ of Orochimaru and he is more likely observing Boruto to learn whats life is.. etc. ( I dont want to spoil his past, so I won't tell anymore about him :P) Also story is little similar with Naruto, especially from the start, but how you get further, story is more and more different from that one in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Aaand Thats it. I recommend this series, you will get really enjoyable anime after few worse episodes :) Episodes: 1-20 I would rate 6/10 Episodes 20-34 I would rate 7/10 Episodes 34-42+ I would rate 8/10. You can expect many fights, various and uniqe characters and nice story. Art, animation and sounds/music are also good.

It could be better. It's a bit boring, not as gripping as Naruto. Not that much of a change your life anime, YET, Boruto is heavily entitled. Yes, he has alot of traits from his father, but he's also nothing like his mother. If he is supposed to be what Naruto would have been with parents, i dont think I would have taken the time to watch Naruto for as long as I did. Bottom line is I watch it because I watched Naruto. But I would be lying to you if i said I dont speed through certain points of the episodes. It drags, and honestly, I think I'm just going to read the manga as I heard its better. Good luck!

Boruto series start with good arc but don't know why they shorten that not major progress in story so far. Even 50 episodes released so far but compare to naruto this show is not going far. Why you liked: Well this show is about NARUTO'S son Boruto. In first episode preview show some good stuff or i say story that someone expecting in naruto spinoff series. Animations are good and sound too. Why you disliked: Even this show about young generation in naruto world, there are nothing interesting to watch. Story or Arc are too short and booring. Everything is like fillers in this series. After 50 episodes there are nothing in this anime campare to naruto. Major drawback of this show low rating is that the story and animation focus for only little kids (PG13 or lower). No Action or Drama just daily life thing of naruto world which they thought are great adventure and action but this is not. Conclusion : If you are die hard fan of naruto then you sure disappoint to see this show. Because this show fails to cash the karizma of naruto. My personal points: Include some sensefull stories in the series and target larger audiences which do not want to see kids stuff. Include more drama and unique plot twists plus improve character development and thier stories. I am hoping kishimoto sensai pull some rabbits again into his hat.

Alright, these latest episodes touch on the new arc and this plotline is actually decent. Yet to see how it follows the manga but it looks good so far. Give it a chance, it was slow because the manga wasn't even going yet. These scores are for the latest 30ish episodes. Give it a shot and get to the new arc past the fillers. Current ep190 It's sad to see the 140sum episodes be only filler and some weak storyboard plot line they could have done much better if they had not rushed to get it out there. Also sad to see the score tank soo hard because of this decision. RIP.

For me, it boils down to how the characters of the past are treated and how the new characters are pushed. All through Naruto, we watched Naruto and the gang grow as characters and as Ninjas. In Boruto, I never truly feel the characters ever deserve the power they have and it's an extreme case of Plot no Jutsu. Were this anime/manga based way after the Naruto era, after everyone from that era is dead, besides maybe Konohamaru as the Hokage, the story would open up so many new avenues. Instead, they force the characters of old to be weaker because the plot calls for it.

Okay, I am giving it 10 just because I have noticed how unfairly lowly rated it is by others. Yes, it is true that it has many fillers/anime canon episodes and some are damn boring. But not all of them are meaningless. Moreover, why shouldn't we wait till this thing gets better so that we also get a chance to consider how the manga canon arcs are actually executed. I know it's a long wait but let's be practical enough, it's a monthly manga and a weekly long running Shounen anime. If the franchise is profitable, the makers may not want to make it seasonal. I would like to give it a chance.

This show to be honest is boring im currently watching shippuden, but the first original Naruto was the one that got me hooked. I thought I would start watching boruto to check it out I know stupid to take a head start but dang this show sucks the story is stupid boruto is very disrespectful to his father and it began quite nice and enjoyable and it is interesting indeed but still this show makes me sleep This show to be honest is boring im currently watching shippuden, but the first original Naruto was the one that got me hooked. I thought I would start watching boruto to check it out I know stupid to take a head start but dang this show sucks the story is stupid boruto is very disrespectful to his father and it began quite nice and enjoyable and it is interesting indeed but still this show makes me sleep

Boruto deserves more than a 5. In many ways it is better then Naruto. I have not seen any Naruto before 2020 and because of Corona I said fuck it, why not watch like 400 episodes (I skipped fillers) of "Naruto" and "Naruto: Shippuden". It was a journey for sure but the large amount of content made it a bit difficult to review the series as a whole. With long running series there is bound to be inconsistencies in story, character development, and animation. I like to judge Naruto by my favorite moments like Naruto Vs Pain, Madara Vs United Shinobi Army, Naruto Vs Sasuke, Naruto And Kurama's fist bump. Many have grown upp with Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden and I belive many look at these old shows with rose colored nostalgia glases.

In my opinion, Boruto so far is pretty good. Its nice it still takes place in somewhat of a similar village, but its just not the same. As I will say now, going into this I'm not going to be one of those typical Boruto haters who just shit on it because everyone else is, its my honest opinion. This anime is very over hated. The story is good, it has returning clans like The Ōtsutsuki Clan, tailed beast involvement, and the Former Stone Tsuchikage, Onoki. It does bring back some of the old characters which honestly, did save this anime from just being mid. The art is cool I guess, but nothing out of the world. The art in Boruto is a little less exciting to me, at times it seems detail is left out that could of been there, its a mark less good then Shippuuden, but way better then Shonen Jump. The sounds. The English audio is good, it made the little kids sound like brats. But the Japanese audio wasn't amazing as at times their voices seemed too Mature. I listened to both audios since English didn't extend past episode 100ish. Sounds are as good as Shippuuden and Shonen Jump, non voice wise. But the characters introduced were nothing special at all. Metal Lee is annoying as fuck and will never be as good as his Dad or Grandpa. Then there's other characters that are friends with Boruto and the MCs, which don't really add much to be honest. They have no backstory's, which honestly at this point I can drop the Story from 9 to a 8. But as a hardcore Naruto fan, I did enjoy it so its a 9, but its not critical to say that, its just bias. Look its not mid but its Fair, its a pretty good anime. Do I recommend it? No not really, but if you loved Naruto, you should definitely check it out!

Here is my breakdown: Story (5): Not much to say, average plot lines which revolve around Boruto (big surprise there) and his classmates mostly in Konoha. Unfortunately, this involves what feels a lot like filler and standard shounen writing e.g. Everyone at Thunder Burger > Bad things happen > X character encounters problem > X character solves problem > Repeat. Occasionally we get a nostalgic throwback to some of the previous naruto characters and how they are doing, in my view, these are some of the better episodes, or the episodes that actually occur outside the hidden leaf. Art (6): The art is very vibrant in colour though not terribly fluid. They go a good job with location design. Worth noting some scenes (though not many) are worked on a lot more. These are worth watching as the animation is very high tier. Sound (6): Not terrible, fits the scenes well. Just not particularly captivating. Character (3): EHhhhhhhhhhh... Most the characters just seem to be repeats to be honest or downright annoying. Thankfully mitsuki and sarada are both fine and coincidentally these seem to be the only two characters who have had any real character development but as far as our headline protagonist is concerned you'll have to form your own view. I think he is awful. The antagonists are dull, egotistical typical shounen villains who have a multitude of opportunities to finish of Bourto for good but because of plot armour and who will be the mysterious character saving our protagonist today scenes this rollercoaster of pain never truly ends. Enjoyment (5): If this was actually a stand-alone anime, I would have dropped it in a heartbeat, the only reason I continue to watch is because of the old Naruto characters. Thankfully the episodes these characters are featured in are actually rather enjoyable. Overall (5): I tried to judge Boruto as its own anime trying not to compare it to much with its predecessors and after 140 episodes in here is what I have to say in that regard. Its an average anime at best. Anyone who strongly likes the shounen genre would find many relatable themes and the anime does actually have some good moments of animation. Comparing it with its predecessors however, It does feel like a watered-down version of Naruto that tries to take a lot of inspiration from it. I can't even compare it to Shippuden which had excellent antagonists, story and music and a feeling of threat to its characters. Unfortunately, Boruto feels so far samey and predictable, on the bright side, it can only really improve from here.

