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Ep5 - Zi Chuan

Zi Chuan

Categories: Fantasy, Action
Status: Ongoing | Total 42 Episode

Sumary Zi Chuan

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Infomartion Zi Chuan Ep5

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Zi Chuan Ep5

Most commented on Zi Chuan

I have been watch these chinese anime for a very long time and I've been trying to figure out why is it always the main character and the step or adopt sister that falls in love with each other.????????????
So in conclusion all presidents are evil or self serving ok got it
no commennts why guys it is war anime
so you finally find this well i am watching some romance anime
no i haven't seen your list yet this is just i forgot to watch this one i started at ep 1 but it was average so i didn't remember
no problem well it is much better than average and all girls are super sexy and mc is also cool dude
i guess you are right