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Ep153 - Dragon Ball (Dub)

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Dragon Ball (Dub)

Status: Completed | Total 153 Episode

Sumary Dragon Ball (Dub)

Gokuu Son is a young boy who lives in the woods all alone—that is, until a girl named Bulma runs into him in her search for a set of magical objects called the "Dragon Balls." Since the artifacts...
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Infomartion Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep153

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Dragon Ball (Dub) Ep153

Sumary: Gohan and Amin won't let Goku turn off the furnace for the simple reason that spirits wouldn't have access to their afterlife especially evil spirits. Instead of helping Goku, Amin resorts to fighting him. Amin formulates a plan after seeing Goku has the Bansho fan. Luckily Chi Chi has both vital requirements on her. With aid of the Bansho fan and Amin lifting the pot, Goku descends into the furnace and manages to seal the hole, barely making it out alive. The flames at the castle have died down and the Ox King has survived and kept the wedding dress intact. Goku and Chi Chi proceed with their wedding and the two of them are married. (Source: Wikipedia)
Title Full Other: Moeru Frypan Yama! Isshun no Kesshikou (燃えるフライパン山!一瞬の決死行)
Aired: Apr 19, 1989(JST)

Most commented on Dragon Ball (Dub)

on super ima start saying the same thing every ep reply if u want
i like how the intro and outro stayed the same for al 153 episodes
That was great, will soon start DBZ
it's been 6 days since i started. time to go onto dbz kai
go to dbz not kai
lool that’s tuff i’m on ep 166 of kai now
Damn what an episode bruh time to move on dbz
Finally, It's done DB done time for DBZ, btw I only watched DB in 1 week
same here
W goku
Good bye DB now its Z time
it's funny how ima say something from dragon ball super that you guy's don't know about goku get's punched in the balls
Last episode after this one dragon ball z igSee you there momo
see you soon
All in a day's work gg ????????
On to DBZ
Very good ending now watching dbz
last ep damn

Most review on Dragon Ball (Dub)

