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Ep140 - Dragon Ball (Dub)

Dragon Ball (Dub)

Status: Completed | Total 153 Episode

Sumary Dragon Ball (Dub)

Gokuu Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the "Dragon Balls." Since the artifacts...
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Infomartion Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep140

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Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep140

Sumary: Tien exhibits a drastic increase in speed, and notes that Goku has not sped up at all since the most recent tournament. However, asking for a quick pause, Goku removes his shirt, wrist bands, and boots--a combined weight of 100 kg. With the extra training weight off Goku is faster than ever. Having no other choice, Tien decides to use a new skill: 12 eyes. (Source: Wikipedia)
Title Full Other: Hontou no Chikara (ほんとうの力)
Aired: Jan 11, 1989(JST)

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W goku
Come on I'll give you romance
,Come on i'll give you paradise

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lmao poor Tien. That was embarrassing.
Tien sure does have a lot of gimicks; three eyes, only one that can do the tri-beam, can do that four arms thing and now something to do with 12 eyes?!
I am curious to see how this goes.
Tien is way to cocky imo, Goku is gonna wipe the floor with him whether he has 12 eyes or 100 it won't help. I do feel bad for Tien/Yamcha/Krillin training so hard just to have to face 3 monsters they could never hope to beat lol.
Oh boy this was an awesome fight already, damn 250 pounds all together and then be that damn fast, things sure are getting good and Goku sure improved these 3 years, lets see what special technique is Tenshinhan going to use and what's up with 12 eyes? Either way lets see what's next!
Ah, the good ol' weighted training clothes crutch. Gotta love it.
Wow, Goku is epic! He was really fast with 250 pounds, I can't even imagine how fast he can move now... And LOL, he took of Tenshinhan's belt! The last minutes of the episode were absolutely hilarious! Also I wonder what Tenshinhan meant by 12 eyes...
I find it kinda funny that his weighted clothe only weighed 250lbs. I mean this is a guy that can toss giant boulders easily weighing over a ton or climb a mountain with a huge tree strapped to his back, but 250lbs is supposed to drastically slow him down? Seriously the smaller boulders he picked up and crushed in the very beginning of the series when he was only 12 would of weighed more than 250lbs.
The 250 pounds seems like nothing at this point in the series, Goku was tanking attacks from King Piccolo who basically fired off atomic bombs.
LMAO the weighted clothing is & Ten's new technique appears to be very reminiscent of both the spirit cuffs, and Hiei's first fight against Yusuke early in the series. But the difference here is I hated the spirit cuffs asspull, and although this is a little bit of one it's very excusable. In Yuyu Hakusho we saw the training, we saw everything the characters were doing, and we saw no difference or foreshadowing of it in Yusuke's character. Then all of a sudden, boom, I'm taken off my spirit cuffs that have made every movement incredibly hard, I am now 100x stronger. At least we didn't see the training that Goku went through and had it hidden from us. It's very possible that Kami did train him in this way, and had him enter the tournament wearing this. On top of that, it was hilarious seeing Goku take of everything he was wearing because it was really heavy, so heavy Kururin couldn't even walk. And for the Hiei jagan form, not only does he have a third eye like Ten, but he can transform so eyes are all over his body. That is definitely what it seems like Ten is doing.
LOL, thanks for coming Tien, drive home safely.
the weighted clothes thing was a pretty big surprise. i wonder how powerful everyone else will get once they start copying him
Hahaha! That was hilarious! I had to replay Tien's embarrassing moment like 3 times just so I can laugh again!???????????? So it seems that not only Yamucha has an embarrassing moment in this tournament(kewl. It rhymed haha!)
Goku's flexing was top-notch. I am sure it's Goku's way of warming up, but other people would see it as extreme cockiness. Even if he intended to act cocky, he can certainly back it up. Goku has always been one to walk the walk. Goku removing the weights reminds me greatly of Rock Lee when he did the same. Poor Tien, though. His flustered expression was pretty cute and amusing. And did I notice blonde Lunch taking a peek at his package for more than a few seconds? I see I see.
What a fierce battle this was. Both have become extremely powerful - it's almost otherworldly. The clothes Goku was wearing weighed about two hundred and fifty pounds? Oh my, just witnessing his tremendous speed as he took it off made me shiver. I doubt Tien's trump card is going to have as big of an effect on Goku as he makes it out to do.
13 Eps to go