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Ep3 - Kyoukai Senki

Kyoukai Senki

Categories: Sci Fi, Mecha, Action
Status: Ongoing | Total 13 Episode

Sumary Kyoukai Senki

In the year 2061 AD, Japan has lost its sovereignty. The Japanese people spend their days as oppressed citizens after being divided and ruled by the four major trade factions. The country became the...
Last Added: 2021-12-27 18:00:05

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Infomartion Kyoukai Senki Ep3

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Kyoukai Senki Ep3

Most commented on Kyoukai Senki

star warssss LOL
its got the same symbol things that gundam barbatos has
i don't know why but i love that black one, it so cool
so underrated..
Im supporting any mecha anime :¿
Ah yes another pussy main character added to the collection
hes fought like two fights against bots he hasnt actually killed anyone so suddenly being told hey you gotta kill ppl now would deter anyone this is like if someone walke into your house gave you a gun and said go shoot your neighbor because its for your country would you actually be able to do so with no hesitation
if im told its for the country i will shoot if theres no country i will have no place to live anyway
atleast some people would
its matilda all over again..... one san will die =/ (hopefully not)
haha lol
a little bit of low will power as expected
bruh I fucking choke at my burger when she undress in front of amou lol hahahaahhaa did not expect that
Yes I choked on my burger to- Oh wait I dont have one, *sad noises*
I love this show
Tf you already spoiled it though ????
guess ms. kozaki gonna die
cant wait till the next ep, this one was kinda boring but i can tell the next one is gonna be good
Shit's gonna get real deep next week
yk where I can read the manga?
They should try this, its so good
how doe sthis anime only have 50k views
Is this a propaganda? feels like it
quite unique thinking there, hmm nice, thanks for the new information
Propaganda or not I will fucking watch the shit of it
Yep. Japanese Nationalism. A bit ironic for them to be the victims/subjugated people.
Lurking robot.
dunno about yall but I like this
damn i need ep 4 rn ;-;
I love it and ending is so cool
Damn... Miss-onee chan(Kozaki) there, giving alot of death flag feels ????
A cliffhanger already? Really hoping no one dies yet...
Guess I'm sticking with this one...
at least the mech aren't CGI?
G Hathaway was a mix of 3d and 2d, and it still has the best fight scenes I've ever seen.