Goku and Chichi are married now!!! Woot!!! Bring on DBZ! xD
A classic for sure, and now comes DBZ. But I don't think I'll ever like it quite as much as this
Not a great filler to end on, love the dragon ball series but they could have ended the anime better. Goku didn't even seem himself, Knocking Gohan to the ground, not caring about "destroying" the world. at least the last couple of minutes where nice and happy and a decent lead into Z.
Boring. Everything else was just... ok. The best parts were Master Roshi trying to peep but other than that. Meh.
Well that was a good ending to the series imo even if it was kind of fillerish. I think my only disappointment with the ending was the lack of Bulma, Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha ect at Goku's wedding, you would think he would have wanted his best friends to be there plus it would have been nice to see them all again one last time for the series finale. But other then that Dragon Ball was an awesome series and I'm glad I finally took the time to watch it.
Really nice how they've ended the series with a wedding and still pretty awesome action, you don't see this much more in new anime that they end it off with such a great ending and still have a lot of great action! First I didn't really wanted to watch Dragon Ball as it was a bit overhyped but I now do see why and it sure changed my opinion in how good this is! The series was pretty straight forward and did had a linear repeating story line but the story and character development was great especially in the last arcs! The only thing that really bothered me was that it never changed the OP or ED for the whole 153 episodes and that they only changed the intermission once... but other than that it sure was good! Now lets see what Dragon Ball Z has to offer and the of course the movies first! Overall a great anime series!
Totally didn't expect Goku to get married in the end so I'm totally surprised. I really enjoyed the series. Now going to finally check out Dragon Ball Z.
This episode was probably the best one out of the entire filler arc but even then that's not saying much. Sad to see that they had to end such a great series on such mediocre filler, sigh. Oh well, to echo what I said in the first episode discussion, this has been an amazing adventure. To finally see the origins of my childhood (DBZ) has been absolutely wonderful. I can't say for sure but from what I have seen of Dragon Ball and from what I remember of DBZ, I honestly believe that Dragon Ball is better than DBZ. I haven't seen DBZ in a very long time though so I'm very ready for a refresher and only then will I properly make my mind up. All I can really say is, I thoroughly enjoyed Dragon Ball and now I'm off to go watch the movies and the weird specials :D
Oh lols I watched 153 episodes in 12 days, quite addicting. And I was lazy to comment on each episode as it would have taken more days to finish it, 6 episodes would have taken me 30-60min to comment :D. Anyways the series was awesome, not sure how DBZ will go but I'll watch and see. Also there were a few memorable moments like when Mai-san said to Pilaf-sama to look for the balls in Yamucha's pants :)) and they all got embarrassed as Pilaf-sama replied with him not liking jokes like that :D. It was right before Goku first transformed into an ape :D. Some other moments between Bulma and Moshi-sensei. And well some other moments too but I don't want to write a whole page of it. As for the defeat of Piccolo, it's clear that Goku was still more powerful than him, Goku was just a bit unlucky with Piccolo's last mouth attack xD. But whatever Goku will be a monster in front of Piccolo the next time :D. From my memories I voted 8/10 when I joined MAL, I've changed it to 9/10 now as it was quite enjoyable with some awesome fights :).
What a series! I never thought I would finish it in my life, but it turns out this was one of the most addicting things I've ever watched. I really enjoyed watching the characters, and the arcs were amazingly entertaining and had me glued to the screen for hours. I can honestly I never thought an anime from the 80s would ever entertain me this much and highly doubt another will. I kind of missed little Goku and didn't like his English voice as a man that much, and I've also heard that DBZ isn't as good as this. But hopefully I will enjoy it. I hope they include lots of the characters from this into DBZ because I have gotten really attached to them. Master Roshi for example. His personality was hilarious and really made this more entertaining to watch. Many others had these types of entertaining qualities as well. Well, on to DBZ...
Goku was completely out of character here, there is no way he would have acted the way he did to Goha and Annin in canon content. Considering the wedding wasn't even focused on much I'll just consider the series real ending being Goku and Chichi jumping on Kinto Un after the healing of Piccolo.
I still like alot of the films and must re-watch DBZ before I can make that claim. Plus I must see for myself if DB GT is as bad as people say.
*sigh* This arc was not a good one to end the series on. It wasn't bad, and the moments between Goku & Chi Chi were pretty decent, but... this is definitely not series-ending material. If you ask me, they should have officially ended Dragonball at episode 148, and this whole arc could have been a stand-alone TV special, but maybe I'm just splitting hairs...
Goku and Chi-Chi are married! I wanted to see everyone at the wedding but oh well. Dragon Ball was awesome! So Dragon Ball Z begins after a 5 year timeskip, it should be interesting...