Is has good animation in the naruto style, and the story is interesting if it wasn’t for all the damn fillers, if they get rid of the fillers they would probably be like 3 arcs ahead and half the damn show would be gone, I’ve read the manga which let me tell is leagues better and ahead of this show, I know the original naruto series and Shippūden had some fillers but never as bad as bad as this and I remember that some filler arcs in Shippūden were actually pretty good. But the fillers in here are turning away new viewers and making the show more like a slice of life, I remember a manga panel and arc was recently adapted and people were rejoicing about this, but it’s back to fillers, like they haven’t even introduced Kawaki or the new Akatsuki (no spoilers) overall I give this a 5 out of ten for average

Story: Out of 154 eps, i really enjoyed only 2 arcs.. It just doesn't live up to its predecessor. Most arcs i had to force myself to watch. 5/10 Art: the animation etc. is just simply AMAZING solid 10/10 sound: the music is as in every naruto series simply amazing. ez 10/10 characters: this is where boruto really went wrong. All new characters are basically more annoying versions of their parents. The only ones that weren't in boruto that i really liked are Mitsuki, sumire, shikadai and boruto. The rest are just annoying. 4/10 enjoyment: Though i didn't 'hate' any arc and even enjoyed 2 of them very much, the other ones were mediocre at best. so a 6/10 overall: the story was mediocre for the biggest part, but the annoying characters just made it look even worse. even the amazing art and animation can't redeem that. 5/10

*I only watch Boruto because of Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura.* This is a sequel that is nothing more than a disrespect to the amazing and awesomely well written Naruto. Let's all just be honest with each other we would never watch this show if there were no Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura in it ps the other characters from Naruto. The show is that bad that it needs cast of previous characters for it to survive. I can't talk about the plot because surprise there is none! The anime just throws tons and tons of fillers at your face before just repeating the same story from Boruto: Naruto the movie. This anime sucks so hard there is no doubt about it, it has recycled concepts! Like they shift Naruto with Sarada(Sasuke and Sakura's daughter) and they make Boruto to be like Sasuke so they are making people do stuff like others did and just shift people's role since now Boruto does not want to become a hokage like his father he wants to be like Sasuke. There is nothing much interesting in this show to be totally honest! This in my opinion is far from being worth watching! Story - 1/10 Art - 8/10 Sound - 10/10 Character - 7/10 Enjoyment - 5/10 OVERALL - 5/10

As you all know, this is my first time writing a review. Maybe this contains too much element that makes you all to blaspheme me. However, the review that I made did not depart from the current Boruto storyline and in the future. The reason why I gave this Boruto anime with a rating of 10 is because the actual storyline was sooooooo INTERISTING and made me think how powerful Boruto will be, will he become a shinobi / strongest person in the universe or Kawaki who is the strongest person in the universe who will be the opponent? that is heavy for boruto (where Kawaki has destroyed the entire world / shinobi world which only boruto is the only shinobi). all the stories are ACTUALLY very interesting to follow, and it is worth all of us to know in the course of this Naruto's child story series. AND THE MOST MAKING ME REALIZING HOW WORTH THE BORUTO STORIES HAVE BEEN RATING 10 AND VERY WORTH IT HAS BEEN A MANGA / ANIME WITH THE MOST INTERESTING AND ORIGINAL STORIES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN PREVIOUSLY RATING 10 AND WAS VERY WORTH BECOME A MANGA / ANIME WITH THE MOST INTERESTING AND ORIGINAL STORIES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN BEFORE THIS WAS "THE FIRST MINUTE IN THE 1st EPISODE OF THE ANIME" I really like Boruto anime / manga (especially Naruto as the anime / manga that I like the most). So, I gave the highest rating for this anime / manga with a score of 10. this all happened because "THE FIRST MINUTE IN EPISODE 1 ANIME BORUTO". the story is extraordinarily interesting and very original, not imitating / taking existing samples. That is why this series is very worth following and very interesting, but I will still admit it "Naruto is better than Boruto" because the fruit does not fall far from the tree. Because the best is still the best, and so on. And THAT'S IT guys for the review. The Opinions / reviews from me that say that this Boruto anime / manga deserves the highest rating (10). Hopefully this review can help you to stay abreast of this interesting story from beginning to end. So keep on following. For those who have read this review, may God give blessings to you out there, be healthy always, and stay grateful for what you have. See you in the next review ~

As someone who quit watching anime after Guilty Crown finished airing. which would be beginning of 2012 and now suddenly started binging Boruto so that I could see what they did with the new generation. I see a lot of negative reviews on here and I feel like I should put in my two cents. The premise is that the best shinobi in the world defeated the biggest evil out there and restored peace for the first time in most likely centuries. They show exactly what peace would be like, since the need for shinobi isn't as high as it has been for many generations and everyone feels safe people feel like doing different things. The main conflict of the story isn't the lack of shinobi, it's what it means for newer generations who never experienced war. At the same time they also tie in aspects of the modern world like we know it. We see trains in the first episode and now they all have a phone line at home to keep in contact. I think that was a genius idea and they balanced it excellently. To everyone saying the first 40 to 50 episodes are plain fillers: You're wrong and here's why. Boruto isn't an anime that's meant to be watched separately from Naruto, it's for the people who want to know what our hero's would do after there is nothing heroic to do anymore. Because guess what? Life goes on after that too. Also, the original Naruto series was centered around 1 protagonist and his teammates, everyone else was just there for plot purposes. They were also people that Naruto met for the first time at the same time the viewer did. But because this franchise is so big now they have to include them all almost equally. I mean come on, who hasn't wondered about TenTen whereabouts once we had seen everyone but her? That would've happened to half of the cast if they didn't include it. To make it realistically they decided to show of each child what their relationship with their parent is like. Since the original series mostly had orphans that should actually be exciting to the viewer. It's also worth noting that they decided to make the characters younger at the starting point than the original series. They started at the academy, while the original series started around the Genin exams. Which was the perfect opportunity to introduce the characters, their personalities, how they think and how our old hero's are doing as parents. Even the fillers between the arcs are a necessary evil, they humanize the characters and even in those you deal with the underlying personal conflicts they have at home and show character development over time. I am a bit disappointed with how the design of the new generation was decided. Most of them are exact copies of their parents, just one or two who look exactly alike is one thing, but the only ones who look different/mixed between both parents are Inojin, Cho-Cho and Sarada. Also, why do they barely have any siblings? Siblings could've added a great layer of personality development and also a way to give them more distinct motives. I think it's really a lack of creativity on that area, I've seen fanfiction OCs that are more creative and realistic than how they are presented to us. You can tell by the arcs that they are very adventurous in how they approach this storyline and that we, after 100 episodes still have no clue what the opening scene of episode 1 is about. This indicates that they are expecting to take their time creating this anime. As the opening scene showed our protagonist Boruto as an adult and throughout the series he's still a child, starting as a academy student and soon-to-be Genin. You'll need to be patient and love the overal world that Kishimoto has created to really enjoy this long, long ride.

