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Ep20 - Zi Chuan

Zi Chuan

Categories: Fantasy, Action
Status: Ongoing | Total 42 Episode

Sumary Zi Chuan

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Infomartion Zi Chuan Ep20

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Zi Chuan Ep20

Most commented on Zi Chuan

Damn all his friends have spouses but he can't truly have the woman he loves
It's a gem that I look forward to watching every week.
Guess I'm the only one who watches and follows this donghua, not seeing anyone in the comments at all. Only on the views, not sure if those are botted as well.Thonk moments
No we are here tooToo bad such gems are not even given the views they deserve
True, but this one only has war and betrayal and people fighting, but no cultivation except some mysterious power.
We have ling cage shallowed star soul land throne of seal btth etc but still i still found it more fun maybe because it has such high quality good story and even with so much killing the story has comedy and fun