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Pokemon (2019)

7.2 4,048,598
Rank: 2880 / Popularity: 2404
20 Episodes - Uploaded 4 days ago
Status: Ongoing - Type: TV
Reviews: 8
List Characters: Satoshi Pikachu Hibani Show More
Series: Pokemon
Studios: OLM

Synopsis Pokemon (2019) Online:

On a new day in the Kanto region, Satoshi gets invited by Professor Yukinari Ookido over to Professor Sakuragi's lab-opening ceremony in Vermillion City. During the ceremonial speech, Professor Sakuragi receives an alert of a possibly rare Pokémon appearing in Vermillion City's harbor, leading Satoshi and the other trainers to rush to the area in hopes of finding the mysterious Pokémon. At the harbor, they find Lugia—a Legendary Pokémon—engaged in combat with other trainers. Noticing the...
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