Okay so let me start with the story first. The story becomes interesting at some points but becomes boring at some points too. I think this is one of the reasons why some people drop this anime. And to remind you guys, this is a sequel of the naruto series and if you judge this anime without even watching the previous versions, then you have no right to do so. This story revolves around the evolution of the naruto universe and the continuation of it. So I think it is a minimum requirement to have an adept understanding on the Naruto universe first before jumping in to this anime. And speaking of story and Naruto, THE FILLERS. Now, now don't feel so depressed. As far as I know, the filler percentage of this show has a lower filler percentage than his parent anime's filler percentage. Now let us talk about the art. Now the art looks so modern given that the time in the anime is now modern. I just feel that the anime needs a darker pallete because it looks so vanill-ish. Animation quality is average on normal episodes but the quality becomes so beautiful and meticulous when it comes to important fight scenes ex: Momoshiki vs boruto fight. Now for the sound. We all now are familiar with the naruto jutsu sounds so it's not a new thing but it's still a good thing they haven't changed the audio that much. The japanese dubbing of it is good too, no complaints here. You could tell that it was done by a respectable anime studio. Now for the characters. We all saw boruto in the future fighting kawaki. Boruto was in his best attitude in character there. But when they turned back as a kid, Boruto was a very bad character for a shonen protagonist. I think the author wants to try a new twist by making the character grow from a bad kid to becoming a respectable ninja. Now for the other characters, they are so good, and it seems like all of them are overpowered. Let's see how they continue the story with these kind of characters running around. Now since the episode one of this anime, I was satisfied and I enjoyed a lot watching the series. And of course until now, I am still enjoying the series very much. That's all for my review. I hope you find this helpful.

if you want naruto....keep looking, boruto is one of those things where your going to either like it or you aren't. i think a lot of problems stem from the fact its broken into three parts. canon, anime canon, and filler. and dear god is there filler, but honestly if you do decide to invest in the story (which i have to admit was the most difficult thing ive done since watching the first season of steven universe.) you get to a point where you start to love the characters (Except chocho in my mind shes a filler character avoid any of her arc theyre dreadful.) this covers growing up in a world where war is not a thing anymore, and ninja are pretty much becoming obsolete, its an epilogue series is the best i can describe it. watch it or dont it wont add or take away from the whole naruto experience but if your looking to tack on an extra anime to your resume id give it a watch there are some really good parts where you really feel for the characters.

I'm a huge fan of the original series, so obviously I was going to get to this. Honestly, my review might be biased because I've seen Naruto and Naruto Shippuden several times and it holds a lot of nostalgia for me. But honestly, Boruto is extremely lackluster in comparison, and given how the series is laid out, it's very hard not to compare the two. The story mostly feels like filler. They're simply not that compelling. There are things that have potential, but it all fizzles out too quickly. I often find myself zoning out during the main story lines, in the same fashion I did when I watched Naruto fillers. A lot of it feels like it's trying to just pocket off of Naruto's old story lines, but they lack the heart of Naruto's early story, as well as general uniqueness. For characters, it's hit or miss. I honestly don't care for Boruto most the time. His struggles aren't exactly relatable, so most of the time he just comes off as a brat. Naruto was annoying as a kid as well, but there was a reason that was easy to resonate, so I was always rooting for him; but with Boruto I couldn't care less most of the time. I do enjoy Sarada and Mitsuki a lot though. Sarada is extremely compelling, but I fear she'll get the sakura treatment because the show wants to focus so much on Boruto - but I could be completely wrong about that. Overall, I'll most likely continue it in hopes that it will pick up. I do enjoy parts of it, and I think it has potential - but for now it's extremely underwhelming in comparison to Naruto.

There's no spoilers here! Story - 7 It haven't really started just yet, its slow right now but i do see some great potential. Art - 8 I like it, it's not the best art i have seen but its up there. If you want an example of the art in a fights scene look up episode 23. Sound - 6 I haven't noticed anything special, although that might be a good thing because that means it is good, right? Character - 8 There's a lot of character development on the new characters and some support from the old ones lifts it up. You have to take the new characters like they are, the children of the parents we all love. Me myself are as close a carbon copy of my dad there is. So why complain that Boruto is to much of a clone? It is that stigma Boruto wants to escape from, he doesn't want to be "the son of the hokage" he just wants to be himself. Enjoyment - 9 it may be a tad bit too much of a slice of life in the beginning but after episode 20-25 ich it gets some good action. And the slice of life in the beginning even have a explanation. we are in a peaceful period after a huge war. We have a bunch of new characters. The producer cant just start a war to progress the new characters C development, because we would not have any attachment to them if one would die. If the anime would start in a new war every one would be mad that there wasn't any C development. You do see the problem, right? So i think they chose the best of two worlds to get the emotional attachment to make the action better in the end. Overall - 7,5 Overall i like it a lot and on that note have a good day!

It's honestly not that bad. I've seen 17 episodes and I actually found myself pleasantly surprised with it. I know a lot of people say it's a carbon copy of Naruto and nothing is really thought out, and on that point I completely agree. I do feel like the children are carbon copies of their parents and could've been designed better. However, I find it really nostalgic that the characters are just like their parents, and for someone who loved Naruto (for all it's fillers and sometimes unnecessary story plots), I really found myself enjoying Boruto. One thing that I feel the Boruto series does differently from the Naruto series is that you get to see the side characters grow as well. One thing that really bothered me about Naruto was that often times they only focused on him and Sasuke's character development, and completely disregarded the side characters who often showed up in crucial times to assist. Then, they'd do a 20 episode filler about how that side character gained their new skills and it was really annoying. However, in Boruto, you get to see the characters grow together and that's really interesting to me. I'm also in interested in the fact that story line has the potential to be really good. I mean, the producers can really delve deep into their creativity and give us a mind blowing, amazing, action-packed story line, or they can give us a carbon copy of Naruto. I seriously hope that the producers give us something good though. I genuinely am curious about where Boruto's character will end up and what his dreams and goals are. A lot of people are upset because from day one we knew what Naruto's goals are, but we don't know what Boruto's goals are. I think that's what makes this anime interesting to me is that Boruto doesn't know what he wants to do or be, all he knows is that he doesn't want to be like his Dad who he sees as someone who disregards his family. People are also upset because they feel like the children have too much power for their age and want it to reset to the way Naruto was when it first started. I think that's complete B.S. and hear me out on this. I understand that it doesn't make sense for these kids to be super powerful when they're just kids, and I was also annoyed by this, but after thinking about it for a while I came to this conclusion: All the characters from the older generation have grown and developed their skills to the point where they are extremely powerful. In the beginning of the Naruto series, the "older generation" (Itachi, Kakashi, Jiraiya Sensee, etc.) were never as strong as the "older generation" for Boruto (Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, etc.). So, I think it's understandable as to why the children seem so "strong". If you think about it on a grander scale, a lot of the older generation (Naruto, Sakura, etc.) have surpassed the generation before them (Kakashi, Itachi, etc.), and therefore if we want our new generation to catch up to Naruto and them, it'll take forever and would mean that they would gain a lot of power in a relatively short amount of time. So yes, they gave them a few extra powers. I, for one, feel like it doesn't really matter if they have that power if they don't know how to use it. That's just my two cents though. Overall, I'd say it's worth watching to see if you really like it for yourself. There are definitely plot holes and things that don't really match up, but overall I would say don't cross it off as something you'll never watch. It definitely has potential and honestly, watching 4 episodes (to the other reviewers) and crossing it off your list isn't really a good representation of what the anime is. People don't want it to be like Naruto but since it's still in the Naruto universe, I'm sure we'll see a lot of the same themes/morals emerge that we saw in the Naruto series. Give it a try and decide for yourself if it's worth watching it or not. I, for one, will continue to watch it!

I believe Boruto should be reviewed based on what it offers instead of making comparisons with its prequel. Of course, for fans of Naruto, seeing old characters that you love cross over would definitely have a high impact on how you enjoy this show. So, where does Boruto stand as an anime of its own. I'm not gonna lie to you, not very good. In fact, it's really bad. I honestly, REALLY tried to love this show, I kept waiting for when it'll become good, but after 11 episodes it didn't happen and I just had to drop it. Here are my reasons; Characters : there's no originality in the new cast. You'll notice this easily if you've seen Naruto. Let me start with the MC; Boruto, our protag-kun is perhaps the most obnoxious brat I've ever seen in an anime, and like Naruto, he keeps mouthing off about how he'll do big things. What's even more annoying is he has a loving mother and sister and a father that works hard to keep them safe, and yet, he causes mischief, skips school and keeps trying to be at loggerheads with his dad, finding very little excuses to be a brat. Moving on, we have carbon copies from the prequel, in that shikamarus kid Shikadai looks and acts like him and is a genius as well YAY!!! Sai's son Inoji is very insensitive just like his dad when he meets people and says what's on his mind without thinking, Metal Lee as passionate as Rock Lee... You get the drift. So, what if you haven't seen Naruto, are these characters still interesting... Well they should be, but the execution is done poorly. It seems the producers developed them with the fact that we've seen the prequel in mind. There aren't any good reasons why they act like the way they do, all we get is they are like their parents. Art: Okay at best, I don't really mind what the anime looks like, as long as it delivers a solid story well. Sound: Not memorable Enjoyment: The story takes too long to unfold and that can be extremely frustrating. In fact you can say it only moves forward at the last 3-4mins of the show when Boruto isn't chasing some purple ghost around town. The concept however seems nice and might be worth it if you're as patient as Job. Overall: Boruto is just your average shounen anime, with a loud mouthed MC, unoriginal characters and slow,slow, sloooooow pacing

