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Ep24 - Zi Chuan

Zi Chuan

Categories: Fantasy, Action
Status: Ongoing | Total 42 Episode

Sumary Zi Chuan

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Infomartion Zi Chuan Ep24

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Zi Chuan Ep24

Most commented on Zi Chuan

When is Li Sha going to get it through her tramps brain that Xiu is not going to do the funky monkey with her?
Adverts on this website suck, even now as I speak, animixplay has inputted some adverts onto internal player and on any button on this website. Even the comments button, lmao.
Bro do u have link of the side story of purple riverI mean eps like 0.5 11.5 etc
https:// v. qq. com /detail/m/mzc00200e3unmkf. html, this I think. Just remove the spaces though, it doesn't have any subtitles on there.
This link leads to tecent animations which require login and im not chinese to get qq
Sorry, I don't, why?
I was trying to find those with subtitles but couldnt find it anywhere
Same, hope they add it.