Since Dragonball is THE anime that can not be missed, I had no choice but to watch it from the beginning. Despite being so old and everything it was really enjoyable especially towards the end. I have to agree with you guys that Goku's personality differs entirely from what we saw in the last episode. The wedding was too short compared to the rescue of Ox king. I'm glad I finally took the time (too) and completed the series, next up is DBZ on the list. 8/10 for me, Goku's incredible development in the very first series caught me off guard, but loved it.
Hi, how can i see the video? I tried to search but still don't know where to find the video on it.
I actually had to lower my rating thanks to this disgusting filler arc, but at least I can finally move on to DBZ.
Not that good of a way to end the series. I'd have to agree that they should of ended it after Piccolo's defeat. It was still nice to see Goku and Chi Chi's marriage even if some of the other characters weren't there. Was nice to finally watch all of the Dragon Ball series. Took me about 4 months to watch all 153 episodes haha.
Very cool and nostalgic anime. i enjoyed a lot of the show, especially the tournament episodes. Let's see how good is DBZ. hehe. 8/10
This was a really phoned in and unimpressive ending. Someone in a previous episodes forum postulated these last five episodes were literally padding. Considering the proximity between the end of Dragon Ball and the first episode airing of DBZ. It seems likely this was just filler to let the manga catch up. I would forgive it honestly. It feels necessary to tell some kind of in depth story about how our hero married his wife. But this is such drawn out bullshit. There were some nice scenes with Goku and ChiChi. But the FIVE episodes of them trying to put out the fire. Absolutely not worth the 3 minute ending of Goku and ChiChi's wedding. I complained about this before. But the castle would have burned down in the time it took ME to watch these five episodes. All in all I give the original Dragon Ball anime an 8/10. I really enjoyed it in some places. Even though the animation was super dated. And it had a lot of the drawn out shonen tropes I typically hate. If anything though this kind of just made me want to read the manga.
Well, that was quite the journey. Definetely changed from the original gag anime style, towards the end. I wonder how old will be Goku after the time skip, like 25-ish I think. Onto the sequel now.
Even though this little filler mini-arc was pretty lackluster I did enjoy seeing the wedding of Goku and Chichi. After having rewatched the series my opinion's on certain arcs have changed drastically, the Pilaf and King Piccolo arc's especially just weren't as fun the second time around. But man the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai shot up like crazy, becoming my third or fourth favorite arc in the entire series. All and all I really loved this part of the series, and while I am more of a fan of the the second half I have nothing but complete respect for the crazy gag turned adventure, turned battle series Akira Toriyama weaved.
Awwww yiss they finally got married <3 And I can finally say I have seen all of DragonBall xD Nooooow I have to move to Dragon Ball Z. I think I can remember just a bunch of eps from that one o.o
I was contemplating whether to give this an 8 or a 9 as it came to a close. I didn't want to be a sheep and give it an 8 like everyone else on the planet, and I really enjoyed some elements of it that I think most people overlooked or took for granted. But as the series went on, Toriyama really showed he didn't know what he wanted Dragon Ball to be. Rather than being a character driven story based on the cast overcoming hurdles and changing for the better, for the most part they stay the same. The relationship growth amongst them was great, it felt believable and it was a treat to watch. But for singular characters apart from the likes of Ten(who developed incredibly quickly) most hardly changed or didn't change at all from the start of the series. This being the case it felt more like the character driven nature of Dragon Ball was being used to find what Toriyama wanted to write about, and to extend the anime to go in circles. The tone shifts were jarring, from gag series with no sign of seriousness, to fun martial arts show that takes itself seriously, to tragic super hero show that's non stop serious. The last change notably took place on the horrible scene of Kururin's death. And none of these had a specific goal in mind, other than being fun, and the fun is detracted when, for example, the series changes exponentially over a time skip where everyone learns how to use ki, a complete game changer. If Toriyama had a clear goal in mind, and had gradual rather than sudden formula, genre, and tone swaps, Dragon Ball would've been an easy 9, or if a lot was changed and there was a lot more clarity, even a 10. But due to these problems it drags it too low for even a 9. But, I do want to stress I LOVE Dragon Ball. The cast of Dragon Ball is what every show and story should strive for. Everyone in the anime has a presence that is unmatched in most other anime. That presence is one which is established from their place in the world, their defining and memorable personality, and their motives. To go further, every single character in Dragon Ball has a place in the world, they all exist somewhere and for some reason, and when paired with each ones motives being very clear, it gives them a presence which exists even off screen. We can image