The Prodigal Shadow Clone... I went into this thing thinking what pretty much everyone likely was doing the same, wow, Naruto went on way too long with too much filler I don't even know if I want to try getting into this one or I might be a skeletal husk by the time it's halfway done. Surprisingly though, after initially thinking that I found myself at the end of the most recent episode eagerly awaiting the next one. I honestly got into this show more than the initial airing of Naruto, I was growing out of anime and more into Comedy Central shows at that time before Naruto Shippuden finally brought me back around while watching the end of the Great Ninja War endless filler arc with my room mates in college. Boruto doesn't seem like the lazy cash-grab milking a cow while beating a dead horse that it initially seemed upon my first notification of the concept. Nope, the show has a lot of heart, great characters, a few fantastic fight scenes and thankfully a much more brisk pace than its predecessor with far less filler. It's a fun idea basing a show around the previous stars of the series being kind of old fogies with new responsibilities bringing order as leaders of the new generation. I always enjoy characters who actually age and develop, which is a large part of the reason Gurren Lagann is still my favorite series point blank. If you weren't a fan of the original series at some point, it's doubtful you'll be a big fan of this though I wouldn't totally rule it out. It's a fun show with a good blend of humor and drama that brings back beloved characters and brings in lovable new ones. I'd say give it a shot and you'll know whether it's your cup of tea pretty quickly. Boruto lives up to his predecessor's legacy pretty well and gets a 7 out of 10 from me so far.

Been putting this show on hold for awhile, because heck I thought this was just a poor excuse to milk Naruto franchise for a little longer, and this is what I got after watching the first few episodes. After that, I got quite bored and had nothing to do, so I try to marathoning Boruto again (which by the time this review is written already has 41 episodes). Gotta say me ended up marathoning from first episode to the latest one and enjoying it surprised even myself. Not gonna change my opinion about the first few episodes were awful as hell, but after awhile, the series become more interesting and giving more emphasize on Parent-child relationship of every casts here, which we don't really have on Naruto. So overall yeah, in the end, after awhile, I enjoyed it, and surprised even myself.

Boruto. I wish i could say that I actually enjoy this anime because of how much I like the naruto franchise. For me, the problem with Boruto is that it's like eating the same cheeseburger for the 100th time. Boruto is kind of like Marvel movies for me. I used to love the series (naruto) but these days it's just not the same. Maybe it's oversaturation, maybe it's because I'm older than I was when I watched naruto or maybe the show isn't as good as it used to be. As much as I like naruto, I just can't bring myself to enjoy this anime. Although I will say the fight scenes are amazing.

Boruto the anime is really something I had hoped to be much better than what it currently is. Since I loved Naruto so much. The manga is much better than the anime but still.. Boruto's character alone is so underdeveloped. It's like the creators ignored him. He does have some unique things about him.. but not enough to care about. Plot is slow and it feels like a lot of this anime consists of fillers and no real direction. Some of the arcs were decent but made very little sense. His teammates seem to be only interesting characters of this new generation. This was just done horribly and I keep hoping that this anime will redeem itself. I find it to be very bad and not worth watching unless you have some sort of hope for it to improve. I personally rather stick to the manga

'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' is a disaster of a sequel to 'Naruto: Shippuden'. It takes place some years after the original story, and follows the life of Boruto Uzamaki, son of Naruto Uzamaki (main character from the original series). In the first episode, we receive a preview of an epic storyline to come. As of writing this review, there are over 100 episodes. What was previewed in the first episode almost feels like click bait. Its premonition has never come to fruition. There are a few good moments, however, most of it is filled with disappointment. Accusations of being a Filler Anime: The show has often been accused of being filler. Technically this is false, but the way each episode and arc is told, people can be excused for thinking this way. Characters' personality and development seem to reset after every arc, with the same mistakes repeating over and over. Nobody ever seems to learn from their actions outside of the current arc. It makes for a less than compelling viewing experience. There must be at least one good moment in the show? There are two particularly well executed moments in the show: First, the Sarada Uchiha Arc, which follows Sarada Uchiha in her quest to learn more about her father. The animation in in the eight episode arc is quite stunning. The fight scenes are memorable and the whole thing feels like good development to Sasuke's (member of the original cast) character. Second, the fight between Boruto, Sasuke, Naruto and Momoshiki. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, and the choreography is top tier. I personally consider this to be one of the best fights in any anime. "Stockholm syndrome the animation" - I once heard Boruto described in this way. Basically, those who continue to watch defend its existence and presence as if their life depends on it. The two aforementioned moments trick viewers into thinking the anime is good. Of course, enjoyment is subjective, and different people experience things differently. Those continuing to watch need to ask themselves: what exactly is it which makes me watch Boruto every week? Overall rating: 4/10. The storytelling is very poor. Characters have no development outside of two arcs. The only saving grace is the animation and art can be stellar at times. Those who have never seen Naruto: Shippuden - stay away. You will find absolutely no enjoyment in this show. All of Boruto's best moments piggyback off the original cast of the prequels. Those who have seen Shippuden - watch episodes 17-24 and 51-66. You don't need to watch anything in between, as outside of these two episode ranges, the characters are static and receive no development. These episodes are very good and worth watching if you are a fan of the original show. Boruto is a lot like smoking cigarettes. You had a few good times and feelings in the past, and now it has become an addiction. It is currently not providing you any worth, yet you watch it anyway out of habit.

This review is made too judge the series objectively and judge based on what I saw, but man this show doesn't deserve the hate and the low ratings that it gets. Positive Fillers/Anime Canon: first with all fillers people that talked about 5 of them were light novels and yea boruto does have fillers like the cho cho arc but the major ones that are canon all relate to the manga due to the fact that the manga focusing on the main plot and not having enough pages/panels to focus depth and certain plot lines so the anime's job is to focus on those plot lines, give more depth, rely on more world building, fill in plot holes, and etc. and for the other arcs like the academy arc, parent and child arc, mirai arc having a lighter tone ppl would assume that it's filler due to the fact that it has a lot of slice of life and not moving the main plot but i found its overall like I said before took the time to develop the side characters, and relied on more world building and gave us more depth to the story. positve and negative Main Protagainst/Characters: one main factors that I love this series is the mc boruto from my view boruto is a unique and realistic protagonist his development is satisfying and his backstory is something that i personally relate too and so as many kids in this modern age relate too as well I really love his character and I find him compelling. As for the other cast I really like mitsuki he's really interesting and I always look forward to his development especially in his arc. Sarada also comes as well written and a realistic character she has great really development and I like her backstory. Kawaki is a phenomenal character his backstory movie written level, his menacing aura, yet his caring nature to others makes me curious asking myself how is he going to become the person he is shown in the prologue and i get excited when I see him he definelty changed the vibe of the series. Other than that mental lee is good written he is different rock lee and has flaws that alot of ppl can relate to today which i like which i would like to see more of him. Sumire character is also good and I like how her backstory relates too Naruto shippuden. Shikadai and inojin are decent characters. As for others they are meh imo. Negative The show often deals with a lot of inconsistencies when it comes characters but does become consistent when the prison arc starts and onwards. Positive and negative Some of the villain's feel blandly written or their aren't executed really well ex. urashiki and mist swordsmen, tohsaka (jugo arc) but overall I really like the mitsuki arc villains, kara group, Ao, mugina bandits group and the current ones in the manga. Positive Main plot and themes: I really like the main plot. The start was really good it showed how current era is and how are characters/villages doing as well as how this light tone plot line is slowly and gradually getting darker and darker and I love how technology was integrated into the story and how it challenges the themes it's predecessor originally presented it really shows a different side of the franchise. Themes and messages are always well executed not naruto level, but it's well written for the most part. The topics are realistic and modern and always feels always authentic. Animation/Art Really like the animation and the art style but due to boruto being a weekly show pierrot often outsources eps thus making it a little bit inconsistent but it doesn't hurt anything but I look at it as them not trying overwork their staff and trying to show off their best work/talent when they are energized and needed. They're relatively active But SP is most active and needed in either important manga eps or eps that give great character development. Overall: This Show is way over hated and it's sad to see ppl giving it such low scores it really doesn't deserves It I really enjoy it overall and like the direction and what its presenting yea it has its flaws and it is different of it's predecessor but do these flaws and differences really drag it to a 5/10 and it almost feels disrespectful in my book like i get if its a 7 certain ppl don't like it but a 5 really? And if you are a person that is reading this and you're trying to watch or read this series pls watch it without the negative mindset perception of social media and big anime youtubers/influencers. This series is overall underrated and I really like the plot and where its heading (manga and anime) 8/10 for me.

