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Ep1 - Dragon Ball (Dub)

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Dragon Ball (Dub)

Status: Completed | Total 153 Episode

Sumary Dragon Ball (Dub)

Gokuu Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the "Dragon Balls." Since the artifacts...
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Infomartion Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep1

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Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep1

Sumary: Goku, a young, but strong orphan living alone in the mountains, and Bulma, a teenage girl searching for seven mystical balls, come together when Bulma hits Goku head-on while driving a motorized vehicle. The balls that Bulma is searching for, known as Dragon Balls, summon the wish granting "dragon god", Shenron (Shenlong). Before Goku's grandfather died, he gave him a Dragon Ball with four stars in it: the Four-Star Ball (Si Xing Qui). Bulma, already possessing two of the balls, decides to let Goku "join her on a fun adventure" so she can borrow his strength and Dragon Ball. They take off on a motorcycle, but Bulma is abducted by a giant flying dinosaur during a little pit stop. Goku takes out the monster with his Power Pole and rescues her. (Source: Wikipedia)
Title Full Other: Bulma to Son Gokuu (ブルマと孫悟空)
Aired: Feb 26, 1986(JST)

Most commented on Dragon Ball (Dub)

Rewatching this masterpiece.
starting db
im gonna comment on every episode of this show.
Finally starting DB Series
day 1everyone saying its good so i am here to watch it
nope i am watching this
nope this is optional i'll watch this later off to dbz
day 1
How is goku a human when he has a tail
10th time here
Goku aint a simp
Starting this
Starting this
lets start the journey
Those who do not understand pain will never understand treu peace
feel pain know pain accept pain
Bulma is the most down bad girl to need to wish for a boyfriend
lets start
bulma be slipping lmao
Lmao i watch dragon ball super not this tho
dbs is miles worse in termes of anything
ngl goku packin
finally starting this
Goku a straight up menace.
Also the OG dragon ball Opening is legendary even After all this years it’s still remembered
Still remembering when Goku and krillin used to deliver milk as training
old days man old days
Bruh wtf I'm starting this????
All nostalgia coming back. Goku really went from an idiotic kid to a martial artist who fights among gods
he's still an idiot tho

Most review on Dragon Ball (Dub)