what they were doing and where they were before the anime, what they would be doing if they hadn't met Goku, and what they are doing now that the cameras off of them. This is supplemented by the fantastic characterization to all of them. They way they are so different and memorable yet do not stand out as being absurd or written to be different is seamless. If I were given a script of any scene from the anime with the names taken off of it, I would be able to place who said, thought, and did what, to the tiniest expressions. This way of writing makes the entire cast feel alive, different, and developed. And even this is added onto by the world itself! Not only can we make assumptions on how the cast is existing in the world, but even where. Of course the world building could be expanded on to give us a more clear image of how everything is layed out, but despite that we understand how the places in the world coexists with each other, have a vague understanding of the distance between them, and understand how they interact with their civilians. Everywhere is so different, yet they all feel connected because of the writing. Goku can fly off in a direction and it feels reasonable for him to go to anywhere he goes. I personally love the moment where Goku gets to Jingle Village and runs out into the snow without winter clothing and comes running back to Suno's house, and I also love the moments where we see how General White's soldiers interact with the civilians, by raiding homes, yet not attacking Goku until he starts to fight them. My favorite arcs: Emperor Pilaf Saga, General Blue Saga, Ten Shinhan Saga, as well as both Piccolo Saga's despite the incredibly weak setup to Piccolo Jr's. My least favorite: The first Red Ribbon Army saga(silver and white), the first Tournament, and Fortune Teller Baba Saga. My most hated moments: The super sacred water asspull which was offensively bad, the off screen training segments, the first filler stretch, and abysmal tone shifts, and lastly, the the flimsy and random introduction to Ki. Despite the cannon ending being awesome, and the filler ending being ridiculously mediocre(good job guys), I loved most of Dragon Ball. Even though I would make some major changes myself, I happily give it an 8/10. If you loved Dragon Ball for its cast of characters in the way I described them I recommend: Planetes, Evangelion, Berserk (1997), and Cowboy Bebop. Despite being so varied in tone and how different they are to Dragon Ball, I resonated with these series for creating such a believable world, and for having such a respected entire cast of characters, all with that presence I described.
this filer arc is the absolute worst Dragon Ball I have watched. that includes GT episodes. At no point do we see anyone try the obvious: Goku fly over to the balcony and grab the guy and the dress. the entire adventure is so illogical. Goku crosses the linr from innocent and naive to being a destructive bully. The animation was as uninteresting as the storyline. replacing the entite Dragon Ball cast with Chi-Chi is a massive downgrade. Goku shoving his grandfather away, risking the world and punching the keeper in the stomach all seemed massively out of character.
Wow, somehow this entire series really spoke to me. It's pretty juvenile and I doubt you could qualify it as something with deeper undertones, but it sets out to what it wants to do (adventure entertainment) just about perfectly. Great aesthetics, characters, and a plot that is consistently unpredictable (maybe because even Toriyama couldn't predict what he was going to write next XD). Only bad batch of episodes imo were these last few filler ones about putting out the fire. Goku elbowing Grandpa Gohan, this guy he loved and talked about the entire series, was cringeworthy. Still, loved this show!!
10/10. A classic for a reason. I'll never forget the cast of characters and I'm glad I took time to watch it all. I'll see what Z has in store but I doubt I'll love it as much as this.
Finally completed this, it was a fun ride seeing Goku grow up and how he becomes strong, all the characters were awesome I think Dbz wouldn't be great as dragon ball, idk why but in this EP I thought Goku wasn't being himself throwing Gohan like that. Nonetheless it was a great anime how they portrayed the epic fun awesome journey of Goku btw I like kid goku more than adult Goku and there's piccolo also we'll see in dbz how things go and I want to see more tenkaichi budokai tournaments it's fun man , how they build up the hype can't believe it was all started as bulma searching for dragon balls and meeting Goku gosh the memories nvm it's time for DBZ now hell yeah. Overall 9/10
i've already complained about these fillers so instead i'm going to complain about how they used the nyoibou, i always assumed that it was permenantly connected between karin tower and heaven which is why you never really see goku use it in Z. but anyway post-series thoughts: fantastic series. seeing goku and the others grow from their goofy original states into mature adults is really incredible. though the series does seem to have some growing pains, mostly in the red ribbon army arcs. episodes are overly drawn out, reused animation is more than overabundant, and as a result it can make these episodes feel incredibly boring. this is seen less in the second half of the series (tien tournament arc to piccolo jr.) but still shows up and can make certain episodes feel incredibly boring. this is why i think the series needs a kai remake. it'd be cool if we could get updated animation with it but considering z kai didn't get it i definitely don't think a remake of the original would either. but despite all this , there are still some INCREDIBLE moments in the series, and the second half in particular will probably resonate with me for a while. 8/10, probably even higher if we ever get a good remake.