Boruto is a senseless fanservice anime. There is no meaningful story it tries to tell or message it tries to convey. It's only selling point is that it stars the children of Naruto characters. Naruto at least tried to tell a story about war, hatred, vengeance, and beating the odds. Boruto tells the story of Naruto's son becoming a god, and stopping cyborgs and aliens from the moon from destroying the world by turning it into a fruit. That's it. Anything else is purposeless filler that only child or a die-hard Naruto fan is could enjoy. Boruto has its moments, and it could have been great if it had tried to distance itself from some of the events and themes of Shippuden, but instead it doubles-down on the worst elements of Naruto, and rehashes Naruto's themes and scenarios to make a pointless anime.

OK, so I'm going to be honest I really like the Naruto series, but Boruto apart from the Manga Canon episodes is actually trash. The art is honestly bad, but Manga Canon fight scenes are really well animated. The story is ok at best. The characters from Naruto are done really bad, they look really bad. I hope it's going to be better because my expectations were very high for this anime, but it didn't turn out to be as I think everyone wanted. I don't really know what to say anymore i think this review is okay but I'm not sure. P.S if you wanna watch Boruto just watch Manga Canon episodes.

After watching 182 episodes of Boruto, I can say that it's not as bad as people say it is (the people that rated the show 1/10) but it isn't as good as other people say it is either (people that rate it 8/10 or up) Story: When watching this show I was sometimes really bored and sometimes was really into it (I didn't get into it too often). Compared to the Naruto series this show isn't as good but what most people don't seem to understand is that this story isn't supposed to be like Naruto. 5/10 Art & Sound: the art and sound were good, I don't really have any complaints about it. 7/10 Characters: To start off in my opinion Boruto is a bit like Naruto and Sasuke but he wants to be like Sasuke because he thinks that he's cool. Boruto isn't the best character but he isn't the worst I've seen. Sarada is an okay character, to me she is a better version of Sakura because she actually has a goal to work for, she is probably already stronger than her and has achieved more than Sakura already. As for Mitsuki, I think he has a cool story behind his character and he's the strongest in the new team 7. 6/10 Enjoyment: Like I said the show can get boring at times but I still think that it's worth a try.6/10

When you just finish Naruto and pick up this show you will be disappointed and to be honest, this show just isn't good at the start but it does get better over time and it's pretty good today not great but it's good. The Story Is not that great and copies a lot from naruto. Art It's a newer anime not as much of a fan of this newer HD-looking style. Sound It's just sound what do you want me to say not a big fan of voice acting, to be honest. Characters Oh man don't get me started on this one just horrible I think the show would have been better based on Boruto's sister Himawari and on top of that, all the Characters are just copies of all their parents and not good ones just bad copies of them. Enjoyment I weirdly somewhat enjoyed this show it has it's up's and downs but it's been an anime I've been enjoying I will say one thing the current way the show is better than it was before, episode 1-100 I didn't really enjoy.

Boruto: Naruto next generation is a sequal for the succes serie Naruto. For my part after 36 episode and slow story line, right now Boruto is at is best when the plot is advacing because sadly like Naruto,they is a lot of fillers Story - 8 Even after the slow episode and the boring filler, when the show is cannon, it's very good. The story is well made and you can notice so different: it's Boruto story, not Naruto Art - 6 The art isn't the best, something they are just disgusting to watch. Character - 7 The characteur are really well made, they all have they own personnality even if they ressemble to their parent, they still do stuff their own way and vilain have reason to be vilan Enjoyment - 8 I'm really like the show, the fight are good, the characteur and vilain are great and make sense, Overall - 7 The show has a really good start and can only keep getting better and better has the time pass by

As i write this anime i have watched 15 episodes which at the time i am writing this is all of the current ones. The story well its pretty generic anime eventhough this is the "sequel of sorts" to shippuden it doesnt bring much new. Even trying to watch this series as a stand alone doesnt work at all that would actually make the story and anime worse. The entire story begins so generic its not even funny i mean yeah this is shounen and all that but if this is all that they can give i wish they would make movies or OVas instead frankly. The art is a newer animation thats all i got to say its good and probably the best thing about the anime. While the sound is dreadful honestly its generic and boring and doesnt feel any engaging. All the good music Naruto had has been replaced with bad generic boring sounds that i can hear in any anime that involves fighting. The music doesnt set this anime apart in any way. The characters for me gives it a certain life because of the nostalgia you get from seeing the children of diverse couples of ninjas you saw in the naruto series. Like shikamarus family which is hilarious. I cant say i really enjoyed this anime much other than i got my good doze of nostalgia. I can watch this as a seperate anime and i will say the same thing. Overall its just copy paste generic anime with some of the original spins in it other than that its not engaging its not fun. I more or less purely watch this for the nostalgia and hopefully this anime can grow apart from what i see as i write this. and i can begin watching it for the anime itself and not the nostalgia.

I'm just spreading my opinion but right now this show is nothing but a disgrace compared to great series I love called Naruto and mostly because of the characters. I get that in the beginning of some series the episodes aren't the greatest and I understand that but man these characters are irritating, there all kids who aren't even genin yet but act like there elite jonin which gives me flashbacks of genin sasuke. These characters are all unoriginal copies of characters from the original Naruto and the only difference is that they look like there trying to give off a new kid friendly pop music vibe and boy this mc just irritates me. Boruto is an annoying little brat that causes trouble, and please tell me I'm not the only one that hates him whenever he shows disrespect towards his own dad Naruto who's saved the world countless times but Boruto seems to hate the fact that he works his ass off for the hidden leaf village so he should be more grateful, I mean look at his dad Naruto and Sasuke, he should be more humble like Sarada who actually has a case where her dad is never around! But hey I will continue to watch this show because I've been told that this show will get better once the upcoming arc starts and kicks out all the filler seeming episodes along with the annoying attitude of those wannabe characters and hopefully they improve this shitty animation.

One thing to note that is especially important to remember is that Kishimoto (one who wrote Naruto) is not its writer. It is written by somebody else. Boruto is not action packed like Naruto. This is set in peaceful times so do not expect there to be much action. I like to think of it more like a comedy with a slice of life pacing that includes a touch of action every now and again. If you coming here for good action stuff you'll might be disappointed. For me personally Naruto is better but that does not mean Boruto is bad they seem like entirely different genres so you shouldn't compare. I watch this because it has some funny moments which are enjoyable and I do actually rather like the characters. Although the characters have many similarities to Naruto they also have their noticeable difference which makes them refreshing to see how different they act (Shikadai who is my fav). and THANK GOODNESS no new annoying Sakura and hog the limelight Sasuke. (don't be mad at me I know they get better in Shippuden) Now there is going to be a time when you might hate the main character (Boruto) but he does get punished well for his terrible decisions and undergoes a character arch which makes him a better person. Boruto is very different from Naruto you could say they are exact opposites. Boruto starts off with hardly any motivation at all to become a ninja. Instead of being an outcast he is a prodigy who is good at everything. This is why his character arch is so important. Along the way, he starts to change, learns his lessons and finds himself his reason to become a ninja developing better as a character. He does very much though like naruto care a lot about his friends. The anime does get better after where the movie ended. It had at times touched on different meaningful topics. Unfortunately, I couldn't rate it higher as it was brief and was not further explored upon. To see whether you would enjoy this show or not. I seriously recommend watching the movie. It contains most of the best action parts (keep in mind not a lot of good action normally) and start right after the movie ended for a couple a episodes. Although the movie does not do justice to the development that Boruto went through during and after. So if you want you can also just start at ep one like normal.

