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Ep146 - Dragon Ball (Dub)

Dragon Ball (Dub)

Status: Completed | Total 153 Episode

Sumary Dragon Ball (Dub)

Gokuu Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the "Dragon Balls." Since the artifacts...
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Infomartion Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep146

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Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep146

Sumary: As soon as Piccolo increases his size again, Goku jumps down his throat to retrieve the swallowed Denshi jar, saving Kami. Realizing he was tricked, Piccolo returns to his normal size. As they continue battling, Kami jumps in to protect Goku from a punch. Goku says he wants to fight alone and allows Piccolo to redo the punch. As the battle continues, Piccolo resorts to using his ultimate attack. (Source: Wikipedia)
Title Full Other: Son Gokuu no Wana (孫悟空のワナ)
Aired: Feb 22, 1989(JST)

Most commented on Dragon Ball (Dub)

W goku
Will be perfrom when there's money right Infront of him?
I geuss so
I'm catching up

Most review on Dragon Ball (Dub)

Haven't seen him regenerate in a while. (Nostalgia. :) )
Holy shit regeneration O_O and wow Kami-sama is back that's a plus but seriously that ending dafuq that ain't good at all so lets see what Goku is going to do next!
Neat trick there Piccolo.
Seeing Piccolo grow his arm back really brought back some memories. Great fight.
Kami-sama is back and Goku used Piccolo's power against him which was cool. But damn, what is going to happen next?
Thanks to Son Goku, God is free. And holy shit, Son Goku performs a Kamehameha with his feet. After a brilliant attack from Son Goku, Piccolo regenerates his arm and prepares something dangerous.
Awesome to see Goku beat Piccolo from the inside while saving Kami-sama. This has been intense. Piccolo is a bad was.
Guess growing giant wasn't the brightest idea in retrospective was it now Piccolo.
Damn Piccolo that was nasty
Ripping off your arm....that was a bit gross.
I love how they always allow each-other ten minutes to power-up their attacks. instead of screaming at everyone to run away, stop him.
lizard man vs. orange hillbilly who happens to be stronger than god
Haha! And the announcer still never left! ????
It is good to see Kami back. I guess, in hindsight, growing monstrously large wasn't exactly the greatest of ideas. I am kind of confused, though. Kami did interfere in the match, doesn't that warrant a disqualification for Goku per the tournament rules? Then again, this isn't an ordinary match. The fate of the world is at stake here. The order doesn't apply anymore. I like how Goku, the strongest of them, surpassing even Kami, is telling the others to run away as fast as they can, but they're just standing there, gobsmacked and still. I don't think that's the best of ideas. These constant powerups are crazy. While I do fully understand the logic of attacking an enemy before they power up even further, but then how will Goku, or any other major character, grow if they don't withstand, in some way or another, the onslaught of their enemy at 100%?
It seems God is finally back and even interfered in their match. Well, the match doesn't matter anymore, despite Goku wanting it to continue so he can obtain that title. I believe Goku is definitely strong enough to defeat Piccolo in his current state - it's just a matter of time.
7 Eps to go
The toughest guy in this fight: the announcer.