I still believe that the end of Goku vs Piccolo tournament, as he grabbed Chichi and they flew into the sky saying goodbye to his friends, should've been the ending of Dragon Ball. This filler should've been an OVA instead. But it's fine. It's still fun to watch it in spite of the absurdity of how long Gyumao remained alive while surrounded with huge fire for hours! The reason I watched Dragon Ball was because DBZ was the anime that made me an Otaku. I watched DBZ first before I watched the prequel. It's amazing to watch the origin of the story that I've come to love. I enjoyed Goku's strict training, and I realized there's too much to learn about the story of Goku! It's true that sometimes DB can be boring because of the drawn-out episdoes but that's never an issue with me. Take my advice guys! Once you feel boredom watching a dragging anime, start watching 1 episode per day and you will end up looking forward for the next expisode on the morrow. Also, I wish Goku and Chichi invited their friends. I want to see them celebrating the wedding with them!????
This was a great journey. It was fascinating to delve into the origins of a renowned series that is Dragon Ball and see what the hype is all about. While I haven't begun to scratch the surface as I haven't completed the entirety of Dragon Ball yet, I am starting to see the charm of it just from this original alone. Inconsistent and over dragged it may be in some parts, I can't deny its influential fame that paved the way for future battle shounen. It was fun and enjoyable. I liked it. I give it a 7/10. I am honestly looking forward for Dragon Ball Z. I am surprised at how much I liked the characters considering how one-dimensional some of the villains are. The main characters, or the 'heroes' if you may, had distinctive personalities that complimented the group well, which allowed for many amusing interactions. One thing I was surprised about at first was the sexual innuendos scattered around the show. For a show that old, to include such sexual themes, it was bold and kinky of them, especially if it includes underage girls. It wasn't all that bad as it made the interactions between the characters even more amusing and funny except for that one time where Bulma, a 16-year-old at the time, got the unsavory rape-y attention of two Red Ribbon Army adult soldiers who were looking to have fun with the young teen. That was most certainly dark, and very daring from the creators. It is unfortunate that the rest of Goku's friends weren't at his wedding ceremony. That is truly sad, even if it is a filler episode. It would have been a much better ending than we were given.
Rewatching this was a great experience. But Goku knocking Gohan in the ground was stupide. Anyways they got married. Now it's time to rewatch my favourite season: DBZ. I'm totally hyped.
This last filler arc was so bad Goku was not himself at all, feels like whoever wrote this episode didn't even watch the anime They should have just added an episode 149 with filler and Goku's wedding and ended on a good note rather than wasting time with this useless filler which just ruined the taste that the first 148 episodes created I would recommend new watchers to just skip the whole bad filler arc and continue to DBZ My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
And that brings an end to the original Dragon Ball. What a journey it has been. Of course, it has had its ups and downs, but nonetheless, the journey was all enjoyable. I definitely felt this filler arc was a bit weaker than all the other ones though. Well, it just lacks the writing of Toriyama to bring it to life and make it feel like the rest of Dragon Ball. It has been fun to see how much Goku has developed throughout the series. Whilst he is definitely overpowered, it's not blatantly so like you can see presented in newer series. I liked all of the arcs. Some, more than others, but I didn't feel any of them were particularly bad. I liked all of the characters in the main cast - Goku being my absolute favourite, of course. Roshi being a close second just because of how distinct his personality is. Despite being a perverted old man, he is still thoughtful and wishes the best for his student, as you can see presented when he went under the alias "Jackie" during the tournament arcs. I also actually grew a liking for Tien. Despite being an eyesore at first under the influence of the crane hermit, he grew once realizing who he really is - for the better. I really have a thing for Toriyama's comedy overall, which made this even more entertaining in the long run. There's just so much to say about Dragon Ball as a whole - I don't think I can go on. It's been a great adventure, and I'm wholeheartedly looking forward to DBZ and what it will bring us.
And that concludes things for DB, now onto DBZ!
So ends this awesome journey of Dragon Ball! I'm so happy I revisited this series. I will concur with a lot of folks here that the last arc was pretty underwhelming; I found myself bored and playing on my phone. But really, who cares. Such a fun time. Not sure I'll put the time in to revisit DBZ as I remember as a 15 year old the show getting old around the Cell saga and I totally lost interest during the Buu saga as it just got too convoluted. Maybe Kai would be the perfect alternative.