I never write reviews so forgive me if my point is lost in translation but, I liked Boruto. I didn't at first though. It took 10 episodes of pure filler to really start initiating a story and a villain. But once it did I really enjoyed it. Around episode 17-23 it really picks up with no filler and pure story and action which I really loved! There was only one problem however. Boruto was nowhere to be found. When I really started to enjoy the shows story, plot, and character development was when it was Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura up to bat. So basically I only really started to enjoy it when it turned into Naruto Shippuden Pt 2. Other than that, their kids are exactly like their parents, stylistically and characteristically, the animation is very low tier, the music is generic, and to top it all off, the first 10 episodes are filler. So all in all, would I recommend this? For some reason, absolutely. Its very nostalgic, and if you don't view it as a shounen, but some kind of daily life, its just fun to watch.

I think Original Naruto was successful because of state of its world and position of main character. He was a kid abandoned by everyone, lonely in world filled with hate, blood and constant war (pictured in slightly cheerful manner), but despite all of this he put alot of effort. We growed, watching his constant strugle. This anime showed us friendship, love, lonelines, hate and many other feelings in cruel world stitched with thread of comedy. - well maybe it's just a sentiment after the the end of adventure that has been going on for so many years, but after deep thinking there is some of this. And what we got now? It's too colorful, there is no deep background that attaches us to the main character and plot is too shallow (at least for now). For now I have to say that Boruto, is an anime good for watching when you eat dinner, like when you cannot read a book. But I hope that at the end I will be wrong.

I dropped this anime after about 8-9 episodes. Initially it was laid back and refreshing, but then it got quite boring. The protagonist got annoying and progression rushed with a story that wasn't captivating to keep me invested. And so i dropped it. I picked it up again several months later, after constant nagging from a friend. The story was still boring until about episode 17. Things start to get interesting and character focus shifts (a blessing). So if you can bear with it till then it may be worth it. Watched till episode 23 (max atm) and the ball is rolling well. Animation is really good, (an improvement from the Shippuuden series) and there is some nice music. Would i recommend this to someone new? Not really. But if you were an avid fan of the Naruto series, then yes (just because).

First off Boruto is not written by Kishimoto Masashi and his only involvement was the movie and as a consultant. Boruto is a fan fiction wrote by Kodachi Ukyo and Ikemoto Mikio which is very noticeable when looking at the anime and the manga because both the character style and tone along with the art style are different. So I did have my hopes up initially for this series as a fan of Naruto but that ended with the realization 95% of the episodes are filler with no relation to the Boruto manga so they are written in a way to prevent influencing the main plot. Now I know the manga is not very far along but these episodes just are not that good even if I try viewing them as their own stand alone series with no relation to the manga. The manga also is not that great with the whole thing being an awkward bastard child of the Naruto series that has been dropped on its head several times.

Its perfect don't listen to anyone just watch and judge it. So, as I said earlier, give it a try !! That, after all, what do we have to lose? I personally feel like Boruto is really overhated, the Anime been really good lately and I think people should give it another chance. Boruto is fine. The people who say it's horrible are being ridic subjective. Boruto isn't Naruto 3. It's not about Naruto and his friends anymore, all of which are side-characters now. Which disappoints people who just want more of Naruto (and Sasuke and the gang). Boruto also isn't Naruto Rebooted. It doesn't fix all the things wrong with late Naruto Shippuden, it doesn't throw overboard all the thematic developments over the course of the Naruto series. Which disappoints people who really just want to be watching Attack on Titan but set in the Naruto universe.

Warning: Possible spoilers! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the sequel to the beloved Naruto Shippuden. As a huge fan of the Naruto franchise, I am hugely dissapointed with this series, as it gives us a silly, boring, and full of fillers experience. Story: 4/10 The series started off with a weak plot, and alot of fillers. Many of the first arks were horrible and barely enjoyable. At some point, it began to be a little more interesting, giving us back stories of some main characters, and developing them aswell. But unfortunately that didn't last long and we again got that filler experience, arks with boring plots and characters like Chocho and the likes. I watched this series until episode 67 I think, with each episode making it harder to watch, I finally decided to drop it. Art: 7/10 Not much to say about the art in this series, it was okay overall with some flaws here and there. Sound: 5/10 The sound is this is really underwhelming for me, it didn't keep the classic Naruto OST's, instead it gave us new, boring, and sometimes bad OST's that made me want to mute the episode. The good thing about the sound this series has, is its openings and endings, which most of them were good and even great. Though the first opening was dreadful to me, really couldn't stand it along with the animation. It really felt like some stupid children's series with all the color combinations. Characters: 2/10 The characters in this were dreadful. There are literally not much characters I could love unlike in the classic Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Boruto is boring. Yes, the very main character of this series is boring, and setimes you want to slam the screen because of him. Sarada is alright, she has some decent development throughout the series. And Mitsuki is the most interesting of the trio, having an epic backstory and development. Everyone else is dreadful, even the villains, in the classics I used to really like the villains since most of them were interesting and were performed really good. In this? Almost none. Enjoyment: 2/10 Now you ask yourself: "Should I watch this?" and I tell you, no. You won't enjoy this one bit, and every time the show will start to get better, it will go downhill by the next ark. Overall: 4/10 This is not the sequel Naruto Shippuden deserves, this is bad, uninteresting, and doesn't get better. It's full of fillers even though it's just in episode 80. So I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. To me it was a big waste of time.

It is a shame to see what corporations will do to a beloved series just too keep the checks rolling. I don't want a continuing series that plays every week unless Studio Pierrot actually tries to make it an enjoyable show. But when 90% of your show is filler episodes that could happen in any other series. Then Boruto loses what inherently made it original and interesting. Being able to do an episode every week works for a series like Black Clover because Black Clover gets a new chapter every week. However Boruto's manga series doesn't therefore I don't see why they wouldn't turn a series like this into a 12 episode seasonal instead and give something like My Hero Academia a slot every week. The way they're handling this series has single handedly been the reason that Boruto has not taken off and never will. Its a shame because there are things that I do love in the manga and not all of the filler is bad (Primarily the episodes going into the other classmates that graduated alongside Team 7). But I have a sense of deja vu to what they ended up ruining in Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Twin Star Exorcist, etc... I don't like the way Studio Pierrot does things and I blame them for killing a lot of series that could've grown to be even more popular in due time.

