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Ep139 - Dragon Ball (Dub)

Dragon Ball (Dub)

Status: Completed | Total 153 Episode

Sumary Dragon Ball (Dub)

Gokuu Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the "Dragon Balls." Since the artifacts...
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Infomartion Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep139

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Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep139

Sumary: Hero tries to teach Yamcha as they battle, but Yamcha will hear nothing of it. Finally, after rebounding from Yamcha's toughest attack, Hero ends the match with ease. Yamcha then thanks Hero for what he has taught him. Goku realizes that Hero is actually Kami in a human body. In the next battle, Tien and Goku seem to be of equal strength. But after an intense bout of sparring, Tien is panting while Goku breathes normally, seeming to have the upper hand. (Source: Wikipedia)
Title Full Other: Gekitou Futatabi! Gokuu vs Tienshinhan (激闘ふたたび!悟空VS天津飯)
Aired: Dec 21, 1988(JST)

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its going down
W goku
Yamcha really said rasenshuriken
Birthday today

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Yup the geeky guy was Kami! And I've been waiting to see the rematch between Tien and Goku! xD
I am ready for them to start showing their "true power."
I had guessed the nerd guy was either Korin or Mr Popo but I never thought it would be Kami. Kami vs Piccolo fight will be entertaining and as expected Goku is probably gonna stomp Tien.
Damn Yamcha actually lost, it wasn't clear but it does make sense that Kami-sama joined the tournament to defeat Piccolo, the second half of this episode sure was nice as well I didn't imagine Tenshinhan would be almost at the same level as Goku or is he?! Still pretty epic fight so lets see what's next!
Tien is barely keeping up with Goku, looks like that training at Kami's Lookout at such high altitude paid off.
Goku isn't even breathing hard! So Shen is Kami? I thought that may be the case. I take it he doesn't have confidence Goku.
Ah, so Shen is Kami, huh? I didn't see that one coming, actually. I'm betting Goku wins this match, just because Tien vs. Kami and Tien vs. Ma-Junior both aren't quite as exciting matchups as if Goku was facing off against them. I wonder if they'll finish it by next episode, though. As for who wins, Ma-Junior vs. Kami... that one I'm not so sure about. part of me really wants to say Ma-Junior will win, and then the final matchup will end up being Goku vs. Ma-Junior... However, it might also be exciting to see Goku face-off against Kami-sama, himself. I guess I'll have to wait and see.
Ahh so it was Kami-sama, Yamucha has become stronger but stood no chance. Oh yeah, this match is going to be awesome... Goku vs. Tenshinhan!
So Shen is God. The semi-finals are Tenshinhan vs. Son Goku and Piccolo Jr. vs. God.
I thought Mr popo may have been when but not kami. Goku and Ten look great. Must be Kami doesn't think he can count on Goku or maybe he has a trick up his sleeve.
Tienshien-han and Goku's previous fight was one of my favorites of the series. I'm excited for their rematch. But so far it's been hyped up well, but a little underwhelming. People punching and dodging in an endless succession never actually hitting each other. It's not exactly an engaging fight to watch. And the part where they were "invisible" was just lazy I'm sorry. ChiChi's back, definitely a great addition to this story she's so cute.
At least Yamacha put up a respectable fight, and I'm assuming Tien's about to get similar treatment from Goku.
omg kami vs piccolo *_____* this has to be epic!
KAMI?!?! Just what the heck is he doing here? Does he not trust Goku?
gokus probably gonna beat ten (it'd be more disappointing if he doesn't), but it's really cool to see him fight him a second time being more than prepared to defeat him. also yamucha getting the crap beaten out of him by some guy is pretty much the best conclusion to his character. haven't seen him be really that useful since arc 1. just keeps getting beaten.
Even if some of you guys say that Tien vs Goku fight was a bit lazy for not even showing us that they hit each other, don't forget...they are PREPARED for this tournament. They both trained very hard just for this event. Goku trained in order to battle against Piccolo Daimao's "double" and Tien trained hard in order to compete against Goku! So apparently, it's not unexpected that we will get to see a practically even match between them. That's why both don't seem to hit each other!
Yamcha did very well considering he was fighting Kami, of all opponents. Come to think of it, he always catches the short end of the stick, by fighting overpowered opponents, at their time. But he truly is impressive. When he controlled that Ki-ball around and catching Kami off guard, it left me cheering for him. I guess Kami is in this tournament to most likely get rid of Piccolo Jr. by himself? He did mention he feels entirely responsible for the actions of his alter ego, King Piccolo. The fight between Kami and Piccolo Jr. will sure be exhilarating. Tien Vs. Goku round 2 started intensely. I am sure Tien realizes that if he has any chance of beating Goku, he will have to rely on different tactics that aren't the same old.
Oh, so it really is God - that explains a lot. Yamucha is simply out of his league and requires far more superior training to even just stand a chance. We finally get to witness a rematch between Goku and Tien after three years! Of course, I'll bet my money on Goku. After all, he was trained by God himself.
14 Eps to go