Here we are, the very beginning of Goku's amazing adventures, I myself am going to re-watch this series, and rack up some posts along the way:) Anways, In this episode we are introduced to Goku, who has been living by himself somewhere out in the country, while he is out he bumbs into(or GETS bumbed into) by Bulma, a young lady on a quest to collect all 7 Dragon Balls, and in order to do this she gets Goku to join her as her partner Great introduction episode, I cant wait to watch more :D NO SPOILERS PLEASE
Awesome episode. It's so funny how Bulma wants to use her wish to get the 'perfect' boyfriend. I had forgotten how funny Goku is when he's young :D
Unlike most of you, this is the very first episode out of the all the dragon ball series that I've seen. Although it is kind of old, it still seems pretty interesting. Goku reminds me of how Luffy is; they are both so ignorant yet kind of funny. I have a feeling that I'm going to feel like an idiot after waiting so long to watch this.
Finally biting the bullet and watching Dragon Ball. Shame I cant find it in japanese I'm having to watch it dubbed which I hate. I liked this episode it was quite funny I know its too early to judge but I already hate Bulma. Goku is really sweet though.
It was okay, nothing special.
man i love this show. this is one of two.. maybe three dubs in all anime i actually like. somehow goku's dub voice fits better. idk. i love how we follow him through so much of his life. i loved watching him grow up. he never did lose that childlike quality he had.
I love this show!! And this episode was fantastic :D Goku is so innocent, and learning of Bulma and her wish was amusing xDDD
lol..she wants to wich for a boyfriend? O.o Sent with Mal Updater
Managed to find a subbed version (pain in the ass, though.) Gotta tell ya, it's a little more vulgar than the dubbed (of course) But I still absolutely love it.
Fun episode. I think I'm going to enjoy watching this series. I just randomly felt like watching DBZ again and started with this.
Finally got around to watching this first episode. Always wanted to know what Dragon Ball was like without the Z. It wasn't any good, but that was to be expected. Still worth watching, though.
So this is where it all began, huh. I've never watched any of the original Dragon Ball so this should be quite the adventure for me. Wasn't a particularly spectacular episode but that's to be expected.
Finally checking this series out. I remember seeing bits and pieces of this show on Cartoon Network when I was a kid, but never really watched it because I thought it seemed too weird. Anyway, I found the sub version (surprisingly not that hard to find) and the first episode is pretty interesting. Hope it lives up to the hype.
Awesome I just love old style anime! Really liking the pace already so lets see what their adventure will hold!
I fell in LOVE with DB since the beginning, the magic atmosphere and of course kid Goku and his cuteness <3 tbh it wasn't something special, but it got me hooked right away! my fave anime ever!
ITT kids raised on CGI action anime wonder what's so special about a show made before they were born
Another old anime to re-watch, first it was Slayers which is my favorite. And now DB which was always entertaining but never a favorite so I'm going to watch it again in a hope that this might change :). Quite funny so far xD.
I can't believe that I'm watching this now :p
After watching all of Z, Kai (far superior than the original z, especially english voice acting btw, they improved so much, it is depressing to see people discredit it because of their nostalgia goggles) I'm finally watching the original series now, I tried starting with it but I couldn't get into it because it didn't have that DBZ, but now it will be cool to see Goku's backstory, how Piccolo is evil and all that jazz.
Goku is sort of a hick huh? lol.
This is my first time watching dragon ball, Goku seems funny, lol!
Ah, what a great first episode. The way it sets up the adventure is great. I always thought the scene with Goku turning down Bluma's sexual offer was hilarious, too... and then that bike scene afterwards is just super great! :D
Well, popped my DB cherry at 37 finally. Not a bad start. Less kid-friendly than I thought but that's a-ok with me. What Goku called fishing, we now call twerking!
First time I see a DB chapter and I lol'd so hard. Spanish: Es la primera vez que veo un capítulo del Dragon Ball original, muy divertido por cierto. Supongo que la seguiré, quiero verme toda su historia incluidas las películas.
Cute introduction episode! Started watching DBZ, and decided to put that on-hold to start from the beginning. Bulma, you fiesty girl, you!
My first anime ever , though I don't remember anything from it XD After DBZ and so many anime I thought I'll dislike and I put this on-hold like forever , but after this episode I want to watch more , I hope this humor will last . Also the remastered version looks so good .
Great first episode, starting the long journey...only a million more hours to go. I laughed so hard at Bulma peeing
How young they were D:
Well I finished rewatching Dragon Ball Z last year, then I trudged through the sea of wasted potential that was GT, so that leaves the only logical step a rewatch of the original Dragon Ball.
After years of watching anime I'm FINALLY getting around to the Dragonball franchise. Only way to really do it right is to watch Dragonball first!
Looked like Bulma was pissing sparkles at the end there.
Bulma is a kid murderer & Goku's grandpa is a marble. Wack.
Finally taking the time to watch Dragonball. Cute episode, dumb wish. (。_°☆\(- – )
First episode wasn't impressive. :/
I guess it was about time I FINALLY watched Dragon Ball. And if the rest of the show continues to be as fun as this episode, then the number of episodes won't be much of a problem.
Just started watching Dragon Ball series and decided to do it from the beginning, I was expecting this to be a bad episode but it was pretty good
Going to be giving the entire series a shot for the very first time, including all the movies, subbed. It's safe to say that I'm quite late to the party, but I've been looking forward to enjoying Dragon Ball for a long time.
Going to finally start watching this. Good first episode. Looking forward to the rest.
So does Goku turn Bulma's offer to peek or touch her but in the original Japanese dialogue? In the SJ manga translation I have, he says "Why would I wanna see your dirty butt?!". I'm watching the Manga Entertainment dual audio DVD in Japanese with English subs which says "touch" not "see" or "peek".
Started Dragon Ball off earlier today! Was super hype but I found it super cheesy. Maybe I'm just not used to the style? Really enjoyed seeing the journey begin and see where it takes me! Hoping Bulma becomes a little less annoying!
One word; FUN! Loved everything about this episode.
And so it begins... the very first episode of Dragon Ball... Old school anime has a charm to it so it'll be an enjoyable watch. I cant wait for spend months learning about the franchise!