I gave it a 6 just out of nostalgia for naruto & shippuden. Real disapointment in terms of second gen arc. Personally if this show had no backing with naruto, I would immediately drop it. Most of the first 100 episodes are filler. Later episodes Sasuke is nerfed so bad, it looks like he has Itachi - sick - level of chakra. Fighting scenes beyond the Momoshiki arc are trash, ... do I need to continue? For people who have watched Boruto first, I beg of you to watch Naruto. Please.....Even us weebs have culture. This anime is great for pre-pubescent kids who get off on zero plot trash. BTW the manga is far better, would get an 8.5 in my books

At this point it is hard to tell where this anime is going, however, I believe it has potential. So far there are only 2 volumes of the manga which have been released, which is the soul problem of the anime Boruto. Creators of the show did not wait long enough to start working in the show when there is no manga content to follow. Majority of the episodes are filler based because they are waiting for a main story to develop from the creator. They don't want to create this whole straying themselves just for the manga to go in a completely different direction. Naruto did not get an anime until the author was well into writing the manga, and whenever we were waiting for manga releases the fillers came. I think that this anime would do much better if there was a larger gap between Naruto Shippuden and Boruto. We could have settled for just the movie and waited a few years after that for the anime. I also feel like everyone is bashing Boruto because they have made this transition form the action packed final episodes of Naruto Shippuden to the weak and inexperienced characters of Boruto. This anime is a lot more lighthearted than Naruto. Sometimes I even find myself wanting some character to die just so these characters can experience pain and grow stronger. Its kinda like in Pokemon when Ash starts in a new region and Pikachu suddenly go from level 89 to 5. Thus far my favorite character is Sarada. I love her attitude. She has Sasuke's snarky know-it-all personality but she's just as talkative and strong as Sakura. So far, the episodes focused on her have been the best in the anime. I also like the BorutoXSarada scenes. They're adorable and funny. I personally like the art of Naruto better but I also tend to enjoy older anime styles. The art in Boruto is just too smooth and simplistic for me, the roughness of the original Naruto was more realistic to me. But yeah just give this anime its time. I might just give myself a break and wait until there are more episodes before I decide it its really trash or not.

Well .It is a sequel to naruto shippuden anime and it takes place in the same world with the next generation .. This show has just got a few episodes and people are hating on it already just because they didn't like shippuden .. While i completely disagree with them , i am gonna mention why this anime is actually quite good and quite different from naruto .. 1)Characters:- People state that the all the characters are just copies of their parents .. :- I completely disagree with this point ..Yeah there are one or two characters which are a carbon copy of their parents but they are specifically made that way by the creators while the majority of the supporting cast may LOOK like their parents but as their characterisation goes , they are pretty different from their parents though also having similarities as well .. 2)Story:- Now everyone just already decided that the anime is going to be shit in the future and it is not gonna go anywhere like they can see the future ..But the story of just these first 11 episodes have been fairly consistent ..Yes the pacing is a bit slow and i completely agree with that but they are building up the characters one by one as well ..So the story of the show is not extravagant or anything but a fairly good one .. 3) Art and Animation :- The animation is a bit inconsistent but not bad essentially ..At some points , the animation does drop but there are also some points where the animation is beautiful .. The art is good , different new things with extravagant and vivid colours .. 4) Sound :- The music is the best as always ..Just awesome and a treat to hear ..Also goes pretty well with the "new generation" theme of the show .. 5)Enjoyment :- It is fairly enjoyable ..Not the best thing in the world or anything ..Can enjoy the new world and have fun while watching this .. Final Verdict :- Everyone has their own opinions and there are people who hate it and some who love it .I tried to be completely unbiased , even though there would be a little bias no matter how hard i try .. But the series is seriously not getting hate because of the story or characters or anything ..Most of the people who hate boruto are like , people who avoid it , people who hate naruto and conclude that boruto is bad as well and people who come into the series already convinced that its gonna suck which completely spoils their experience of the series and make them feel bored ... Ofcourse people have different tastes and some people probably won't like boruto because they simply didn't like it .. My point is , that people who don't like naruto shouldn't see this series as a sequel to naruto but rather as a new anime itself ..Show is completely new and quite different from naruto ..Rather than coming into the series with completely convinced that its bad , they should rather give it a chance and try to find good things in the show because i personally think , The show does not deserve the hate it gets , not even in the slightest ..People shouldn't see it as something that will blow their mind but rather something that is just good and might get better ..I saw other reviews and saw so much hate towards this series with people already convinced that the series will become bad ..I think the show is fairly good and might get better and people should give it a chance ..

It really doesnt live up to the hype, theres a lot of filler in it just skip this anime all together just read the manga atleast that has to be better. Atleast its pretty looking you have to give it that. I just wish there was a series about the parents like boruto's dad for example we don't know much of his so called dad naruto like how did he become hokage and meet hinata WE NEED THIS ANSWERS. How come borutos dad and susuke fight like how long have they been fighting and were they ever teammates. Exactly why we need a better series then this smh.

Does not measure up to the standards of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Story: 6/10 The storyline so far has quite the similar ring to it, as we know from naruto and naruto shippuden, whereas there is a crisis in the leaf village. The only one able to do anything about it is the main carachter Boruto. Already from the very start of the series, it is clear to us, that Boruto is the only one able to take care of the crisis, since he is the only one who is able to see the chakra "monster". Which is quite the contrast to how long it took for Naruto to be the one everything and everyone relied on. Basically he seems a bit overpowered from the beginning, handleing crisis even though they are still genin. But overall we follow Boruto as he handles a situation that not even Naruto could take care of, and in the process we encounter several caracthers that are the offspring of the Naruto main carachters and have a lot of their trades. The storyline focuses a lot upon Borutos friendship and how he wins everyone over, even though they all took quite the disliking to him at the start. art: 9/10 The artwork is very good as usual for the naruto series produktion. But ít is a bit weird seeing more high tech elements in the "ninja world", but the creators have put a lot of efforts in to making it clear, that there has gone years since the great ninja war. Sound: 9/10 Not much to say here. everything seems to be generally on point. Carachters: 5/10 So the reason for the low rating on the carachters is mainly that they are so based on their parents. The new carachters resembling their parents is not the issue, but more the fact that they have the same personality trades, same abilities, same everything. It just seems like a rip off of the original series. On top of that it does not make sense how these genin carachters are so overpowered, and are even able to take down jonin teachers. (and yes I do realise that shino was influenced and not fighting as good as he could, but I still claim that three genins should not be able to handle Shino even so). Something I loved about Naruto was that you followed him on his journey of becoming stronger, and watched him struggle with even making his first clone, but in Boruto everyone already mastered highlevel jutsu from the start. That being sad I also think the focus on the old caracthers is off. You only see Hinata as a simple housewife, and Boruto is always doing paperwork, and being a crappy dad. Which does not fit into his carachter at all. There is generally ot enough screentime for the old cast, even though they are the main reason we are all watching this spin off, that was clearly made just so they could squeese some esktra money out of it. Enjoyment: 6/10 I did enjoy watching the series, but I could not let go of my dissapointments to it. it seems half assed, and a cheap rip off from the prequels. But putting Naruto and Naruto Shippuden aside, i could still laugh along on some of the episodes, so it does have some entertaining value. Overall: 7/10 I love Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, and this series does not come anywhere near them, but overall it can be entertaining. I did put off watching this show, because I am well aware of that it would not live up to the high expectations from its prequel. But the most dissapointing part about this is the carachters. It is just to much off a rip of.

I really enjoy this series because it's a different take on the Naruto universe. Naruto's generation was about everyone having goals they want to achieve, but Boruto's generation is about a generation that lives in a time of peace (or as close as you can get it) and are trying to find goals to work up to. I mean, Boruto's reason to become a ninja is vague and pretty much non-existent, but that's what appeals to me. I can understand why people hate this series, but I don't believe the hate it gets is fair. People want to compare the Naruto series with the Boruto series, which should not be done. While obviously a sequel to Naruto, Boruto should be considered as its own stand alone anime. The demand for ninjas in Boruto's generation is really low, so obviously the process of them becoming ninja is going to be much slower and different to the process for Naruto's generation to become ninjas, during a time where battles and clashes were non stop and demands for ninjas were very high. The Boruto series itself is fun, colourful and has interesting characters that are relatable (althoughihatesarada). Although it undeniably has a rough start, if you push yourself to watch the first few episodes it's likely that the series will grow on you.

Boruto is a great series: - Right now the story is just a school series because the action hasn’t started properly yet but if you watch the start of the first episode you’ll see that the series will eventually take off into a great action series. Right now the series is in the “calm before the storm” phase which is getting complaints from fans. But to me a good anime will have a good pace, especially when the series will have more episodes than the usual anime as it seems it will be an ongoing series. Despite it being the “calm before the storm” the children have faced some more serious problems already. - For the characters: Boruto isn’t exactly another Naruto.. he does resemble him in a lot of ways but I don’t think he’s as likeable as Naruto was. Sarada is a character that is also hard to like. Even after a couple of episodes of her story I don’t feel connected to her. Shikadai is another Shikamaru so Naruto fans will like that since he was a well received character in general. Chōchō is quite easily the most funniest and cutest female character.. I see many dislike her but to me she is the funniest. The most interesting character is Mitsuki (Orichimaru’s son) I think the new characters that aren’t related to the original characters are boring. - It’s also nostalgic to see the village of Konoha and how everyone turned out to be. Adult versions of Naruto’s main cast and even the side cast are shown in the show and I think it’s nice to see that - The music is my only problem because Naruto’s theme music and all the music included in the show are legendary and Boruto doesn’t give you the same music as Naruto. In fact I don’t even remember if the music was playing when I was watching it at all. - The art is basically a clean cut version of the Naruto art style, it’s quite nice -Overall 8/10

I was originally on the Boruto hate train just like most of the other watchers out here - four episodes in and not only has the plot not progressed, but it seems like Boruto is just a less intriguing version of his dad which is super lame. The characters are just carbon copies of their parents, nothing original is happening, and some of the fight animations are just stiff as hell. Super unimpressive stuff, tbh. The one cool thing in the first four episodes was the initial fight between Boruto and the ninja who's name escapes me, part of the flash forward where Boruto has a dope-ass dojutsu and a sword. That got me hyped. The rest of the episodes got me really down in the dumps because they just didn't go anywhere with it - I guess I was expecting more. I dropped the anime after only four episodes. I picked it back up about a month ago on the recommendation of a friend, and the first 8 or so episodes were rough, but then it really got turned around near the end of the first arc and really turned me onto the show. Since then, it's been pure gravy ever since. Story: 6.5/10 So far we haven't seen much of the story - it's a continuous shonen anime so it doesn't get going super fast, and the brunt of the manga stuff mostly happens after the movie, which we haven't quite gotten to yet, so we're mostly in what I would describe as "filler territory", but the thing about this filler is that it's really good. Entire arcs of the stuff, and it's linking through the manga as well - the anime filler arcs are referenced but not shown in the manga. It provides a stable sense of continuity and I'm really excited for the show to kick it into high gear after they adapt the Boruto movie in the anime because the stuff in the manga is EXCELLENT so far. What we have, however, is really solid. It's not going to approach the high highs of Naruto, but it's probably some of the best filler material I've ever watched. Art: 8/10 There are a few stiff and janky animations, sure - Studio Pierrot can't spend all their money in one place, yeah, but damn does this show just look pretty - contrast the current studio's art direction with the more muted and subtle, almost drab backgrounds you'd see in Shippuden and it almost feels like a whole new world. The environments, thanks to the modernization of the ninja world feel new and full of energy in a way that the more realistic, quasi-fantasy world of the original doesn't, and the show uses these gorgeous pastel colors to make everything seem so much more unique and beautiful compared to the palate you'd see in Naruto. It's mostly little things, but they add up to something that I think looks much better than the original anime. On top of that, there are some downright GORGEOUS sakuga moments in the show - they're pretty sparse in the first arc, but we've had three or four beautifully animated fights since episode 15 that might have been some of the capstone "OH SHIT" fights in a well-produced single-cour anime. Sound: 8/10 The voice actors all do good work here, and the sound design and mixing is on point, but the thing that really deserves to be shouted out to is the soundtrack - it's the same mix of rock and traditional Japanese strings that made Naruto so awesome, but now they're not afraid to mix in some synth-y production that keeps the music fresh and updated, plus I think they're just a lot more aggressive with the heavier guitar riffs. It makes it familiar to anyone who watched Naruto, but it's different enough tonally that it doesn't feel like the same recycled stuff from 15 years ago. Character: 9/10 I think what I was wrong about more than anything in Boruto was the characters: I felt like Sarada was just the same as her mom, that Shikimaru's kid was just a blander version of Shikimaru, etc etc. I couldn't have been more wrong - I started to fall in love with this cast of characters in a way that I really haven't since the original Naruto. There's a strong cast of new characters without any sorts of ties to the original series in Denki, Iwabee, Namida, and a few others, but the kids of the original cast are still super compelling in their own right. Despite my initial reluctance, I actually have really become attached to Boruto, Sarada is more than just Sakura 2.0, Mitsuki is an awesome glimpse into what baby Orochimaru was like, and Shikadai is like his dad in all the best possible ways but is a little bit more carefree and happy. The only real stinker in the cast so far is Chocho, and I'm sure that she'll get some development eventually - it's only 30 episodes in right now, so other characters have been in the spotlight, but I'm sure she'll have her time to shine. The other bright light here is that we finally get to see what becomes of the main cast of Naruto as they find themselves adults with real responsibility - Naruto having to deal with the responsibility of being Hokage, Sakura dealing with Sasuke's bullshit, the various villages and how they modernize, etc. It's a nice treat for long-time fans and newcomers alike. Overall, I can definitely see myself becoming attached to this cast of characters in the future Enjoyment: 7/10 This isn't my favorite anime of all time, and I don't think it's managed to hit the highs that Naruto did for me, but it's something I'll always make a point of watching at least a day within its release time. It's got an excellent sense of pacing after the 1st arc, good fight animation, a stellar cast of characters, and a lot of fun moments. My only major gripe, and the only thing keeping it out of the upper echelons of long-running shonen series right now is that it still hasn't quite gotten to new material yet - I want to see the adventures of Boruto and friends as a newly formed ninja squad going out on missions and shit, but they're still in the academy and it's already episode 30. I want them to move forward a little bit more quickly without having to resort to a handwavey timeskip. Overall: 8/10 I think more than any other long-running shonen right now, this show has serious potential. I'm having a blast just watching filler which leads up to the movie that's already been released, and that makes me even more excited for the manga writ large being adapted. This show is definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the original series, but only if you can stomach the first (relatively boring) arc.

I really think that a lot of the hate that this show received--at the start, at least-- was deserved. But as the show moves into the Kawaki arc, it's likely that it will get substantially better. Just the same as watching Naruto or Shippuden without skipping the filler, you can do fine if you follow the "manga canon" episodes on animefillerlist. Yes, it is annoying that the Naruto main characters seem watered down with a low amount of screen time (talking about you Shikamaru. since when did you become a conservative?) But this isn't a show about them anyways. If you're a fan of Naruto, give it a shot but don't expect greatness. If you're not, go spend your time watching something else.

Boruto is a good show, not a masterpiece and I don't get why some people give it more than a 7, sure its nostalgic, but you don't get to see them that much. Like what do people except like another war or another genocide to happen for some character development, like all of that is finished all the villages are united, THERE'S PEACE, of course they have to deal with bandits, rescuing animals and escort missions, if you watch more that 40 episodes you'll find out that there's more. I like how families try to reconnect with their kids in contrast how Naruto and the others were brought up, there doesn't need to be action in every single episode, some episodes are just enjoyable to watch. And I've watched Naruto.

Boruto is really good anime. Some people think that the beginning of boruto is bad, and that is true, I don't disagree. But after episode 70, boruto starts to get really good. Boruto learns new jutsus, amazing arc come in, and arc that Boruto is in right now, called the Kara arc, is one of my favorite arcs. So please, don't think boruto is bad just because of the beginning, I promise you, it will get way way better. The animation is really good, and the arc we are in right now brings a lot of enjoyment. Good characters are introduced, there is amazing suspense, and there is something that came up in Boruto, that didn't come up in Naruto, so that is something to watch out for.

The difference between Naruto and Boruto is simple, BORUTO HAS PARENTS, IS ON A PEACE TIME. I personally think that Boruto and Naruto is different, Naruto episodes takes like 3 episodes just for a 5 minute battle while Boruto compresses fights on 1 episode. The art is good, it's more quirky(Because of times lmao). Naruto stretches into the sad parts while Boruto is more like a slice of life. People hate this anime for the reason that It's literally a different anime. Now that is out of the way time to review the story, the art, the sounds, and the characters. Story is an 8/10 because it's not boring Art is 10/10 because yes >:( Sound is and 10/10 because it fits the theme of boruto Characters is 1 7/10 because boruto is an overpowered spoiled brat.